Famous People That Use or Used Wheelchairs in the Past

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Synopsis: A list of well known and famous people who use or used wheelchairs since birth and later in life due to disabilities. Today, there are many types of wheelchairs, and they are often highly customized for the individual user's needs. A mobility scooter is a motorized assist device, but with a steering 'tiller' or bar instead of the joystick found on wheelchairs.


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A wheelchair is a wheeled mobility device in which the user sits, propelled either manually or via various automated systems. Wheelchairs are used by people for whom walking is difficult or impossible due to illness, injury, or disability. The earliest record of the wheelchair in England dates from the 1670s.

Today, there are many types of wheelchairs, and they are often highly customized for the individual user's needs. Types of wheelchairs include Beach wheelchairs, Sports wheelchairs, Electric wheelchairs, and Manual wheelchairs. A mobility scooter is a motorized assist device, but with a steering 'tiller' or bar instead of the joystick found on wheelchairs.

A smart wheelchair uses an artificial control system which augments or replaces user control. Its purpose is to reduce or eliminate the task of driving a motorized wheelchair. Smart wheelchairs usually employ sonar, infrared sensors or laser rangefinders to detect obstacles and to ensure that the platform does not collide with them.

Adapting buildings and surroundings to make them more accessible to wheelchair users is one of the key campaigns of disability rights movements and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA).

List of Well Known and Famous People Who Use and Used Wheelchairs

  • Abdelaziz Bouteflika
  • Ady Barkan
  • Alan Holdsworth
  • Ali Bongo Ondimba
  • Ali Stroker
  • Alice Chancellor
  • Alison Kafer
  • Allen Daviau
  • Alonso Lujambio
  • Ambrogio Fogar
  • Anne Begg
  • Augustus d'Este
  • Batong Pham
  • Beryl Potter
  • Bob Dole
  • Brad Lomax
  • Brian Crowley
  • Cecil Ivory
  • Charles Krauthammer
  • Cherylee Houston
  • Christopher Reeve
  • Chuck Austin
  • Chuck Close
  • Clement Chiwaya
  • Dana Bolles
  • Daniela Filipiová
  • Darryl Stingley
  • Daryl Mitchell - Actor
  • David Lega
  • David Weir - Athlete
  • Death of Michael Hickson
  • Dennis Byrd
  • Dianne H. Pilgrim
  • Doug Mowat
  • Droz - wrestler
  • Dynamite Kid
  • Ed Roberts - Activist
  • Eiko Kimura
  • Elizabeth Twistington Higgins
  • Emmy Kaiser
  • Eric LeGrand
  • Evelyn Mulry Moore
  • Ferenc Hirt
  • Floy Schoenfelder
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Freddie Blassie
  • Gabriela Michetti
  • George H. W. Bush
  • George Robinson - Actor
  • George Wallace
  • Getatchew Haile
  • Greg Abbott
  • Gundega Cenne
  • Guro Fjellanger
  • Helen Anne Henderson
  • Helen Knubel
  • Helen Phillips Levin
  • Hennadiy Kernes
  • Ida Daly
  • Isabel Newstead
  • Itzhak Perlman
  • Jack Carroll - Comedian
  • Jack Tatum
  • James Langevin
  • James Troesh
  • Jan Filip Libicki
  • Jane Campbell - Baroness Campbell of Surbiton
  • Jayapraga Reddy
  • Jeremiah Wright
  • Jill Kinmont Boothe
  • Jillian Mercado
  • John McFall - Athlete
  • John Nord
  • John Paul Getty III
  • John Porter East
  • Jonathan Magbie
  • Jordanne Whiley
  • Jordon Steele-John
  • Jorge González - Wrestler
  • Jorge Triaca Jr.
  • Judith Heumann
  • Kafani
  • Kamala - Wrestler
  • Karine Elharrar
  • Karpal Singh
  • Katharina Krüger
  • Keak da Sneak
  • Kelly Vincent
  • Kenny Baker - English actor
  • Kerry McGregor
  • Kevin Strickland
  • La Parka - wrestler
  • Larry Flynt
  • Lenín Moreno
  • Lenny Johnrose
  • Lex Luger
  • Lilian Dibo Eyong
  • Liz Carr
  • Lola Ochoa
  • Lord Alfred Hayes
  • Madison Cawthorn
  • Malu Dreyer
  • Marek Plura
  • Marguerite Stuber Pearson
  • Marilyn Warren Woods
  • Mark Zupan - Athlete
  • Martin Magga
  • Mary Gennoy
  • Matilda Ibini
  • Małgorzata Olejnik
  • Mike Biggar
  • Mike Sharpe
  • Mike Utley
  • Miloš Zeman
  • Nicholas Sposato
  • Nick Dupree
  • Nigel Benn
  • Pablo Echenique
  • Pam Duncan-Glancy
  • Paul Wiggins - Athlete
  • Paula Whetu Jones
  • Peg Leg Bates
  • Ras Adiba Radzi
  • Rick Hansen
  • Rob Pyne
  • Robert Durst
  • Robert Wyatt
  • Rosa May Billinghurst
  • Rosalie Hixson
  • Rosemary Front
  • Ruth Madeley
  • Samuel Koch
  • Sarah Jama
  • Seán Connick
  • Sean Stephenson
  • Senarath Attanayake
  • Shannon Murray
  • Sophie Morgan
  • Stella Young
  • Stephanie Aeffner
  • Stephen Hawking
  • Sławomir Jan Piechota
  • Tim Curry
  • Tove Linnea Brandvik
  • Valeriy Sushkevych
  • W Mitchell
  • Whitey Bulger
  • Wolfgang Schäuble
  • Yasuhiko Funago
  • Yinka Ayefele
  • Yuval Wagner
  • Zaruhi Batoyan

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