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Awareness Bracelets: Colors, Causes & Meanings

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  • Synopsis: Published: 2010-05-26 (Rev. 2016-11-14) - Chart of silicone awareness bracelet colors showing the cause or health condition they denote. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Ian Langtree at Disabled World.

Definition: Awareness Bracelet

An awareness band, awareness bracelet, or wristband, is defined as a bracelet of various colors on which a slogan is sometimes written, usually sold to raise awareness for charitable causes.

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"By early 2005, silicone wristbands became popular with many charities, such as Make Poverty History and the BBC's Beat Bullying campaign."

Various health conditions awareness bracelets, or plastic wristbands, are available in nearly every color, or colors, and are available in materials such as silicone, fabric, rubber, or plastic. Awareness bracelets sometimes carry embossed messages demonstrating the wearer's support of a certain cause, or charitable organization.

Awareness bracelets first gained in popularity in 2004 when the Lance Armstrong Foundation introduced its trademark yellow silicone Livestrong wristband to raise support for cancer research.

By early 2005, silicone wristbands became popular with many other charities, such as Make Poverty History and the BBC's Beat Bullying campaign (blue).

Gray and orange Conversion disorder bracelet.
Gray and orange Conversion disorder bracelet.
Today, many organizations use awareness bracelets in an effort to promote their cause(s), and silicone awareness bracelets can be found in a wide variety of colors.

Other common wristbands include bracelet colors for kidney donation (green), breast cancer (pink), diabetes (gray), multiple sclerosis (orange), Make Poverty History (white), epilepsy (half blue, half red), Hurricane Katrina (ocean blue mixed with white), pancreatic cancer (purple), and AIDS (red).

In general, the color of the band describes its cause, and the colors are often the same as the colors of awareness ribbons.

Chart of Awareness Bracelet Colors
AIDS - Red
Allergy - Gray
Alzheimers - Purple
Arthritis - Blue
Asthma - Gray
Autism - multicolored
Bladder Cancer -Yellow
Bone Cancer - White
Bone Marrow - Green
Brain Tumor - Gray
Breast cancer - pink
Cancer - Purple or Yellow
Childhood Depression - Green
Colitis - Purple
Colon Cancer - Brown
Colorectal Cancer - Brown
Crohn's Disease - Purple
Cystic Fibrosis - Purple
Depression - Green
Diabetes - Gray
Disabled Children - Gray
Dystonia - Blue
Eating Disorder - Light Blue
Emphysema - Gray
Endometriosis - Yellow
Environmental - Green
Epidermolysis Bullosa - Red
Epilepsy - Purple
Esophageal Cancer - Light Blue
Eye Injury - Green
Fibromyalgia - Purple
Graves Disease - Light Blue
Gynecological Cancer - Purple
Headache - Burgundy
Heart Disease - Red
HIV - Red
Hodkin's Disease - Purple
Homeopathy Awareness- Emerald
Hospice Care - Burgundy
Invisible Illness - Silver or Gray
IBS - Light Blue/Purple
Kidney Cancer - Green
Kidney Disease - Green
Kidney Transplant - Green
Leimyosarcoma - Purple
Leukemia - Orange
Lung cancer - gray
Liver Disease - Yellow
Lung Disease - Gray
Lupus - Purple
Lyme Disease - Green
Lymphedema - Light Blue
Lymphoma - Purple
Macular Degeneration - Purple
Melanoma - Black
Mental Health - Lime Green
Mental Illness - Gray
Mental Retardation - Green
Migraine awareness - Purple
Multiple Myeloma - Burgundy
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) - Orange
Myasthenia Gravis - Light Blue/Teal
Organ Donor - Green
Ovarian Cancer - Light Blue/Teal
Pancreatic Cancer - Purple
Parkinson's Disease - Gray
Prostate Cancer - Light Blue
Pulmonary Hypertension - Purple
Reflex Sympathitic Dystrophy - Orange
Retinoblastoma - White
Reye's Syndrome - Blue
Rhett Syndrome - Purple
Sarcoidosis - Purple
Scleroderma - Light Blue
Self Injury - Orange
Spinal Bifida - Yellow
Testicular Cancer - Pink
Thyroid Disease - Light Blue
Tissue Donation - Green

Awareness ribbons have also become popular symbols of causes and illness conditions over recent years, you can view our huge list of awareness ribbon colors and meanings here.


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