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List of Google Search Tips and Tricks - Find What You are Looking for Easier

Outline: A list of tips to easily find what you are looking for when using the Google search engine.

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The Google search engine has more functions and uses than just everyday searches. There are many different tricks and tips you can use when using Google search engine to make life easier.

The following is a comprehensive guide to most of the commands you can enter in the Google search box, it will get you what you want easier and faster.

NOTE: Google also provides a number of services which are accessible online and through mobile devices that make searching for, obtaining, using, and sharing information both easy and pleasurable for nearly anyone. For further information see our article: Google Online Services - Accessible Information Applications


Searching Tips for Google Search Engine
Search QueryDescription and Example
What Time Is It?By typing "what time is it" in the google search bar followed by a city name, you will get the live hour of your chosen city. Example: What time is it new york
Search a Specific Web SiteType "site:" in front of the domain name. Example: or
Search HashtagsAdd a # (hashtag) sign in front of a word. Example: #DisabledWorld
Search for Similiar Web SitesType "related:" in front of a web address you already know. Example:
Search Social MediaAdd an @ symbol in front of a word to search social media. Example: @DisabledWorld
Flight Departures and ArrivalsBy typing an airline's name along with a flight number google will give you the time of departure and the time of arrival. Example: delta flight 323
Exclude Certain Words From a Search QueryAdd an - (minus sign) in front of the word you want to omit from the search. Example: Ancient King-Egypt
Finding Addresses From Phone NumbersType the phone number into the search bar or search box on Googles home page and Google will return the address listed for that phone number.
Search Within a Certain Range of NumbersPut .. (2 periods) between the numbers. Example: Used iPad $50..$120
CalculatorEnter the calculation you'd like done into the Google search box and hit the Enter key.
Combine Search WordsAdd "OR" between each search query. Example: cat OR tiger
Street MapsEnter a U.S. street address, including zip code or city/ state in the Google search box. Sometimes just the street address and city name will be enough.
View a Cached Version of a Web SiteType "cache:" in front of the web site url. Example:
Find a DefinitionTo find a definition for a word or phrase type the word "define," then a space, and then the word(s) you want defined.
Search for Wildcard WordsType an * (asterix) sign where the unknown word is. Example: Best * Restaurant in town
CalculatorsGoogle can be a powerful converter, from how many seconds are in a year or how many teaspoons in a quarter cup to the very useful exchange worth between different currency's. Here are a few examples of the commands you must type in to do so. (quarter cup in teaspoons) - (seconds in a year) - (20 USD in euro).
Search Exact Match of a Group of WordsType the word(s) inside quotation marks. Example: "Mary had a little lamb"
Search Item PricesAdd a $ sign in front of a number. Example: iPod $200
Find Related Terms and DocumentsSimply adding a tilde (~) to a search term will return related results. Example ~car
Get Further Details About a Web siteType "info:" in front of the site address. Example:
Other TricksType (better than) followed by anything and you will in most cases find a better alternative. Example: better than pizza

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