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Disability Blogs: Topics Regarding Disabilities

  • Synopsis: Information and disability blog relating to disabilities health medicine and disabled veterans affairs news.

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Blogging Section of Disabled World

The Disabled World Disability Blogs focus on news and items of interest associated with Disability, Health, Disabled Veterans, Carers and other related topics of interest to Persons with Disabilities, their families, and caregivers, around the world.

In this category we also list other Disability Blogs that can be found online and that we consider provide substantial information and will be of interest to the worldwide community of persons with disabilities.

Disabled World also provides a place for you to tell your story, and/or read other people's thoughts on how disability has altered their everyday life. Though closely related to our Inspirational and Motivational category, your story can be either positive, negative, or simply a place to place to express your thoughts freely.

Latest Disability Blogs and Writings Publications

  1. When I Auditioned for 'America's Next Top Model'
    Article about my personal experiences with Treacher Collins Syndrome - a craniofacial disability.
  2. When You Are Scared or No Longer Care - Mental Illness & Violence
    Thomas C. Weiss writes on the topic of mental illness and violence, and includes his own personal experiences.
  3. How Much of Life is in a Man's Hands?
    The loss of your hands can severely affect independence, drastically alter confidence, daily activities, and can trigger emotions of guilt.
  4. Alcoholism: The Loss of a Friend
    Thomas C. Weiss writes on the loss of a friend due to alcoholism related health problems.
  5. New Life In China for St. Louis Woman with Disabilities
    Laura Merleau-McGrady in Guangzhou, China, begins new job as English teacher at The Affiliated High School of South China Normal University.

Full List of Disability Blogs and Writings Documents (94 Items)


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