Disability Mindfulness by Greshun De Bouse™

Author: Greshun De Bouse™ - Contact: fmlcoaching@gmail.com
Published: 2019/02/11
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Synopsis: I was recently challenged to be even more compassionate, understanding, and mindful.

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Disability Mindfulness by Greshun De Bouse™

I am a super compassionate, understanding, and mindful person, as anyone who truly knows me will attest to. However, I was recently challenged to be even more compassionate, understanding, and mindful.

I recently wrote a very intelligible and informative article to be published on a topic that often plagues many in the disabled community. However, I was informed that though informative, helpful, and well-written, my article was not considered a good fit for the target readers of this vulnerable community.

This was mind boggling to me initially, considering the information in my article is much needed by the disabled community, practitioners, and all.

Though I still contend nothing was/is wrong with my article, I thought, "Perhaps I should attempt to be more mindful than I already am."

"Perhaps if I view my article from the perspective of some members of the prevailing reading audience, I may find how some such readers could erroneously misconstrue (through no fault of my own) information intended to educate and resolve issues."

Interestingly, the experience of not having my aforementioned article published has forced me to be more mindful of the disabled community reading my articles.

Though I always write, speak, and behave with honorable intentions, and though my article that was not published reflected such, I must always consider the vantage point of some in my reading audience. I strive only to uplift, and greater disability mindfulness in my writing will only enhance any of my writing presented to the disabled population. #motivated

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