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Accessible Home Design: Information & Ideas Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Home Design Accessibility category. Though some documents may have since been updated, or revised, they are still listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Accessible Home Design: Information & Ideas Publications

2016-10-20 : High Performance Homes Builds Custom House for Man with Disabilities : High Performance Homes builds custom home in Maryland for man with physical disabilities, design improves accessibility, versatility and cost of living.

2016-06-03 : Bathroom Remodel With Stylish Seachrome Bath Accessories : Seachrome products offer a range of secure accessibility bathroom fixtures that add long-lasting, versatile style to your remodeling project.

2016-06-01 : Astoria 7 Hotel San Sebastian - Best Adapted Rooms for Wheelchair Users : Astoria 7 Hotel in San Sebastian opens doors to accessible tourism with one of the best adapted rooms in the world.

2016-04-06 : Federal Court Rules Properties Must Be Accessible to People with Disabilities Before Occupancy : Ruling ensures persons with disability have access to same level of housing as people without disabilities.

2015-11-09 : Home Accessibility: It Is Only Two Steps... : Most people buying homes do not even consider whether their home is accessible.

2014-05-20 : Making Your Home Accessible : Information regarding available options for converting a house to be accessible by people with disabilities.

2013-01-28 : New California Accessibility Construction Regulations : Updated accessibility standards for 2013 California Building Code align existing California and federal access regulations from parking spaces and hand rails to housing.

2012-07-12 : Multiple Chemical and Electromagnetic Sensitivities : The presence of cell phones and towers and other electrical appliances can make a building inaccessible to electromagnetically sensitive people.

2012-03-16 : Emergency Exit Door Adapted to Needs of People with Reduced Mobility : Development of a door for emergency exits adapted for people with functional diversity.

2011-01-14 : Putting Ability Back into Disability : More needs to be done to enable people of all ages with physical disabilities to lead a normal life in their own home.

2010-10-11 : Free House Adaptation Consultancy Service for Disabled and Seniors : House Adaptation Consultants is an Irish company offering service to the elderly and those with a disability who are requiring home adaptations to restore and facilitate independent living.

2010-10-04 : Royal Oaks Building Group Provide Accessible Customized Homes : Triangle Builder Designs Homes That Meet The Americans With Disabilities Act Building Standards.

2010-05-19 : Accessible Homes: How to Stay in Your Own Home : Loneliness is one reason why many seniors choose to move into long-term care facilities.

2010-01-19 : Affordable, Accessible & Appropriate Housing for People with Disabilities : State of Housing in America a Disability Perspective providing recommendations to improve housing for people with disabilities.

2010-01-13 : Civil Rights Agreement will Increase Housing Accessibility for People with Disabilities : Agreement with the A.G. Spanos Companies to increase housing accessibility for people with disabilities.

2009-09-06 : Strategies for Implementing Disability Convention : United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Conference of States Parties to treaty concluded second session.

2009-08-16 : Home Elevators for Elderly and People with Disability : Installing a home elevator including price and types of elevators for use in the home for the elderly and mobility impaired.

2009-08-16 : Accessible Kitchen Makeovers : Accessible changes in the kitchen to assist the disabled individual to maintain an independent lifestyle.

2009-07-15 : How to Make Your Home Accessible : Homes that are handicapped accessible do not isolate your friends or family in wheelchairs.

2009-03-04 : New Smart Homes for Dementia Sufferers : Smart sensing systems that will help dementia sufferers live independently at home could be available commercially.

2009-02-27 : Creating a Feng Shui Home Design : Feng shui can be used to get your house is in order and to ultimately make it a sanctuary where you feel de-stressed and relaxed.

2009-02-16 : Disabled Bathrooms and Disability Safety : A disabled bathroom has to meet the needs of all people with disabilities and offer safe transfer both on and off the toilet for wheelchair users.

2009-02-10 : Renovations to Accommodate Accessible Baths : Fitting an accessible walk in bathtub with a door and low entry step providing independent bathing for those with limited mobility.

2009-02-10 : Wheelchair Accessible Construction : If you are the owner of a business federal law may require that you make your facilities handicap accessible.

2009-02-04 : Accessible Home Design Tips for Independence : Accessible home design tips for seniors and persons with disabilities wanting independence.

2009-02-04 : Universal Home Design : Universal House Design is a design trend focused on accommodating special needs of seniors and people with disability.

2009-01-06 : Accessible Home Inspections by Qualified Inspectors : If you are thinking of buying a house or apartment a home inspection is a must qualified home inspectors assure your home is accessible.

2009-01-03 : Disabled Access in Dual Occupancy Housing Australia : Until recently, Australian dual occupancy complexes were not designed or built to provide disabled access.

2009-01-03 : Accessibility Requirements for Fair Housing : Federal Fair Housing accessibility requirements for new multifamily buildings should be written in building code language.

2009-01-03 : Home Accessibility and Safety for Seniors : A number of accessibility and home safety tips for seniors and disabled to make a home safe and accessible.

2009-01-03 : Home Modification Tips for Wheelchair Accessibility : Basic tips that will help you make your home wheelchair accessible.

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