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List of Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

Author: Disabled World

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Published: 2019-04-04 - (Updated: 2020-04-06)


List of computer shortcut keys and mouse/keyboard combinations for the Google Chrome browser and Chromebook.

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As Chrome is currently the most popular of the many different available Internet browsers we have put together a list of shortcut keys and mouse/keyboard combination shortcuts to make using the Google Chrome browser both quicker and easier - especially for the elderly and people with disabilities.

Google Chrome, or the common shortcut word "Chrome", is a cross-platform web browser developed by Google. As of Feb. 2019, the website estimated Chrome has a 62 percent worldwide browser user-base across all computer and mobile device platforms.

Google Chrome has a reputation for strong browser performance and features a minimalistic user interface including the merging of the address bar and the search box into what's known as the Chrome Omnibox.

Besides being easy to use, and one of the fastest Internet browsers, Chrome also has a handy feature that allows users to synchronize bookmarks, history, and settings etc. across all their devices that the Google Chrome browser is installed on by sending and receiving data through their Google Account.

Chrome also allows users of the browser to make local desktop shortcuts that can open web applications in the browser. The browser - when opened in this way - contains none of the regular interface except for the title bar, so as not to "interrupt anything the user is trying to do". This allows web applications to run alongside local computer software.

Photo of a section of blue illuminated computer keyboard keys.
Photo of a section of blue illuminated computer keyboard keys.

What the Keyboard Abbreviations Mean

  • Alt = Alternate Key - (Option Key on Mac Computers)
  • Ctrl = Control Key
  • AltGr (Alt Graph, or Right Alt) - Modifier key primarily used to type foreign characters.
  • Alt Opt = Alternate Key - Option Key
  • Caps Lock = Locks keys to use CAPITAL LETTERS
  • Cmd = Command Key - (Cloverleaf on Mac Computers)
  • Ctrl = Control Key
  • Del = Delete Key
  • Ent = Enter Key
  • Esc = Escape Key
  • F1 to F12 = Function Keys
  • Fn = Function Key
  • ins = Insert Key
  • hme = Home Key
  • Num Lock = Numeric Lock (Locks Numeric Keypad for numbers use)
  • pg up = Page Up (Scroll)
  • pg dn = Page Down (Scroll)
  • Prt scn = Print Screen
  • Rtn = Return Key (Enter Key)

