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The Beauty of Diversity: Changing Perspectives Through Mr. and Miss Blind Rockers

The Dream Comes True: Mr. and Miss Blind Rockers

Published: 2023-06-12 - Updated: 2023-08-23
Author: Jalasa Sapkota - Contact: Contact Details
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Synopsis: This article explores a unique dimension of disability empowerment through entertainment, specifically within the context of beauty pageants. Blind Rocks, an organization in Nepal, stepped out of the conventional boundaries and initiated a remarkable journey of empowering individuals with disabilities through beauty pageants. Since its inception in 2018, Blind Rocks has been organizing annual beauty pageants called "Mr. and Miss Blind Rockers." These events have grown significantly in both size and significance.

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The Beauty Pageant Paradigm and Need for Inclusive Representation

In our present-day era, it is disheartening to witness the confinement of beauty within the impounds of a limited perspective that exclusively exalt women who adhere to a specific physical ideal. Nonetheless, a glimmer of hope arises from the advent of influential contenders in prestigious beauty pageants, including the renowned Miss Universe, Miss World, and Miss Earth. This emergence has ignited a profound transformation in societal outlooks, gradually leading to the acceptance and appreciation of progressive principles that lies at the core of these extraordinary competitions. These esteemed events not only commemorate physical allure but also serve as invaluable platforms for showcasing personal abilities and exemplifying outstanding character traits. Regrettably, the seamless integration of individuals with disabilities into such platforms remains incomplete. Despite the tremendous appeal and allure that these pageants hold for the younger generation, the question of inclusive representation for those with disabilities remains inadequately answered. One wonders why beauty and talent showcases continue to exclude the participation of individuals with disabilities, especially when the criteria for inclusion should not be solely predicated on physical appearance.


The Dream Comes True: Mr. and Miss Blind Rockers

As an individual who is visually impaired, I have always held a deep fascination for beauty pageants. The question-answer sessions, talent rounds, and introduction sessions, along with the beauty-with-a-purpose performances, have captivated me. Since my childhood, I have nurtured a dream of participating in such events, while also admiring pageants like Miss World, Miss Universe, and our local Miss Nepal. However, my desires were always restricted because there was no beauty contest specifically designed for visually impaired individuals. These popular pageants were not inclusive of people with disabilities. As a result, my aspirations remained confined to mere fantasies. It is not just my personal experience; I have encountered numerous visually impaired friends who share a passionate desire to participate in such contexts. However, they refrain from daring to dream about such things because, for individuals with visual impairments, envisioning themselves taking part in beauty pageants feels akin to dreaming of inhabiting another planet and settling down there.

Luckily, in 2018, my wishful thinking became a reality thanks to Blind Rocks, an organization that envisions an inclusive world for persons with disabilities where they have equal access to opportunities in all spheres of life. Blind Rocks fulfilled my small dream of participating in a beauty pageant by launching their first-ever pageant, Mr. and Miss Blind Rockers, in September of that year. I was fortunate enough to be one of the participants. Since the concept of a beauty pageant for persons with disabilities was an unfamiliar topic, the organizers faced numerous challenges and doubts about officially launching such a distinct pageant that targeted persons with visual impairments. Despite this, the first season of Mr. and Miss Blind Rockers went well, even though there was not much substance involved. We were simply asked to take attractive pictures of ourselves in a White cane, and the winner was selected based on the best picture. Although it may not seem like a significant accomplishment, it was a huge achievement for someone like me who had always dreamed of participating in a beauty pageant but was excluded from events that focused on able-bodied individuals. During the inaugural season of Mr. and Ms. Blind Rockers, there was limited exposure due to it being the first event of its kind in the history of Nepal. The organizers had doubts about how visually impaired youth would perceive such an initiative and whether the public would support a competition exclusively for visually impaired individuals. However, the responses from both the visually impaired youth and the general public, as well as sponsors and media, were overwhelmingly positive. This positive feedback paved the way for the continuation of the event. Although the first season relied on picture selection to determine the winners, the participants expressed that they gained valuable exposure to stage performance, which significantly boosted their confidence. They were thrilled and delighted to bask in the spotlight, especially within the context of beauty and self-expression.

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Group photo of Mr. and Miss Blind Rockers beauty pageant contestants and others.
Group photo of Mr. and Miss Blind Rockers beauty pageant contestants and others.

Evolving and Expanding: Building on Success

Building upon the valuable lessons learned from the first season of Mr. and Ms. Blind Rockers, Blind Rocks has embarked on a journey with a clear vision of making a lasting impact. This determination has driven the organization to continue its flagship program, Mr. and Ms. Blind Rockers, into its second, third, and most recent fourth seasons. In a testament to its global aspirations, Blind Rocks not only welcomed participants from Nepal but also extended invitations to contestants from various corners of the world, such as Belgium, Iran, Malaysia, and the USA. The program's remarkable global reach has undergone a significant expansion, showcasing Blind Rocks' unwavering commitment to organizing even more inclusive and captivating events in the future. One of the distinctive characteristic of this program is its comprehensive training approach, which was introduced during the second season. Contestants now experience a transformative journey through a residential camp, where they receive extensive coaching in a wide array of essential skills. These skills encompass areas such as body language, personality development, dining etiquette, presentation skills, and public speaking. This innovative approach to training sets Blind Rocks apart as the pioneering organization in South Asia to initiate such a context. Notably, this unique methodology has yielded remarkable success, fostering confidence and empowering individuals with disabilities.

