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Video Chat Increases Self-Confidence, Mood, and Overcoming Shyness

Synopsis: Chatki study shows people who regularly video chat online display increased confidence, mood and are less shy.1

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Published: 2017-10-25

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A six-month study conducted by video chat service, Chatki, has produced fascinating results in the correlation between using the video chat and increasing self-confidence.

Over 250,000 users of Chatki anonymously participated in a random survey between January 2017 and August 2017.

The survey asked several questions including age range, number of times people had used Chatki, and issues relating to confidence and mood.

Of the 250,000 people surveyed, Chatki looked at the data for people who fell into the prime age range for bullying (18-25), of which there were 120,000 available reviews. Out of those individuals who fell into the correct age range, Chatki then extracted the data of people who had confirmed they had been the victim of bullying at some point, leaving a sample size of 42,000 users.

From the available users, three groups were formed depending on how many times they had used Chatki in the past.

This demonstrates a clear pattern of people who have used Chatki more often feeling they have more confidence, less shyness, and are generally in a better mood.

"We wanted to see what, if any, impact connecting anonymously on video had for bullied teens and young adults", said Chatki Press Manager, Shea Robins, "Our survey has provided obvious results with people who have used Chatki more than 20 times showing significant improvement in confidence, mood, and overcoming shyness".

The survey also offered users the opportunity to select from a range of statements which participants feel had contributed to their answers in the survey. Users could select more than one statement they felt applied, with the top two answers relating to being anonymous in chat and meeting people in similar situations.

This data points to a fun and friendly environment where people can meet others who have had similar situations as a potential aid in overcoming the negative emotions related to bullying.

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