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Famous People Who Have or Had Parkinson's Disease

Published: 2017-11-10 - Updated: 2021-09-25
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Synopsis: List of well known and famous people who have or were known to have had Parkinson's disease. There are currently no blood or laboratory tests that have been proven to help in diagnosing PD. Early signs and symptoms of PD may sometimes be dismissed as the effects of normal aging.


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Parkinson's disease (PD) is a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system that often impairs the sufferer's motor skills and speech.

This article is from our digest of publications relating to Famous Disabled People that also includes:

Parkinson's disease belongs to a group of conditions called movement disorders. It is characterized by muscle rigidity, tremor, a slowing of physical movement and, in extreme cases, a loss of physical movement.

Estimated prevalence rates of depression vary widely according to the population sampled and methodology used. Reviews of depression estimate its occurrence in anywhere from 20-80% of cases.

There are currently no blood or laboratory tests that have been proven to help in diagnosing PD. Therefore the diagnosis is based on medical history and a neurological examination.

The disease can be difficult to diagnose accurately. Early signs and symptoms of PD may sometimes be dismissed as the effects of normal aging.

Parkinson's disease is a chronic disorder that requires broad-based management including patient and family education, support group services, general wellness maintenance, physiotherapy, exercise, and nutrition. At present, there is no cure for PD, but medications or surgery can provide relief from the symptoms.

List of Famous People Who Had or Have Parkinson's Disease

  • Adolf Hitler
  • Albert J Whitlock
  • Anna Neagle
  • Ba Jin
  • Barney Childs - (1909-2000) American composer and teacher.
  • Basil D'Oliveira - South African cricketer (1931-)
  • Booth Gardner
  • Boyi Bhimanna - Telugu poet (1911-2005)
  • Brockman Adams- American politician (1927-2004)
  • Carlos Antonio Gomes - Portuguese footballer (1932-2005)
  • Chester Himes
  • Deborah Kerr
  • Deng Xiaoping - Chinese politician (1904-1997)
  • Edward Winter - American actor (1937-2001)
  • Enoch Powell - British politician (1912-1998)
  • Eugene McCarthy - (1916-2005) American politician
  • Farnsworth Wright - American editor (1888-1940)
  • Ferdy Mayne - German actor (1916-1998)
  • Francisco Franco
  • Frederick "Freddie" Roach
  • George Coulouris - British actor (1903-1989)
  • George Roy Hill
  • George Wallace
  • Giulio Natta - Italian chemist (1903-1979)
  • Guy Kibbee - American actor (1882-1956)
  • Hans Ras - Dutch academic (1926-2003)
  • Harry Dalton
  • Jack Anderson - US newspaper columnist (1922-2005)
  • Jack Buck - American sportscaster (1924-2002)
  • James Doohan
  • Janet Reno
  • Jeffrey Hamm - (1915-1994) British Fascist
  • Jim Backus
  • Jimmy Knepper - American jazz trombonist (1927-2003)
  • Joe Cook
  • Joe Pasternak - (1901-1991) American film director
  • John Lindsay
  • Joseph M. McDade - former Congressman from NE Pennsylvania
  • Kenneth More
  • Lane Evans - Member of the US House of Representatives (D - IL) (1951-)
  • Leonid Shamkovich - USSR Chess grandmaster (1923-2005)
  • Linda Maria Ronstadt
  • Luis Marden
  • Mao Zedong
  • Margaret Bourke-White - American photographer (1904-1971)
  • Mary Jackson
  • Meldrim Thomson Jr. - (1912-2001) Republican Governor of New Hampshire
  • Mervyn Peake - British author (1911-1968)
  • Michael J. Fox - (born Michael Andrew Fox on June 9, 1961)
  • Michael Richard "Rich" Clifford
  • Mo Udall
  • Muhammad Ali - (born Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. on January 17, 1942)
  • Nathan Heard - American novelist (1937-2004)
  • Neil Leslie Diamond - (Neil Diamond)  - Born January 24th, 1941, is an American singer-songwriter and actor. Despite his retirement due to Parkinson's disease, On March 7, 2020, Neil Diamond gave a performance at the Keep Memory Alive Power of Love Gala at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, where he was being honored.
  • Norman Panama - American writer - producer and director (1914-2003)
  • Owen Chamberlain
  • Pauline Kael - American film critic (1919-2001)
  • Pierre Elliott Trudeau
  • Pope John Paul II
  • Prince Claus - (1926-2002) - husband of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands
  • Roger Caron - Roger "Mad Dog" Caron
  • Salvador Dali- Spanish artist (1904-1989)
  • Sir Alec Issigonis (1906-1988) British car designer
  • Sir John Betjeman - KBE - British Poet Laureate (1906-1984)
  • Sir Michael Redgrave - British actor (1908-1985)
  • Steve Alten - American author
  • Ted Kroll - American golfer (1919 - 2002)
  • Terry-Thomas
  • Tim Wall - Australian cricketer (1904-1981)
  • Vincent Price
  • Walter Lord
  • Walter Sisulu - South African freedom fighter (1912-2003)
  • Whit Bissell (1909-1996) American character actor
  • William Everson (1912-1994) - American poet
  • William Lawrence Boyd
  • William Masters

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