Success Stories: Empowering Individuals with Disabilities

"We embarked on an extraordinary journey with the inaugural session of Mr. and Ms. Blind Rockers, aimed at igniting vibrant energy and exploring the public's reception of such a groundbreaking concept. To our delight, visually impaired youth showcased immense enthusiasm and interest right from the simple first session," reveals Sristi K.C., the visionary founder and chairperson of Blind Rocks. Despite the absence of comprehensive training during the initial phase, Riya Shrestha, the winner of the first season , discovered her true passion through this remarkable platform that propelled her to participate in similar events, such as the renowned SEE Fashion Icon, where she emerged as the first runner-up. Sristi goes on to highlight the pivotal role of mentorship in Riya's journey, emphasizing how her participation in SEE Fashion Icon stands as a testament to the resounding success of the Mr. and Ms. Blind Rockers initiative.

Similarly, Gagan Ale, the winner of the 4th season of Mr. and Ms. Blind Rockers talent round, expresses:

"Participating in this competition has been an incredibly rewarding experience. To be honest, I had doubts about whether I would be bestowed with this title, considering the immense pool of diverse talents that were present. The singing performances, in particular, were truly phenomenal. Moreover, the participants showcased their unique talents, adding to the overall charm of the event. Thus, achieving this title feels surreal to me. I am genuinely overjoyed and excited to embrace this newfound title, along with the accompanying responsibilities it entails." Brimming with enthusiasm, Sristi joyfully exclaims, "As we approach the much-anticipated 4th edition of Mr. and Ms. Blind Rockers, we have made the decision to expand our reach and embrace an international outlook." Astoundingly, Blind Rocks discovered that such a transformative platform, solely dedicated to visually impaired youth, had not been conducted anywhere else in the world. As a result, participants from over four countries eagerly joined to our event, captivated by the opportunity it presented. "The overwhelming response we received from visually impaired youth globally, their active participation, excitement, and willingness to be part of this event truly invigorated us," adds Sristi.

Dariya Hussaini, the triumphant winner of the 4th edition of Mr. and Ms. Blind Rockers, expresses her deep sense of encouragement and motivation. With a heartfelt ambition to become a global ambassador for disability upliftment, Dariya views this remarkable opportunity as a stepping stone towards her aspirations. She not only built invaluable connections but also found a platform to amplify her confidence, skills, and articulate her vision with clarity, thanks to the unwavering support of Blind Rocks. Likewise, one of the participants of the 4th season of Mr. and Ms. Blind Rockers, Jaldeep Sapkota, enthusiastically expresses that being a part of Mr./Ms. Blind Rockers International was an extraordinary experience for me. It not only offered an opportunity to develop my skills but also helped me establish valuable international connections, enabling our voices to resonate across the globe. Such exposure plays a pivotal role in expanding our global influence and making a significant impact worldwide.

Similarly, Sagar Nepal, one of the winners of the fourth season of Mr. and Ms. Blind Rockers, shares:

"I never expected to be the winner of this competition, considering the talented competitors not only from Nepal but from around the world. I had a glimmer of hope that I might win, but I was truly doubtful when the esteemed and renowned jury announced my name as the winner of Mr. and Ms. Blind Rockers Season 4. I was overwhelmed with happiness and excitement, and words cannot express my joy. Winning the title of Mr. Blind Rockers not only boosted my confidence but also instilled in me a sense of responsibility. With the right focus and guidance, I am optimistic about my bright future, thanks to this incredible opportunity. Another important realization I had during this competition is that I always believed such contests revolved around a 'money game.' However, here I discovered that financial strength or abundant resources are not prerequisites to participate. This platform embraces fairness and welcomes those who are willing to bring about change. Overall, this was the first time in my life that I closely observed a beauty competition where the influence of money was minimal and nonexistent."

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Dariya Hussaini, the triumphant winner of the 4th edition of Mr. and Ms. Blind Rockers.
Dariya Hussaini, the triumphant winner of the 4th edition of Mr. and Ms. Blind Rockers.

Rewriting the Narrative: Inclusivity and Empowerment

Reflecting on the event, Sristi acknowledges the challenges faced as organizers while cherishing the invaluable learning experiences gained. The enthusiastic participation, unwavering commitment, and profound desire of visually impaired youth worldwide to be part of this transformative initiative have served as enduring inspiration, propelling Blind Rocks to set new benchmarks. With a steadfast commitment to effect positive societal change and reshape perceptions surrounding individuals with visual impairments, Blind Rocks envisions continuing this extraordinary event in the future and scaling it up to even greater heights. Ultimately, the goal is to rewrite the narrative surrounding individuals with visual impairments, fostering inclusivity, empowerment, and a brighter future for all, exclaims Sristi.


In conclusion, the odyssey of delving into the realm of beauty pageants from the perspective of disability inclusion has illuminated the confining nature of society's perception of beauty. The endeavors undertaken by Blind Rocks, through their groundbreaking platform, Mr. and Miss Blind Rockers, have unequivocally exemplified that disability ought not to serve as an impediment to partaking in beauty pageants. Through the provision of comprehensive training and the cultivation of confidence among their contestants, Blind Rocks has effectively challenged the conventional norms and exhibited the tremendous potential possessed by individuals with disabilities. It is imperative for society to acknowledge the significance of inclusivity and diversity in delineating beauty and to bridge the extant gaps in order to ensure that people with disabilities are afforded equal opportunities to engage in such contexts. The crux of the matter lies in embracing the notion that beauty should be celebrated as an amalgamation of all abilities, liberated from limitations and stereotypes.

About the Author

My name is Jalasa Sapkota, and I am a visually challenged individual who serves as an assisting researcher at Diverse Patterns Limited. Additionally, I hold a general membership position at Prayatna Nepal, where I am actively involved as an inclusive digital rights activist and advocate for the empowerment of women with disabilities. My advocacy work is centered on promoting equal access and opportunities for individuals with disabilities, particularly in the realm of digital technology.

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