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My Journey in Services for People with Multiple DisabilitiesOpinion Piece, Editorial2024/05/24
Memoir Explores the Journey of a Woman Towards a Diagnosis of Dissociative Identity DisorderLiterature / Review2024/05/102024/05/12
Celebrating Special Education Inclusion and the Forgotten ChildrenInformative2024/03/13
The Need for High Quality Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with Complex Intellectual Disabilities (ICF/ID)Informative2024/01/25
Investing in Inclusion: The Imperative For Nepal's Educational FuturePaper / Essay2023/12/01
Family, Disability, and a Dagwood SandwichOpinion Piece / Editorial2023/11/06
Book Review: Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother's Will to SurviveLiterature / Review2023/10/28
Equality Amendments Could Increase the Political Influence of the DisabledOpinion Piece, Editorial2023/10/032024/03/26
A Different Way to See - Part 3Opinion Piece / Editorial2023/09/10
A Different Way to See - Part 2Opinion Piece / Editorial2023/08/072023/09/10
Lack of Sports Facilities for Visually Impaired Persons in Pakistan: A Call for Inclusivity and SupportOpinion Piece / Editorial2023/08/052023/09/26
Joseph Moyo Appeals to the Zambian Government for EuthanasiaOpinion Piece / Editorial2023/07/30
A Different Way to See - Part 1Opinion Piece / Editorial2023/06/292023/09/10
Closing the Gap: Achieving Equitable Education for Persons with Disabilities in PakistanObservational Study2023/06/252023/10/05
The Beauty of Diversity: Changing Perspectives Through Mr. and Miss Blind RockersPaper / Essay2023/06/122024/02/20
Empowering Autonomy: Challenging Disability Stigma and Supporting Independent LivingPaper / Essay2023/05/122024/02/20
Disability Inclusive Local Governance: Practices and Challenges in NepalPaper / Essay2023/05/062023/12/01
Recognizing Children with Multiple DisabilitiesOpinion Piece / Editorial2023/05/012024/02/15
Gender Equity for Women with Disabilities in Nepal: Challenges and RecommendationsPaper / Essay2023/04/082024/02/20
Scared at School: Violence, Shootings, and Changes2023/03/28
Breaking Barriers: Overcoming Challenges of Disability and Digital Inclusion in NepalPaper / Essay2023/03/032024/02/20
When Your Child is Disabled - Advice from a Wise Woman I Wish I Had Followed2023/02/212023/05/24
Looking Back At Christmas Through Their Eyes2023/01/252023/01/27
Stop The Threat - Stop The Stigma: A Police Officer's Mental Health2023/01/072023/06/23
The Seven Virtues of a Healthy Democracy2022/08/29
Disability: We Have Superpowers Too2022/08/11
Who Am I? What Should I Call Myself?Opinion Piece / Editorial2022/07/302023/09/26
How People Who Are Disabled Can Fix Us2022/06/12
A Blue Rose in a Bouquet of Flowers2022/05/212022/06/12
Becoming Eighteen: One Girl's Apprehensions and Observations2022/04/21
What People Say When You Have a Disabled Child - And Maybe What They Should Have Said2022/03/11
We Laugh So We Don't Cry: Caring for a Disabled Family Member2022/01/26
Inclusion: It Works Both Ways2021/09/082022/03/11
Banging on the Door of Banks: An Experience of a Visually Disabled Person2021/07/12
Dreams for Our Daughter2021/06/232021/07/31
Living with a Sibling and Her disABILITY2021/06/072022/03/11
How the Politicization of Covid 19 Affects People with Disabilities2021/05/042021/08/23
Hidden Grief Part 2: Grandparents2021/04/232022/03/11
Hidden Grief Part 1Opinion Piece / Editorial2021/04/082024/02/14
What 2020 Taught Me About Disability in the UK2021/01/042021/02/08
I Got More Help at The Cinema Than the Optician!Opinion Piece / Editorial2020/02/282023/09/12
Our Children Are Worth It2018/07/132018/07/17
Last of the Seven Summits: Making History for Hemophilia!Announcement / Notification2017/12/222023/09/16
Chef With Disabilities Uses Stand-Up WheelchairAwareness, Appreciation2017/10/162024/05/02
