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Deadbeat Dads and Disability

  • Published: 2009-08-02 (Revised/Updated 2016-03-25) : Author: healthychickenalmanac
  • Synopsis: State Governments are seizing the Federal Stimulus Checks from the disabled under the guise of going after Deadbeat Dads.

State Governments are seizing the Federal Stimulus Checks from the disabled. By going back years in their paperwork, Washington DSS is finding ways to snag some of the stimulus money under the guise of going after "Deadbeat Dads".

Are the Disabled Dads Deadbeats

Even though they can identify the Disabled Dads and know they are not in the same category as real deadbeats who hide their assets and cheat the system, the state does not differentiate. Besides, a Disabled Dad can't run and hide like the real deadbeats.

Thought Social Security Would Pay

How could that be? If the person is disabled, Social Security pays the children Social Security payments? Right? Wrong. Not If the proper paperwork was never done. Their are many reasons why the proper paperwork was never done and the responsibility for filing that paperwork rest with the Mother.

Even the impoverished Disabled Dads

Does it matter if the Disabled Father is low income; No Income; or deep in debt? Nope. The Federal Government honors all request from the state for such payments. The States won't back off unless the Disabled Dad dies and leave an unfinished case. It happens.


It is possible for the Disabled Father to file a "Hardship" request to get the money back, but then state bureaucrats begin to wear down the Disabled Dad with a "Flood" of paperwork and questionnaires wanting to know all their personal expenditures right down to receipts for Books they might purchase. What if the Disabled Dad puts down the wrong "title" or one the State of Washington does not approve of Or spends too much

What did you have for Breakfast

It asks for an accounting of the Disabled Father's expenditures for groceries even if there is no reason to. Perhaps someone actually keeps records of every dime they spend at the grocers over the month, but it is doubtful that a disabled person would keep such records.

They know what they are doing

There is no purpose of these questionnaires except to force the Disabled Father to withdraw his claim-for his money. There is no reason for this in depth investigation. The State knows perfectly well that the Stimulus Check was seized from the Social Security Disability check and the amount. But most disabled have only a limited ability to do these massive questionnaires. Consider that there are SHINE Representatives to do paperwork for the elderly and disabled, but not for this.

Its a way to get around Federal Rules

The Feds limit how much monthly payments on back child support arrears can be if the Disabled Dad is on Social Security Disability. Those rules were put in place to protect Disabled Dads who are low Income. The US Government isn't interested in correcting the problem either. They dutifully forward Income Tax Refunds, Stimulus Payments or whatever else comes across their desk to the State.

What if Years have gone by and the Child is Grown Up

The Disabled Dad is still out of luck even if he is low-income. Apparently the $250 stimulus payment isn't needed by him but must be used to cover payments that were paid out of government coffers years ago. Even if the child has died, the state will pursue recovery without compassion for the Disabled Dad.

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