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Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World American Disability Act ADA category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2016-10-03EEOC Sues Work Services, Inc. for Disability Discrimination
2015-08-20Child Welfare Systems Under ADA and Section 504
2015-07-27Conference on Independent Living Opening Remarks
2015-07-24U.S. Justice Department: ADA Event Remarks
2015-05-20Court Rules Girl Scouts Covered by Disability Discrimination Law
2013-08-04The Americans with Disabilities Act and Prison Conditions
2013-05-09DOJ Settles Lawsuit Against Golden Corral Restaurant for Violation of ADA
2012-11-28NFB Urges Senate to Ratify Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities
2012-11-06Job Reassignment - A Reasonable Accommodation Under ADA
2012-09-22Disability Gas Coalition: Improving Gas Station Accessibility for People with Disabilities
2012-09-17The ADA and Employee Leave Protections
2012-07-31Administration for Community Living (ACL)
2012-06-21Disability Community Protests Assault on ADA Swimming Pool Regulations
2012-03-02Changes to ADA Regulations - Titles II and III
2012-01-28ADA Amendments Act - Department of Education
2011-11-29Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Regulations Information
2011-10-15Service for Guests with Disabilities Video Reflects New ADA Requirements
2011-03-12Disability Accessibility Guide for Towns
2010-09-1220 Years Since The Passage of the ADA, Employment Disparities Remain
2010-07-23DOJ Announces Plans to Prepare New ADA Regulations
2010-07-22Attorney General Speaks at American Association of People With Disabilities Justice For All Event
2010-06-29Celebrating 100 Days of the ADA
2010-06-20Hud Adds Important Civil Rights Protections to Grant Programs
2010-06-10National Disability Rights Network Annual Conference Remarks
2010-06-04Real Life ADA Mediation Cases - How ADA Mediation Can Help
2010-06-03ADA Rights for Returning Service Members with Disability
2010-05-27Discriminatory Hiring Practices Appear to Increase During Recession
2009-12-20ADA Law and Accessibility: The Costs of Non-Compliance
2009-10-31Child Care Centers and The Americans With Disabilities Act
2009-05-25ADA Requirements for Business Signs
2009-02-10Disability ADA Laws
2009-01-27ADA Rules for Employment
2009-01-14Definition of the ADA
2009-01-05Fair Housing Act Prohibits Housing Discrimination
2009-01-04ADA Title I: Employment
2009-01-04ADA Title II: State and Local Government
2009-01-04ADA Title II: Public Transportation Information
2009-01-04ADA Title III: Public Accommodations
2009-01-04ADA Title IV: Telecommunications Relay Services
2009-01-04Americans with Disabilities Act Faqs
2009-01-04Americans with Disabilities Act: Building and Stores Information
2009-01-04Americans with Disabilities Act - ADA Employment Information


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