Amputee Model Breaking Barriers in Fashion and Shattering Stigma of Disability2017/07/192019/03/06
Big Dreams, Great Job at Minnesota Best Buy for Man with Cerebral Palsy2017/06/162019/03/05
Cystic Fibrosis: Caroline Is In Control2017/01/132022/03/22
A View from Ahead: Realities and Possibilities Post InjuryOpinion Piece / Editorial2016/11/212024/02/24
Airman's Battle With Stage II Non-seminoma Testicular CancerPaper, Essay2016/11/212024/03/13
When I Auditioned for 'America's Next Top Model'2016/04/25
When You Are Scared or No Longer Care - Mental Illness and ViolenceOpinion Piece / Editorial2015/11/152023/07/24
How Much of Life is in a Man's Hands?2015/11/112020/12/05
Alcoholism: The Loss of a Friend to Alcohol2015/10/132021/07/25
Steven Foelsch - A Busy Advocate for People with Disabilities2015/10/092019/03/06
New Life In China for St. Louis Woman with Disabilities2015/09/032017/06/16
Diabetic NASCAR Driver Wins at Daytona International Speedway2015/02/222019/03/06
Writing Medical Review Articles - Scholar Strategies2015/01/22
Two-Time Cancer Survivor Heads to South Pole2015/01/152019/03/06
People First Language: An Oppositional ViewpointOpinion Piece / Editorial2015/01/132023/09/22
Teacher with Larsen Syndrome Role Model for Students2014/12/242021/09/26
Socio-cultural Interpretation: Disability, Technology, Sustainable Development2014/12/022021/10/06
Most US Presidents Forgotten Within 50 - 100 Years2014/11/282020/11/15
For the Love of Babies2014/05/092021/01/15
Skydiving a Release from Life in a Wheelchair for Matthew Dooley2014/04/272016/09/24
Adaptive Clothing for People with Down Syndrome by Ashley2013/09/142021/08/27
A Dream - A Challenge - A Life Changing Moment2013/02/062022/02/17
Middle Aged Adults Face Pressure From Both Children and Parents2013/01/25
People with Disabilities and Freezing Temperatures2013/01/162021/06/07
Sierra Gregg: Trailblazer for Americans with DisabilitiesInformative2013/01/132024/03/29
Hand-drawn Holiday Cards by Boy with Autism Funds Research2012/12/312013/06/08
Three Days in the Life - Penny Pepper2012/11/212019/03/05
Portrayal of Amputee Villains in Film and Theater2012/11/102022/01/16
Martyn Sibley: European Tour with DisabilityInformative2012/09/132023/08/11
We Are What We Live In: Get Organized, Get Happy!2012/08/162021/08/07
Toxic Mattress Chemicals Can Make You Sick2012/01/162022/09/02
Preventing Electric Shocks From Static ElectricityInformative2012/01/132024/05/02
Nothing About Us Without Us: Disability and Global Expansion2011/12/052015/10/05
Reflections on Happiness2011/11/282021/11/23
7 Billion People Not an Issue - Human Development is What Counts2011/10/27
Disability Diamond Theory - Martyn Sibley2011/09/292014/03/15
Wheelchairs and Medicare2011/09/182011/09/19
2 Yr Old's Understand Complex Grammar2011/08/232015/04/19
Prader-Willi Syndrome: Bill's Story2011/08/222022/01/10
Overcoming Adversity and Beating the Odds2011/07/302022/01/28
Enmeshment: Dysfunctional Relational Pattern2011/07/182022/02/08
Creating a Business Blog: The Power of Blogging2011/07/082022/02/16
A Life's Lesson From The Front-lines of Developmental Disabilities2011/06/202011/08/27
Everything You Think, Feel or Say is Important2011/06/202022/03/02
Things My Father Taught Me: Love and Disability2011/05/152022/04/02
Social Isolation Due to Disability2011/04/032022/04/27
Experiences with Chondromalacia Patella2011/03/252016/06/08
Living With Chronic Tendonitis2011/03/182017/04/15
Connections with Communication Technology and Sleep Patterns2011/03/07
Karen: Tribute to Life of Girl with Muscular Dystrophy2011/02/242019/03/06
Environmental Disaster of Unprecedented Proportions from Millions of Abandoned Gas and Oil Wells2011/02/10
Falling on Deaf Ears2011/02/092013/06/16
The Effect of Technology on the Fourth Amendment2011/02/042014/07/06
There Are No Limits to What You Can Do2011/01/182019/03/06
After Christmas Boxing Day Sales & Specials2010/12/262016/09/24
