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Accidents & Disability Information: Conditions & Statistics Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Accidents and Disability category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2014-12-01Injuries from Childrens Toys
2014-04-24Health and Safety Issues Caused by Teens Distracted when Driving
2014-01-10Seat Belts - Friend or Foe
2013-11-16Tough Mudder - An Extreme Sports Event Where a Lot Can Go Wrong
2013-05-09Amusement Park Ride Injuries
2012-07-12Distracted Walking Fines for Cell Phone Users
2012-04-29Texting and Driving - Teen-led Study Highlights Dangers
2012-04-15Rearview Cameras for Vehicles Law
2012-03-13Emergency Vehicle Siting Improves Response Times
2012-01-17Headphone Wearing Pedestrians Struck by Cars and Trains More Than Triple
2011-08-22Window Fall Related Injuries
2011-07-17Back Injuries from Car Accidents
2011-05-17Road Safety - Halting Death and Injury on Roads
2011-04-29California One of the Deadliest States for Pedestrians
2011-03-28Survival Rate in Vehicle Accidents Tied to Surgeon Availability
2011-02-09Motorcycle Helmets Reduce Spinal Injury
2011-01-29Compensation in Car Accidents
2011-01-15Common Injuries in Serious Car Accidents
2011-01-03Tricks Insurance Companies Use Against Car Accident Victims
2010-10-31Are Males or Females the Cause of Most Car Accidents
2010-10-27Causes of Fatal Car Accidents
2010-10-27What to do if Involved in a Car Accident
2010-10-22New Jersey One Step Closer to Creating Emergency Notification System
2010-10-21Airbags Reduce Risk of Kidney Injury in Car Crashes
2010-10-12Pediatric Hospitalizations for ATV-Related Injuries More than Double
2010-10-12Bicycle Accidents and Florida's No-Fault Insurance Law
2010-10-12Whiplash Injuries and Related Neck Pain Due to Accidents
2010-10-12Whiplash Injury Information and How to Claim

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