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Changing Website Text and Font Size in Netscape

  • Published: 2009-05-06 (Revised/Updated 2013-12-12) : Author: Disabled World
  • Synopsis: Guide explaining how to increase the default font or text size on website pages when using the Netscape web browser.

Main Document

Instructions explaining how to increase the default font or text size on website pages when using the Netscape web browser.

Instructions explaining how to increase the default font or text size on website pages when using the Netscape web browser.

When using Netscape web browser you can Increase or decrease the default font or text size on the web page by:

To increase the website page font or text size:

a) Click the"View"menu at the top of your Netscape web browser with the mouse or press the "Alt '+"V" keys on your keyboard.

b) Click the "Text Zoom" option with the mouse or press the "Z" key.

c) Left Click the text size you require with your mouse (or use your up and down keys) then press "Enter" button to select a text size to suit your vision.

Set a default text size for all websites you visit using Netscape instead of using the "Text Zoom" option:

a) Click the "Edit" menu with the mouse or press "Alt '+"E" keys.

b) Click "Preferences" option or press the "E" key to open the preferences box.

c) Click the "Font" option or use the keyboard arrow keys to select "Font".

d) Click the drop down box next to "Minimum font size" and select a font size by clicking on it or press your keyboard "Tab" key until the box is highlighted, next press the up arrow to expand the list and select a font size you want with the "up" and "down" arrow keys, next press the "Enter" key.

e) If there is a tick in the checkbox "Allow documents to use other fonts" you may need to un-check it to get the newly selected font size to work, simply un-check it or press the "Tab" key until the checkbox is highlighted then press the "Spacebar" to un-check it.

f) Finally click "OK" or press "Enter" to return to your Netscape browser.

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