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Disabled Adults Get the Boot in Education - The Forgotten Population

  • Date: 2011/02/08
  • ACN Staff
  • Synopsis : Forgotten Population campaign is designed to raise awareness and funds for adults with learning disabilities over the age of 22.

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Marketing A Cause, a full service event production and marketing firm that offers innovative concepts and services to non-profit organizations, has announced a new tactical fund-raising campaign. Entitled Forgotten Population, the campaign is designed to raise awareness and funds for adults with learning disabilities over the age of 22.

"To most young adults it means nothing. The age of 21 is the milestone age where young adults can finally drink at the bars and buy liquor and beer without fear. It's a happy time in life, and it means freedom!" says Mary Noon, president of Marketing A Cause.

However, there is another adult population, a population of adults with disabilities. When the age of 22 is reached, this population suddenly falls out of the mainstream. Due to state budget cuts, many previous services, schooling and Special Education programs are no longer provided. To those that are not lucky enough to have parents who are still living or loved ones capable of contributing the necessary financial support, this age becomes a death sentence. This is the Forgotten Population. Most are adults in age only, but cannot live on their own.

This Forgotten Population campaign is intended to raise awareness and funds for the Mt. Diablo Life Skills Program. Currently, the program serves approximately 40 adults with varied learning disabilities. For some this daily program is the only structure in their lonely lives. In 2010 the program structure was threatened with reduced days and reduced hours due to budget cuts in funding. It has remained open due only to the efforts of the parents, relatives and friends of these young adults.

The progress of the campaign can be seen at theforgottenpopulation.com. On the sites donate page, the goal is to have each figure lit up by April 01, 2011 resulting in a total amount of $18,000. For every $20 that is donated, one figure will light up to mark the progress. For every $40 donation two figures will light up, and for every $60 donation three figures will light up. If every figure is lit up by April 01, 2011 then Mt. Diablo Life Skills program will be able to give 40 young adults the proper, continual education they deserve.

100% of all public donations will directly fund the Mt. Diablo Life Skills program.

About Mt. Diablo Life Skills -The Mt. Diablo Life Skills program is an educational program for adults with developmental disabilities, a division of Mt. Diablo Unified School District a not-for-profit public school. The Mt. Diablo Life Skills Program strives to develop each student's maximum potential and independence. The curriculum is highly comprehensive and individualized in order to meet each student's needs and capabilities in community independence, independent living skills, social skills, functional academics, and job readiness skills. To learn more about the program please visit www.mtdiablolifeskills.com.

About Marketing A Cause -Marketing A Cause is a full service event production and marketing firm that offers innovative concepts and services to corporations, individuals and non profit organizations. Supervising all facets of each project in a turnkey fashion. Marketing A Cause provides it's clients with a worry-free, structured strategy for hosting unique non-profit, advocacy and fundraising events and facilitates the arrangement of appropriate partnerships to make projects successful and memorable.

To learn more, please visit www.marketingacause.com

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