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Give Your Vision of Society for 2020 - Vision 2020

Published: 2010-10-20
Author: Vision 2020

Synopsis: Vision 2020 launched - In Control has launched a campaign inviting people to give their vision of society for the year 2020.

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Vision 2020 launched - In Control has launched a campaign inviting people to give their vision of society for the year 2020.


Through Vision 2020, In Control aims to get a collective view of what people hope society will be like in the next decade and how, despite the funding crisis, the current health and social care systems can be reformed for the better.

A new website - has been launched where people can contribute their thoughts and videos of their hopes for the future.

In Control has published its own vision for 2020 in a new document, which is also available on the site.

Julie Stansfield, In Control's Chief Executive, said: "We are now at a critical point in the future of our health and social care systems. Doing more of the same or trying to do more of the same with less is going to fail people.

"The expected deep cuts in resources are alarming but there's also a great opportunity for positive, long-term change.

"Following the Spending Review, local authorities will have to look to more creative ways of delivering services in the future. This can only be done by working alongside communities and encouraging active involvement."

Richard Jones, President of the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) co-authored the foreword of In Controls Vision 2020, he said: "Lasting and sustainable change is much more than just re-shaping the current system. It is about engaging people as active citizens rather than thinking of them as service users. It is about working across the public, private and voluntary sectors with communities to enable people to support one another and to make a contribution."

It is hoped that the website will spark some renewed optimism about how the challenges ahead can be tackled so that a new system of care and support is created that truly gives people the freedom to have choice and control over their lives.

Within In Control's vision, the charity highlights three "golden threads" that form the blueprint for the future:

Whole life - looking at a person's 'whole life' to help them take control of all aspects of their physical and emotional health and well-being.

Real wealth - which grows in communities where people are better able to see one another's capacities and can discover practical ways to look out for one another.

Inclusive communities - realizing that 'community' means different things to different people and everyone has a role to play.

"There are complex barriers to overcome and challenging times ahead but we need to face the future by offering a flexible, personalized approach.

"We are already hearing whisperings that authorities are looking at scaling back the use of personal budgets and a true choice and control model, as a quick-win way to save money. This is very alarming . We know that self-directed support is more efficient and effective but the whole system is at risk if authorities don't implement it in the right way," continued Julie Stansfield.

Writing exclusively for In Control NOW!, Care Services Minister Paul Burstow has urged local authorities to be bold if they are to deliver on the personalization agenda. He has said a stark choice lies ahead: retrench or reform.

Paul Burstow, said: "Maintaining standards in the face of tighter budgets will be difficult, and some councils and health authorities may be tempted to retreat - to guard their budgets jealously and return to tradition one-size-fits-all models of care.

"I can understand why this option may appear attractive - in times of challenge - we all naturally grasp at the familiar and safe options. But in the current climate, slowing the pace of reform and harking back to the old methods of delivery would have catastrophic effects both on the quality of care we aspire to, and on the cost savings we need to make."

Ideas and contributions to In Control's Vision 2020 can be made by visiting

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