Microsoft's New Bing Search Engine - A Graphical Wonder

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Published: 2009/07/08 - Updated: 2010/07/11
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Synopsis: The release of the Bing search engine by the Microsoft Corporation presents more competition for your search business online.


The release of the Bing search engine by the Microsoft Corporation presents more competition for your search business online.

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With Google, Yahoo, and many other search engines available for people to use on the Internet today, why should Microsoft choose to release a search engine of their own? The fact of the matter is - they already had one, it was just having a bit of trouble keeping up with the immense amount of information available through the Internet today. Bing is Microsoft's answer to giving you access to the volumes of information available, in a Microsoft kind of way.

While Google still holds the vast lead in the number of people who use their search engine at 64%, Microsoft has a good chance of coming from behind to catch up to Yahoo users. The Microsoft Bing search engine has a number of very wonderful features, you can find it here: The interface that Bing provides is magnificently graphical in nature, while still remaining simple and easy to use.

Upon arrival at the Bing site you will find yourself with the opportunity to search for Images, Videos, Shopping, News, Maps, and More. There are even links to the Microsoft Network and Windows Live. You can book flights on airlines, and find a hotel to stay at so that you have a place to stay when you get where you are going. Shopping details are presented through searches that are very much like Google's, and the graphics results presented through the image searches are very well laid out. The information results are are excellent.

Health information available through the Bing search engine comes from some very reliable sources, such as the Mayo clinic and others. Microsoft has gone to great lengths to make sure that the information coming through their Bing search engine is not only valuable, but specifically targeted to the kinds of results you want. Information is available from the likes of the American Cancer Society and the Gold Standard, for example.

Online results related to maps are presented in graphic and text formats, making getting to where you want to go as easy as possible. The Microsoft Corporation certainly knows how to get around town. The graphic maps are easy to read and understand, as well as the text instructions, something that is a pleasure to find.

Shopping and information related to restaurants especially, contain results that have ratings. When I looked up one of my local restaurants I found that it had a rating of the restaurant attached to it. When I looked up one that I had not been to yet; same thing. Now when Wendy suggests a new restaurant I will be able to give her some idea of what others think of the place before we go. Using the mapping feature at Bing, I will even be able to find the place.

I found my own book through a search at Bing; a minor victory, I know. Guess who else I found there? I found Disabled World results through a search at Bing, with results across many pages. A search of, 'Disability,' in general produced more results than I could assimilate in a day. However...

There is one disappointment that I found at Bing. When I looked for accessibility features in association with Bing, I was unable to come up with anything. There is no statement by the Microsoft Corporation concerning Disability Accessibility Features on the Bing site that I was able to locate. When I did searches such as, 'Bing Accessibility Features,' or, 'Bing Screen Reader,' and others - there was nothing associated specifically with Bing itself that popped up. I did find this statement by Marc on the American Foundation for the Blind website in relation to Bing:

"Kudos to Microsoft for the new Bing search engine. I did not take any time to practice. I navigated to the site and entered search terms and waited for the results. The results page seems fairly easy to navigate with headings. Anybody else out there try Bing yet? How about low-vision users or hearing impaired folks try to launch the videos by hovering the mouse"

Oh would seem that the Microsoft Corporation has some more work to do with their new search engine in relation to People with Disabilities. Google's search engine, on the other hand, has features such as Accessible Search for example.

I would still suggest that Microsoft's Bing search engine is a worthy competitor for Yahoo, and that it is a search engine that is highly worthwhile. Bing is still very new, but the work that Microsoft has put into it is incredible. The page organization, quick tabs, preview capabilities, and improved captions make using Bing a wonderful experience. All of the results produced by the Bing search engine are highly relevant, and exceptionally well-presented.

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