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Disability Diamond Theory - Martyn Sibley

Published: 2011-09-29 - Updated: 2014-03-15
Author: Martyn Sibley

Synopsis: Disability Diamond Theory by Martyn Sibley is a disability model that focuses on an individuals impairment, needs, aspirations and life choices.

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For the past 2 months I have been self-employed (having worked for Scope in various capacities for 5 years) and I'm now running my own online projects for disabled people.


For over 2 years I have been running my blog I enjoy writing articles, tweeting, sharing videos and pictures on my life: some would say a life less ordinary, while others would not feel the need to clarify. Having a disability; always striving for new challenges and living life to the full; my articles often highlight the lighter/social side to life. Having gained a masters degree, traveled to Australia, learnt to drive a car with my hands and now living independently in London; I have crammed a lot in to my 28 years. My website mantra is inspire, inform and change.

I have always said how grateful I am for those who fought for and won independence for disabled people 20+ years ago. Moreover, I remain ever grateful to those campaigning on prevalent issues today. I have also dipped my toe in the political writing arena and attended political marches.

Martyn Sibley
Martyn Sibley

For the past 2 months I have been self-employed (having worked for Scope in various capacities for 5 years) and I'm now running my own online projects for disabled people. Beyond my blog I co-launched the disability magazine created a series of 'webinars' (online seminars) and have other 'new media' plans.

The webinars are being run for my social media audience, and also in partnership with Hackney council and Scope (for their respective service users). Each series has 5 topics, which vary with each contract, and include: being a parent to a disabled child, a session for disabled teenagers, giving assistance with independent living (accessible housing, equipment, care and finance), accessing local leisure and world travel. In one hour the attendee can log on from home (or their nearest computer), absorb the 45 minute presentation I deliver and then ask specific questions in the 15 minute Q&A session. They see my screen and therefore can view power-point slides, websites, word documents and other useful/relevant materials. Meanwhile I explain all by talking into a microphone.

The benefits are seen by free attendance, useful information on a manner of disability related topics, personal goals to be taken away and my own theory which can be applied to all future concerns. To sign up and try one for yourself

Martyn Sibley
Martyn Sibley

So, what is the theory I mentioned? It is called the Disability Diamond Theory. I created this theory because I could see the need for a disability model that focuses on an individuals' impairment, needs, aspirations and life choices. It also encourages disabled people to aim higher, helps them along with some useful resources and explains my philosophy too. By my own admission it derives from personal experiences and is not an academic thesis. My experiences have, however, been influenced by many other disabled people and my only professional work was in the disability sector. A pretty solid foundation to write such a book I hope.

It is free to download here My vision is that the Disability Diamond Theory will encourage disabled people (especially the next generation) to use the resources available (that were not around 20+ years ago) and excel in life.

I would love for you to read this ebook and feedback your views - good, bad or indifferent

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