Chrome Shortcut Keys

Google Chrome shortcuts allow you to switch between browser tabs easier, place the cursor on the address bar, and use many other handy functions without using a mouse. Below is a list of the major shortcut keys that can be used when using the Google Chrome Internet browser.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Chrome Browser
Section 1: Chrome Tabs and Browser Windows
Alt plus F4 Closes current window
Alt plus Home Opens homepage
Ctrl plus 1-8 Switches to same number tab.
Ctrl plus 9 Switches to last tab
Ctrl plus N Opens new window
Ctrl plus O then select file Open a file from your computer in Chrome
Ctrl plus Shift plus N Opens new window in incognito mode
Ctrl plus Shift plus T Re-opens last tab closed - Chrome remembers last 10 closed
Ctrl plus Shift plus Tab or Ctrl plus PgUp Switches to previous tab
Ctrl plus T Opens new tab
Ctrl plus Tab or Ctrl plus PgDown Switches to next tab
Ctrl plus W or Ctrl plus F4 Closes current tab or pop-up
Drag link to space between tabs Opens link in new tab.
Drag link to tab Open link in that tab
Press Ctrl - Click a link Opens link in new tab
Press Shift - Click a link Opens link in new window
Section 2: Text Shortcut Combination Keys
Highlight content in text field then press Ctrl plus X or Shift plus Delete Deletes content and copies it to Windows clipboard
Highlight content then press Ctrl plus C Copies content to Windows clipboard
Place cursor in text field, then press Ctrl plus Shift plus V Pastes content from clipboard without adding formatting.
Place cursor in text field, then press Ctrl plus V or Shift plus Insert Pastes current content from clipboard
Section 3: Shortcuts to Google Chrome Features
Ctrl plus + Makes text larger
Ctrl plus - Makes text smaller
Ctrl plus 0 Returns to normal text size
Ctrl plus D Bookmarks current page
Ctrl plus F5 or Shift+F5 Clears page cache and reloads the page
Ctrl plus F Opens find-in-page box
Ctrl plus G or F3 Finds next match in find box
Ctrl plus P Print current page
Ctrl plus Shift plus G or Shift plus F3 Finds previous match in the find box
Ctrl plus U View page source code
Drag link to bookmarks bar Bookmarks the link
Esc Stop page loading
F5 Reload current page
Press Alt then click link Downloads link
Section 4: Google Chrome Address Bar Shortcuts
Ctrl plus B Toggles bookmarks bar on/off
Ctrl plus H Shows History
Ctrl plus J Shows Downloads
F6 or Ctrl plus L or Alt plus D Highlights content in web address area
Shift plus Escape View Task manager
Type search term Performs a search.
Type the part of web address that's between www. and .com then press Ctrl+Enter Adds www. and .com to your input opens the web site.
Type web address - Press Alt plus Enter Opens your web address in a new tab
Section 5: F1 to F12 Keys Using Google Chrome
F1 Opens Chrome’s Help Center in a new tab.
F2 Only used in Chrome’s Developer Tools section.
F3 Opens "Find on Page" Search box.
F5 Reloads current page.
F6 Toggles focus between page, bookmarks, address bar
F8 Only used in Chrome’s Developer Tools section.
F11 Turns full-screen mode on/off.
F12 Opens Chrome’s Developer Tools.
Section 6: Mouse Shortcuts When Using Google Chrome
Drag a link to a tab Opens link in current tab
Ctrl plus Click a link Opens link in new background tab
Ctrl plus Shift plus Click a link Opens link and jumps to it
Drag link to blank area of tab strip Opens a link and jumps to it.
Shift plus Click link Opens a link in a new window
Drag tab out of tab strip Opens a tab in a new window (mouse only)
Drag tab into an existing window Moves a tab to a current window (mouse only)
Press Esc while dragging Returns a tab to its original position
Drag web address to the Bookmarks Bar Saves the current web-page as a bookmark
Alt plus Click link Downloads the target of a link
Right-click Back or Click & hold Back
Right-click Next or click & hold Next
Displays browsing history
Double-click blank area of tab strip Switches between maximized and windowed mode
Ctrl plus Scroll mouse-wheel up Makes everything on page bigger
Ctrl plus Scroll mouse-wheel down Makes everything on page smaller
Section 7: Miscellaneous Chrome Shortcuts
Ctrl plus K or Ctrl plus E Adds ? in address bar - Type term after ? to search
End Goes to bottom of the web page
Home Goes to top of the web page
Place cursor in address bar - Press Ctrl plus Backspace Deletes previous word in address bar
Place cursor in address bar - press Ctrl and left arrow together Jumps to previous word in address bar
Place cursor in address bar - press Ctrl and right arrow together Jumps to next word in address bar
Press Backspace or Press Alt and left arrow together Goes to previous page in history for that tab
Shift plus Backspace, or press Alt and the right arrow together Go to the next page in browsing history for the tab
Space bar Scrolls down the page
Section 8: Shortcut Keys for Chromebook
Alt plus 1-8 Launches applications located on Chromebook OS's "shelf" or taskbar.
Alt plus E Opens Chrome browser menu if Chrome browser window is open and focused.
Alt plus Search Toggles Chromebook Caps Lock.
Alt plus [ Docks window to left side of screen.
Alt plus ] Docks window to right side of screen.
Ctrl plus Alt plus ? (or Ctrl + Alt + / ) Opens Chromebook keyboard shortcut "cheat sheet".
Ctrl plus Immersive Mode/F4 Configures Chromebook display settings when external monitor is connected.
Ctrl plus Shift plus L Locks Chromebook's screen.
Ctrl plus Shift plus Q Logs you out of Chromebook. Press same combination twice to quit.
Ctrl plus Shift plus Refresh/F3 Rotates Chromebook screen 90 degrees.
Ctrl plus Shift plus Switcher/F5 Takes screenshot of part of screen. Use cursor to select the part you wish to save.
Ctrl plus Shift and ) Resets Chromebook screen scale to default setting.
Ctrl plus Shift and + Increases Chromebook screen scale.
Ctrl plus Shift and - Decreases Chromebook screen scale.
Ctrl plus Switcher/F5 Takes screenshot and saves it to Downloads folder.
Shift plus Esc Launches Chromebook Task Manager.

Other Handy Keyboad Shortcuts

If you are not using Google Chrome as yet you can download it completely free from Google.

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