Am I Eligible for Disability Benefits

Author: Matt Murren
Published: 2010/07/16 - Updated: 2014/03/15
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Synopsis: There are different types of disability a person may be able to receive.

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Often times an illness or some type of debilitating condition hinders a person from being able to do what they used to do. Disability benefits can be a life saver in this unfortunate circumstance.

Many working people scoff at the more thought of a person (especially a young person) applying for their disability. These scoffers contend that the disabled person is just "too lazy to work". Poppycock! Don't let that stop you from applying.

There are different types of disability a person may be able to receive - let's discuss Social Security. SSD (Social Security Disability) is largely dependent upon how many years you have worked in the last 10 years and your earnings. For persons over 30 years old, the requirement is normally that they have worked for at least 5 out of the past 10 years. Also the claimant must have a physical or mental incapacity which disables them from performing their past job or any other gainful employment. Education and age also play a significant role in whether or not you are rewarded disability benefits.

With SSI (Supplemental Security Income) a claimant must be in the low income level to qualify. It has nothing to do with the amount of work you have done or the amount of money you have or have not earned. It is considered an "in-kind" program - such as food stamps and AFDC (Aid To Families With Dependent Children).

If you do not expect to be out of commission for at least 12 months, then you need not apply for disability because the 12 month period is one of the rules unless you are expecting to expire as a result of your illness.

A widowed person can draw social security disability based on the amount of money that was earned by the spouse. Children who are disabled can receive SSD if the parent has worked the standard amount of time.

Persons who receive SSI benefits can generally receive food stamps also because of their level of poverty. Most people on SSI disability benefits are also eligible for Medicaid. Particular Medicaid conditions are listed in a book along with approval criteria for that illness. This criteria must render you disabled according to the social security disability system. This manual does not list every single condition that qualifies you for disability benefits. The Social Security Administration not only looks at a persons inability to do their past work. They also inquire about "other work". This is defined as work that the claimant has both the capacity and education or skills to do. If you are able to perform any job that can place and keep you in the "gainful employment" status, the Social Security Disability or SSI will turn you down for benefits.

According to the Social Security Administration's viewpoint, the older you are when you apply for help from them, the easier it is to receive that help. They figure that older people's work skills and education is more outdated. The aged applicant is less apt to be denied benefits because of an "other work" job.

A person who cannot or has a problem performing SSRT's (simple routine repetitive tasks) also stands a better chance at qualifying for disability.

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