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Accessible Website Design Information Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Website Design Accessibility category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2016-10-29European Online Public Services to be Made Accessible
2016-09-14User1st - Website Accessibility Made Easy
2016-08-25Competition Provides Nonprofits with Disability Friendly Websites
2016-07-01US Education Department Settles Civil Rights Complaints Over Accessible Websites
2016-05-27Europe Agreement Regarding Accessible Websites
2016-04-20Vision Website Accessibility Checklist
2016-03-04Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month - Accessibility Milestones
2015-01-19CLOUD4ALL Making an Accessible Internet for Everyone
2014-11-24Boston Wheelock College First Private College in U.S to Comply with ADA Laws for Website Accessibility
2014-11-18DOJ Forces Peapod to Make Website Accessible
2014-09-29Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme - Applications Now Open
2013-10-02OpenAIR Competition Seeks Designers and Nonprofits Wanting an Accessible Website
2013-02-04The Reasons Behind Online Accessibility
2013-02-02People with Disabilities and Technology Challenges
2011-07-01What Do You Love (WDYL) - New Search Page from Google
2011-03-17Microsoft Announces Free Accessibility Tools and Training for Developers
2010-12-01First British Standard to Promote Web Accessibility Globally
2010-11-24UK Fix the Web Campaign Launches to Tackle Internet Accessibility
2010-10-01NFB Non-visual Accessibility Web Certification Granted to Instructure Learning Management System
2010-09-10Global Recognition for Accessible Sydney Website
2010-09-09Magic Logix Launches New Section 508 Website for Accessology, Inc.
2010-08-04IBM, Japan's TIC and KOA to Address Urgent Need for Elderly, Disabled Citizens to Join e-Government
2010-08-04Improving Internet Access for the Aging, Disabled with Open Source
2009-10-26IBM Makes it Easier to Browse Web Sites on Mobile Devices
2009-10-09Website Developer Competition for Website Accessible Design Skills
2009-09-10Larger Google Search Text and Search Form Size
2009-07-08Microsoft's New Bing Search Engine - A Graphical Wonder
2009-07-01Accessible Google Online Services and Applications
2009-05-12How to Adjust Color Contrast in Windows Operating Systems
2009-05-12How to Resize Text and Fonts in Your Browser Settings
2009-05-06Opera Browser How to Change Default Text and Image Size
2009-05-06Changing Website Text and Font Size in Netscape
2009-05-06Increase Text Size and Fonts in Internet Explorer
2009-05-06Changing Web Page Text Size using Firefox
2009-05-06Changing Font and Text Size in Safari Browser
2009-05-06Google Chrome Browser - Adjusting Text Size
2009-04-19What are Blog Pingbacks Trackbacks Refbacks and LinkBacks
2009-01-04Accessible Website Design for Easier Accessibility
2009-01-03Website Design - Usability Versus Accessibility
2009-01-03Hex Code Color Spectrum Chart for Website Accessibility
2009-01-02List of Google Search Tips and Tricks - Find What You are Looking for Easier
2009-01-02Sitemeter Updates Website but is it Accessible to Disabled
2009-01-02Checking Website Accessibility with Free Toolbar
2009-01-02W3C Web Standard Defines Accessibility
2008-10-14W3C Standard for Accessible Speech Enabled Web Applications

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