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Glossary: Definitions of Disability, Health and Medical Terms Document List

Thumbnail pictureThis page contains the full list of the 39 items, articles, fact sheets, and documents from the Disabled World Definitions category. Though some documents may have since been updated, or revised, they are still listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.


1 : Diversability - What Does the Word Mean?.

2 : List of Health and Medical Acronyms or Abbreviations.

3 : Definitions of Human Brain Components.

4 : Common Vocabulary Terms That May Seem The Same But Are Different.

5 : Definitions and Glossary of Adaptive and Assistive Technology Terms.

6 : Disability Pride: Definitions and Awareness Information.

7 : List of Health, Medical and Disability Lists.

8 : A to Z List of Neurological Disorders.

9 : Bioethics: Basic Definition and Bioethic Principles.

10 : Definitions of Telemedicine Fields.

11 : Post-2015 Development Agenda - Brief Outline and Definition.

12 : Sheltered Workshops: History and Definition.

13 : Social Security Disability Terms.

14 : ADA Accessibility Terms and Definitions.

15 : Hospital Departments List and Section Definitions.

16 : Hemiplegia Definition and Information.

17 : What is Disability Adjusted Life Year (DALY).

18 : Disability or Disabled? Which Term is Right?.

19 : What is Paraplegia: Paraplegic Facts and Definition.

20 : What is Quadriplegia: Quadriplegic Facts and Definition.

21 : Definitions of The Models of Disability.

22 : AAIDD Definition of Intellectual Disability - SSA Medical Criteria for Evaluating Mental Disorders.

23 : Stairlift Glossary of Terms.

24 : Definitions of Disability.

25 : Definition of Back Pain Terms.

26 : Definition of Online Copyright Materials.

27 : Dental Definitions: Glossary of Dental Terms.

28 : Prostate Glossary of Definitions.

29 : Glossary of US Veteran Affairs Definitions.

30 : Environmental Health Glossary.

31 : Defining Disability Today.

32 : Definition of the ADA.

33 : Definition of Sensory Integration.

34 : Basic English Definitions and Pronunciation of Medical Terminology.

35 : Phobias: Phobia List with Explanations.

36 : Glossary of Gerontology Definitions.

37 : Special Education Acronyms and Their Meanings.

38 : List of Types of Cancer and Tumors in Humans.

39 : Caregiver Glossary of Terms.

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