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Chat Rooms on Cell Phones

Published: 2009-02-02 - Updated: 2019-02-04
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Synopsis: Chatting in Internet chat rooms via cell phone or mobile phone plus using cell phone as a webcam video player and dictaphone.

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Sending text messages is something from the past, chat rooms are now being integrated into mobile phones or cell phones.


You can interact with people who share similar interests, enabling you to make new friends fast and easy. There are cell phone chat rooms based on different topics and everyone can get involved, everything you write will be seen by the users inside that particular room. All of the conversations are public so everyone will get a word in.

This new idea is going to grow in popularity amongst the users of cellphone chat rooms and has already been used by actors and politicians worldwide.

Johnny Hallyday has used the mobile phone chat rooms to be able to speak with some of his fans, 1000's of members were online at the time. Some politicians have also used the service before elections to come closer and answer questions from the open public.

Although this is useful for many adults it has been surveyed that 45% of people using the service are between the age of 13 and 17, many parents do not supervise their children's discussions. Parents should learn the basics of this technology so that they can supervise their children for the reason we all know. Many chat rooms have been hunting grounds for pedophiles in the past, parents should be aware of the danger and check the chatting history of their children which can easily be done. Unlike computers the history can not be erased so all discussions that take place are recorded on the phone's memory.

Many people now wonder how safe chatting on their cell phones will be, it has been said that as a safety measure moderators will work around the clock and profanity filters will be installed which will reduce but not erase the risk for younger children.

There are approximately 10 million users that use the chat rooms on their cell phones at this time. Many people enjoy it while others insist on saying that it is nothing but problems. Many married couples report that their relationship has been ruined because of it. People have been using it mostly for flirting and setting up sexual encounters, even going to the point of sending pictures of themselves naked to strangers.

Live messaging cell phone chat rooms will now further extend access to communication for everyone.

Use your Cell Phone for Instant Messengers

Most of the latest cell phones with Internet connection permit you to chat with your friends and family using IM+ an All-in-One Instant Mobile Messenger to connect to Google Talk, AIM/iChat, MSN or Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo!, ICQ, Jabber, and MySpace IM all in real time.

Use your Cell Phone as a Video Player

Enjoy ease of use and great video quality using the Mobiola xPlayer.

Features include a video converter with file drag and drop that will convert your movie to the correct format and transfer it to the cell phone in a few seconds.

Use your Cell Phone as a Dictaphone

You can make voice recordings and e-mail them to anyone anywhere in the MP3 format. Including the capability to upload voice messages to online storage space and from there you can post them to online networking communities such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and Blogger.

Use your Cell Phone as a Webcam

Now you can easily chat with family and friends by using your mobile or cell phone as a webcam simply by connecting your cell phone to your PC via USB, WiFi and Bluetooth with screen capture capabilities and great video effects.

Works with Yahoo messenger, Skype, AOL IM, YouTube, MSN, ICQ messenger and many other messengers as a standard USB webcam. Compatible with:

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