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Home Accessibility Publications
Document TitlePeer ReviewedPublishedUpdated
Home Accessibility for the Older GenerationN/A2022/11/27
Little Yellow House: Becoming rentABLE Goes Beyond Wheelchair AccessN/A2022/10/192022/11/09
George to the Rescue Show Renovates Home of Quadriplegic StudentN/A2022/04/302023/09/14
High Performance Homes Builds Custom House for Man with DisabilitiesN/A2016/10/202020/04/24
Bathroom Remodel With Stylish Seachrome Bath AccessoriesN/A2016/06/032018/03/15
Astoria 7 Hotel San Sebastian - Best Adapted Rooms for Wheelchair UsersN/A2016/06/012018/04/30
U.S. Federal Court Rules Properties Must Be Accessible to Disabled Before OccupancyN/A2016/04/062021/06/05
Home Accessibility: It Is Only Two Steps...N/A2015/11/092020/12/08
Ideas to Make Your Home AccessibleN/A2014/05/202021/07/16
New California Accessibility Construction RegulationsN/A2013/01/282022/02/23
Chemical and Electromagnetic HypersensitivityN/A2012/07/122021/08/21
Emergency Exit Door Adapted to Needs of People with Reduced MobilityN/A2012/03/16
Putting Ability Back into DisabilityN/A2011/01/14
Free House Adaptation Consultancy Service for Disabled and SeniorsN/A2010/10/11
Royal Oaks Building Group Provide Accessible Customized HomesN/A2010/10/04
Accessible Homes: How to Stay in Your Own HomeN/A2010/05/192017/12/24
Affordable, Accessible and Appropriate Housing for DisabledN/A2010/01/192022/03/27
Civil Rights Agreement will Increase Housing Accessibility for People with DisabilitiesN/A2010/01/13
Strategies for Implementing Disability ConventionN/A2009/09/062013/07/12
Home Elevators for Elderly and People with DisabilityN/A2009/08/162016/04/06
Accessible Kitchen MakeoversN/A2009/08/162014/03/14
How to Make Your Home AccessibleN/A2009/07/152016/04/06
New Smart Homes for Dementia SufferersN/A2009/03/04
Creating a Feng Shui Home DesignN/A2009/02/272017/12/24
Disabled Bathrooms and Disability SafetyN/A2009/02/162019/02/16
Renovations to Accommodate Accessible BathsN/A2009/02/102017/06/25
Wheelchair Accessible ConstructionN/A2009/02/10
Accessible Home Design Tips for IndependenceN/A2009/02/042011/05/30
Accessible Home Inspections by Qualified InspectorsN/A2009/01/062016/03/18
Disabled Access in Dual Occupancy Housing AustraliaN/A2009/01/032013/06/16
Accessibility Requirements for Fair HousingN/A2009/01/032017/06/29
Home Accessibility and Safety for SeniorsN/A2009/01/032019/07/01
Home Modification Tips for Wheelchair AccessibilityN/A2009/01/032016/10/19

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