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Disability Blogs: Stories and Writings Regarding Disabilities Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Blogs, Writings and Stories category. Though some documents may have since been updated, or revised, they are still listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Disability Blogs: Stories and Writings Regarding Disabilities Publications

2016-04-25 : When I Auditioned for 'America's Next Top Model' : Article about my personal experiences with Treacher Collins Syndrome - a craniofacial disability.

2015-11-15 : When You Are Scared or No Longer Care - Mental Illness & Violence : Thomas C. Weiss writes on the topic of mental illness and violence, and includes his own personal experiences.

2015-11-11 : How Much of Life is in a Man's Hands? : The loss of your hands can severely affect independence, drastically alter confidence, daily activities, and can trigger emotions of guilt.

2015-10-13 : Alcoholism: The Loss of a Friend : Thomas C. Weiss writes on the loss of a friend due to alcoholism related health problems.

2015-09-03 : New Life In China for St. Louis Woman with Disabilities : Laura Merleau-McGrady in Guangzhou, China, begins new job as English teacher at The Affiliated High School of South China Normal University.

2015-01-22 : Writing Medical Review Articles - Scholar Strategies : Strategies scholars use when writing review articles include narrative review, systematic review, scoping, critical-realist and open peer commentary.

2015-01-13 : People First Language: An Oppositional Viewpoint : This is a thought that has been on my mind for awhile in regards to people first language and what it does to this industry.

2014-12-02 : Disability, Technology and Sustainable Development: A Socio-cultural Interpretation : Article depicts disability conditions in Bangladesh including types, causes and its socio-cultural construction.

2014-11-28 : Most US Presidents Forgotten Within 50 - 100 Years : Study reveals most American presidents destined to be forgotten within 50 to 100 years of their serving as president of the United States.

2014-05-09 : For the Love of Babies : Guest blog post by Elizabeth Gwilliam regarding some of the challenges of parenting.

2014-04-27 : Skydiving a Release from Life in a Wheelchair for Matthew Dooley : Matthew Dooley has cerebral palsy however that does not prevent him from enjoying the sport of skydiving.

2013-09-14 : Clothing for People with Down Syndrome by Ashley : Ashley DeRamus launches her own line of clothing specifically developed for people with Down syndrome.

2013-02-06 : One Dream - One Challenge - One Life Changing Moment : My dream of becoming an inventor came true more importantly my dream of changing the life of just one person became a reality.

2013-01-25 : Middle Aged Adults Face Pressure From Both Children and Parents : Many older people are living longer which adds new and unanticipated needs that their children often must step up to assist with.

2013-01-16 : People with Disabilities and Freezing Temperatures : Information concerning persons with disability regarding dealing with cold weather and subsequent frostnip and frostbite.

2012-12-31 : Hand-drawn Holiday Cards by Boy with Autism Funds Research : The jaunty snowmen and colorful Christmas trees on the holiday cards began as ad hoc therapy and from the start we wanted that money to go to research.

2012-11-21 : Three Days in the Life - Penny Pepper : Penny Pepper has never let her disability define who she is or what she can do she has been a model a wheelchair burlesque dancer and in a punk band.

2012-11-10 : Amputee Villains - Portrayal of Amputee's in Film and Theater : Article looks at how amputee actors are often portrayed in movies and theater.

2012-09-13 : Martyn Sibley: European Tour with Disability : Martyn Sibley born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy is beginning a journey across Europe in a specially adapted car.

2012-08-16 : We Are What We Live In: Get Organized, Get Happy! : Clutter can affect mental physical and spiritual health by creating low energy levels, bad moods, poor decision making, pessimism and fatigue.

2012-01-16 : Are Chemicals in Your Mattress Making You Sick : A Guide to some of the chemicals that your mattress may be composed of including their health risks.

2012-01-13 : Preventing Shocks from Static Electricity : Information on how to stop getting shocked from electrostatic discharges in your home car and wheelchair.

2011-12-20 : Track Santa Traveling Around the World at NORAD : Track Santas sleigh and reindeer as he delivers gifts around the world using NORAD and Google Earth.

2011-12-05 : Nothing About Us Without Us: Disability and Global Expansion : Disability is a means by which the human race can push to new heights and challenge ourselves to new levels of greatness.

2011-11-28 : Reflections on Happiness : Excellent article by Martina Roe on how to be happy as well as how to achieve and enjoy the feeling of happiness.

2011-10-27 : 7 Billion People Not an Issue - Human Development is What Counts : Experts argue it is not the number of people that matters but more so their distribution by age education health status and location that is relevant to local and global sustainability.

2011-10-14 : Social Security Advocates Take to Blogosphere to Help Workers with Disability : The Advocator Group is a nationwide advocacy organization dedicated to helping individuals apply for and obtain Social Security Disability Insurance.

2011-09-29 : Disability Diamond Theory - Martyn Sibley : Disability Diamond Theory by Martyn Sibley is a disability model that focuses on an individuals impairment, needs, aspirations and life choices.

2011-09-18 : Wheelchairs and Medicare : The media often focuses on the price that Medicare pays to provide power wheelchairs to its beneficiaries.

