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Disability Accessibility Publications
Document TitlePeer ReviewedPublishedUpdated
Equal Rights, Unequal Access: A Closer Look at the Digital Accessibility Dilemma in Nepal Law CommissionN/A2024/01/232024/02/20
Historic Settlement to Make NYC Subway Accessible to DisabledN/A2023/04/262023/09/21
Making STEMM Accessible for People with DisabilitiesYes2022/12/03
Amtrak Compensates People with Disabilities Facing Station BarriersN/A2021/02/05
USICD New White Paper on CRPD Article 32N/A2018/06/202023/09/12
Update to Building Accessibility Standard Provides Greater Accessibility for Persons with Physical DisabilitiesN/A2017/06/292018/03/15
The Story of the Accessible Icon Emoji: iOS 10 UpdateN/A2016/08/162020/05/06
U.S. FCC Proposes to Expand Video Description RulesN/A2016/04/01
Proposed Updated Accessibility Requirements for Information and Communication TechnologyN/A2015/02/202021/08/31
International Accessibility Guide Aiming for Accessibility for AllN/A2014/12/022021/03/11
Scytl Showcases Accessible Voting for Persons with Disabilities at UNESCON/A2014/11/28
Improving Gas Station Accessibility for People with DisabilitiesN/A2014/04/262016/06/11
Disability Pictures Clipart, Printables, Wallpaper, Signs and SymbolsN/A2011/07/052022/02/19
Accessible Voting Technology ProjectN/A2011/06/11
Accessible and Interoperable Workplace Technology - CompusearchN/A2011/05/06
Important Step Towards Accessibility in ICT DomainN/A2011/02/25
Wheelchair Accessibility for BusinessN/A2011/02/132013/06/16
BSI Accessibility Documentary Endorsed on United Nations WebsiteN/A2010/12/23
BSI Documentary Points the Way to Accessibility in Buildings and WebN/A2010/10/12
Stevie Wonder Calls for International Action to Enhance Accessibility for VIPsN/A2010/09/20
National Federation of the Blind Certifies Blackboard for Accessibility of Learning PlatformN/A2010/08/12
Disability Accessibility a Priority for UK Digital ServicesN/A2009/10/24
Review Website Connects Businesses to Consumers with DisabilitiesN/A2009/09/292010/07/16
If Its Accessible They Will ComeN/A2009/02/17
Color Contrasting for AccessibilityN/A2009/02/152023/04/11

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