When Do Athletes Reach their Physical Limits - Can Human Performance Continue to Improve2010/12/22
Christmas Holidays Arrive Once AgainOpinion Piece / Editorial2010/12/212023/09/16
Plan to Save Thousands of American Lives Ignored by Washington2010/11/27
We Are Enabled By Design: Universal Design and Accessibility2010/11/252013/06/14
New Jersey Walks for TS to Raise Awareness of Tourette Syndrome2010/11/032019/03/06
Terminal at 4 Years Old - Triumphant at 222010/10/302019/03/06
Being a Good Neighbor to People with DisabilitiesInformative2010/10/202023/12/03
Refugees with Disabilities2010/10/182013/06/01
My Journey of Self Discovery - Martina Roe2010/10/082016/06/14
Do Children Understand Irony2010/09/14
Age-Old Advice from Your Elders2010/09/13
Ovulating Women Buy Sexier Clothing2010/08/242014/11/28
How Teenage Mental Illness Relates to the Homeless Youth2010/08/232016/04/05
Walking Across America with Brain Tumors2010/08/222019/03/06
Steph Cutler - Inspiration and Motivation Mentoring and Training2010/07/142016/06/12
Adversity: Here to Break Us or Make Us2010/07/142016/06/12
The Day I Met Christopher Reeve2010/07/132019/03/06
Living Life to it's Fullest: Embracing the Differently Abled2010/07/122013/06/15
Reflecting About Empathy2010/07/12
Alternative Evolution: Why Change Your Own Genes When You Can Borrow Someone Else's2010/07/102017/05/10
Paul Fejtek First Person with Brachial Plexus Palsy to Climb all Seven Summits2010/05/262019/03/06
Navigating Disability: Exploring the Personal, Professional, and Ethical ChallengesInstructive / Helpful2010/05/252023/12/03
Record Number of Americans Ready to Leave U.S.2010/03/31
Tattletale Pill Signals it has been Swallowed2010/03/31
What-Up Birds? A Heartwarming SOFTIN Memory2010/02/012019/03/06
Restoring Vitality in Our Lives2010/01/082019/03/06
Poor Face Greater Health Burden than Smokers or the Obese2009/12/222010/07/09
Does Discipline Really Change the Behavior of Children2009/11/252013/06/15
Jacobson Award Recipient Wants to Be a Taxpayer2009/10/19
Ardipithecus Ramidus - Ardi - Oldest Skeleton of Human Ancestors2009/10/122017/05/10
Cab Driver Can Not Donate Kidney to Passenger2009/10/06
Politically Incorrect Words List2009/10/05
To Walk or Not to Walk that is the Question2009/09/302019/02/04
Nancy Pelosi Fears Violence2009/09/252016/09/24
Gadgets and Gizmos2009/09/14
Encounters with Disabled Toilets2009/09/14
The Arrogance or Ignorance of the Healthy2009/09/13
Acceptance and Loss: Pain, Stress and Disability2009/09/072019/03/06
The Choices Faced by a Busted-Up Veteran2009/09/07
New Video Blog Opens Eyes to Treatment of Disabled2009/08/292013/06/16
Why Obama's Dog has Curly Hair2009/08/27
The Sixth Sense - Fish and the Lateral-line System2009/08/262009/08/31
How to Turn-a-Round a Bad Day at Work2009/08/172019/03/06
Outraged by Treatment of Disabled Today2009/08/032009/08/21
Store Treatment - Disability Awareness2009/08/022009/08/21
Fixing America's Disability Housing Issues2009/08/022009/08/21
Disabled Veteran Left out in the Cold2009/08/022009/08/21
New to Being Disabled2009/08/022009/08/21
Deadbeat Dads and Disability2009/08/022016/03/25
Don't Live in the Past As Nothing is Forever Fated2009/07/252019/03/06
SOFTIN's Interaction Among Special Needs Kids2009/07/152019/03/06
Guitar Player Turns His Disability Around2009/07/082019/03/06
Disability No Block to this Graduate!2009/07/072019/03/06
The Real Story of Softin is Stories of the People We Serve2009/07/072019/03/06
Seafaring Opportunities for Those in Need (SOFTIN) Inc.2009/07/062019/03/06
Building Your Net Worth Through Friendships2009/06/022019/03/06
Standup for MS: A Story of Mobility Rehabilitation2009/05/282019/03/05
Jessica Cox: Pilot with No Arms and Inspirational SpeakerInformative2009/04/212023/09/28
How to Develop Self Discipline2008/02/012019/03/06

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