2011-08-23 : 2 Yr Old's Understand Complex Grammar : Psychologists have found children as young as two years old have understanding of complex grammar even before they have learned to speak in full sentences.

2011-08-22 : Prader-Willi Syndrome - Bill's Story : Bill Sheadel was born with Prader-Willi Syndrome and has been praying for a cure for since he was just a little tot.

2011-07-30 : Overcoming Adversity and Beating the Odds - Dr. James Perdue : Results of a new national study found that what does not kill us can make us mentally stronger.

2011-07-18 : Enmeshment: Dysfunctional Relational Pattern : Enmeshment is a therapeutic term often misunderstood this article covers what is enmeshment and how can a family recover from this dysfunctional relational pattern.

2011-07-08 : Creating a Blog - Do Not Ignore the Power of Blogging : Regular blog posts known as blogging is a very effective area in which businesses can market their brand and reach a new demographic of customers.

2011-06-20 : A Life's Lesson From The Front-lines of Developmental Disabilities : I have seen firsthand the importance of teaching self-awareness and social communication to students.

2011-06-20 : Everything You Think, Feel or Say is Important : I began using a computer as a means of redeveloping communication skills networking via social networking sites learning and healing.

2011-06-04 : Social Security Disability Information Blog : Social Security Disability blog to provide continuous updated information regarding changing laws and current events affecting benefits.

2011-05-15 : Things My Father Taught Me - Love and Disability : Love is something that might seem to be hidden at times as I grew up my perceptions of love were being developed even as I sometimes failed to recognize that they were.

2011-05-06 : Lighthouse for the Blind-St. Louis Hand Soap Certified for Federal BioPreferred Program : The hand soap is the very first product approved for the federal AbilityOne program which helps provide employment for people who are blind or severely disabled.

2011-04-03 : A Sense of Social Isolation : Social isolation due to disability is most certainly not a new issue for many people with disabilities.

2011-03-25 : Experiences with Chondromalacia Patella : One of the diagnosis I have is Chondromalacia Patella a condition that is also referred to as Patellofemoral syndrome or Knee pain chondromalacia.

2011-03-18 : Living With Chronic Tendonitis : I experienced pain in my arms and elbows for months before I finally went to a doctor at the insistence of my supervisors.

2011-03-07 : Connections with Communication Technology and Sleep Patterns : Annual Sleep in America poll exploring connections with communications technology use and sleep patterns in Americans.

2011-02-10 : Environmental Disaster of Unprecedented Proportions from Millions of Abandoned Gas and Oil Wells : Failed capping technology and oversight make millions of abandoned oil and gas wells worldwide ecological disasters waiting to happen.

2011-02-09 : Falling on Deaf Ears : Specialists have told me that as I can not hear my own voice it is now not the same as it used to be and that is not something I can not do anything about.

2011-02-04 : The Effect of Technology on the Fourth Amendment : The Fourth Amendment has offered protection from unreasonable searches and seizures but those protections are being minimized by new laws and court decisions upholding invasive investigatory tactics by state and federal agencies.

2010-12-26 : After Christmas Boxing Day Sales & Specials : Shoppers can save on a large range of items they need throughout the year by shopping the after Christmas or Boxing Day sales.

2010-12-22 : When Do Athletes Reach their Physical Limits - Can Human Performance Continue to Improve : Running and swimming records are broken at almost every international athletics event but can human performance continue to improve indefinitely.

2010-12-21 : Christmas Holidays Arrive Once Again : The holiday season has found me feeling rather flat this year with so much going on.

2010-11-27 : Plan to Save Thousands of American Lives Ignored by Washington : Lawyer claims his plan to reform the FDA could save 100000 lives a year but is ignored by Congress and the White House.

2010-11-25 : We Are Enabled By Design: Universal Design and Accessibility : Equip-able Ltd sponsored and participated in the first event held by the founders of the website Enabledbydesign.

2010-10-20 : Being a Good Neighbor to People with Disabilities : Disabilities come in several forms some individuals might be physically impaired to the extent that they have difficulty moving or executing physical tasks.

2010-10-18 : Refugees with Disabilities : Disabled refugees are one of the most vulnerable populations in the United States.

2010-10-14 : Halloween Safety Tips For Children When Trick or Treating : Read these top Halloween safety tips from a law enforcement source to keep your kids safe on Halloween.

2010-10-14 : Halloween Safety Tips : Halloween safety tips that are no trick - orthopaedic surgeons offer Halloween injury prevention tips.

2010-10-08 : My Journey of Self Discovery - Martina Roe : This is a story about me setting off on a road of discovery and searching my place in the world.

2010-09-17 : Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the U.S. Homeowner : Politicians are reluctant to endorse actions that would make it harder for homeowners to qualify for loans.

2010-09-14 : Do Children Understand Irony : Findings from the University of Montreal reveals that children as young as four are able to understand and use irony.

2010-09-13 : Age-Old Advice from Your Elders : Sometimes elderly advice is the best advice as older adults declining ability to control their responses allows them to provide a greater quantity and quality of advice.

