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VOIP: Internet Phones & Online Voice Chat Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World VoIP Voice Chat category. Though some documents may have since been updated, or revised, they are still listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

VOIP: Internet Phones & Online Voice Chat Publications

2017-10-25 : Video Chat Increases Self-Confidence, Mood, and Overcoming Shyness : Chatki study shows people who regularly video chat online display increased confidence, mood and are less shy.

2011-08-25 : Big Button CL8400 Mobile Phone with Extra Loud Ring : Extra loud ring and large push buttons make this new Geemarc Telecom CL8400 mobile phone ideal for hard of hearing community.

2010-12-22 : Price Cut on Cell Phones for Seniors: From $7 a Month : Older Americans can now purchase a senior friendly prepaid cell phone for less than $15 and get service for as little as $7 a month.

2010-10-28 : Doro Mobile Phone Makes Life Easier for Seniors : Doro is a smart easy-to-use and stylish mobile phone created for active seniors.

2010-10-02 : Just5 Drops Price on Leading Mobile Phones for Seniors : Price slashed 25 percent on all models to $89.99 making them most affordable on market.

2010-01-17 : Accessibility Features in Android 2.0 Platform : Examines features and accessibility options in the Android 2.0 mobile phone platform.

2010-01-17 : Google Voice Application for Managing Voice Communications : Google have started to release a preview of Google Voice, an new application that helps you manage your voice communications..

2009-10-06 : TELUS to Sell Apple iPhone in Canada : Bell Canada and Telus Corp will begin selling the Apple iPhone in Canada.

2009-07-20 : BlackBerry Cell Phones Changed The Modern World : Today the BlackBerry cell phone has become almost a generic term for any handheld mobile device that has a host of functions.

2009-02-06 : VoIP Phone Systems : Examines types of Voip phone systems including hard and soft IP network Internet phones.

2009-02-05 : PC to Phone VoIP Calls using Dial-Up Internet : Explains how to connect and use an Internet pc to phone service using a dial up modem over low speed connections.

2009-02-05 : How to Setup VOIP Phones at Home : Explains how to implement VOIP phones throughout your home using a VOIP adapter box known as an ATA box.

2009-02-05 : VoIP Service Providers : Information regarding voip high speed internet Internet phones and finding quality phone to pc service providers.

2009-02-02 : Chat Rooms on Cell Phones : Chatting in Internet chat rooms via cell phone or mobile phone plus using cell phone as a webcam video player and dictaphone.

2009-02-02 : Fring Free Cell Phone Calls and Live Chat : Fring enables you to access and interact with social networks plus make free phone and cell phone calls and live chat all in real time.

2009-02-01 : Key Telephone Systems Vs VOIP-IP PBX Phone Systems : Explains the difference between a Key Telephone System and a PBX Phone System and which system is best for the office phone.

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