2010-08-24 : Ovulating Women Buy Sexier Clothing : In an unconscious attempt to outdo female rivals ovulating women buy sexier clothing.

2010-08-23 : How Teenage Mental Illness Relates to the Homeless Youth : Many troubled youth become runaways or are abandoned to the streets without a place to call home.

2010-07-14 : Steph Cutler - Inspiration and Motivation Mentoring and Training : Having acquired a disability I realized many of the barriers disabled people face on a day-to-day basis.

2010-07-14 : Adversity: Here to Break Us or Make Us : There are many success stories of disabled individuals overcoming adversity.

2010-07-12 : Living Life to it's Fullest: Embracing the Differently Abled : Disability can be defined as a condition that can impair limit or place restrictions on the ability to function.

2010-07-12 : Reflecting About Empathy : Till I started my Introduction to counseling skills course I had very little idea what empathy meant.

2010-07-10 : Alternative Evolution: Why Change Your Own Genes When You Can Borrow Someone Else's : Principle of evolution that plants and animals can adapt genetically in ways that help them better survive and reproduce.

2010-03-31 : Record Number of Americans Ready to Leave U.S. : International Living Survey Shows Record Number of Americans Ready to Leave the U.S..

2010-03-31 : Tattletale Pill Signals it has been Swallowed : Engineers design pill that signals it has been swallowed.

2009-12-22 : Poor Face Greater Health Burden than Smokers or the Obese : Poverty and dropout rates as important as health problem and smoking in the United States.

2009-11-25 : Does Discipline Really Change the Behavior of Children : Discipline was never intended to have an effect on children.

2009-11-16 : Corporate Charity Fair a Big Hit : SOFTIN was invited to an unusual and wonderful event a corporate Charity Fair.

2009-11-03 : Boat work - The Other Full-time SOFTIN Job : For every hour spent with our special-needs passengers there is an hour and a half worth of boat work to do.

2009-10-19 : Jacobson Award Recipient Wants to Be a Taxpayer : Hughes is on his way to reaching his goal as this years Judd Jacobson Memorial Award recipient.

2009-10-16 : Marlinspike Seamanship for Special Needs People : A look of self pride comes over anyone who masters a nautical knot or accomplishes some other form of marlinspike seamanship.

2009-10-12 : Ardipithecus Ramidus - Ardi - Oldest Skeleton of Human Ancestors : Discovery of Ardi a relatively complete Ardipithecus ramidus fossil skeleton sheds light on human evolution.

2009-10-06 : Cab Driver Can Not Donate Kidney to Passenger : Tom Chappell a Phoenix cab driver can not donate kidney to his passenger.

2009-10-05 : Politically Incorrect Words List : List of top politically incorrect words and phrases for 2009 from the global language monitor.

2009-09-30 : To Walk or Not to Walk that is the Question : I have been getting progressively weaker and have adapted my lifestyle to suit these changes.

2009-09-25 : Nancy Pelosi Fears Violence : A Guest Blog about Nancy Pelosis fears that political turmoil will turn to violence in America.

2009-09-17 : Porpoises, Dolphins and other SOFTIN Friends : This month we are spotting porpoise frequently as they lazily and at times playfully cruise along the coast.

2009-09-14 : Gadgets and Gizmos : Staring at the ceiling I was suddenly aware that there were numerous flashing lights before my eyes.

2009-09-14 : Encounters with Disabled Toilets : When people talk to me about disabled toilets I visualize a buckled and bent toilet with its cistern lid crooked.

2009-09-13 : The Arrogance or Ignorance of the Healthy : It is the belief of those who have never suffered a chronic disease that it is the patients fault they have the disease.

2009-09-07 : The Choices Faced by a Busted-Up Veteran : I was not prepared for the realities I was facing when I became disabled.

2009-08-29 : New Video Blog Opens Eyes to Treatment of Disabled : Video blog capturing one 26-year-old woman's experience navigating through life with a severe physical disability.

2009-08-27 : Why Obama's Dog has Curly Hair : Portuguese water dogs the breed of President Barack Obama's dog Bo helps find gene that gives dogs curly hair and others long wavy hair.

2009-08-26 : The Sixth Sense - Fish and the Lateral-line System : Fish and some amphibians possess a unique sixth sense sensory capability in the so-called lateral-line system.

2009-08-03 : Outraged by Treatment of Disabled Today : We have the same rights as the person who doesn't have a disability we are citizens of this country either by birth right or by naturalization.

2009-08-02 : Store Treatment - Disability Awareness : I am outraged by the treatment I received last Saturday at a store name located in Mesa AZ.

2009-08-02 : Fixing America's Disability Housing Issues : Proposed housing plan to aid poverty stricken disabled people in the United States.

2009-08-02 : Disabled Veteran Left out in the Cold : Left out in the cold by the Veterans Administration US Army and the US Government.

2009-08-02 : New to Being Disabled : Struggling with my limitations and am frustrated with how the medical community tries to pigeonhole everyone into one category.

2009-08-02 : Deadbeat Dads and Disability : State Governments are seizing the Federal Stimulus Checks from the disabled under the guise of going after Deadbeat Dads.

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