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Outraged by Treatment of Disabled Today

Published: 2009-08-03 - Updated: 2009-08-21
Author: Tanya Raquel Johnson

Synopsis: We have the same rights as the person who doesn't have a disability we are citizens of this country either by birth right or by naturalization.

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We have the same rights as the person in the next booth who doesn't have a disability. We are citizens of this country either by birth right, since the pilgrim days, or by naturalization. I am so sick of hearing that we can't own property because that will end our disability income.

In Other News:

We have the same rights as the person in the next booth who doesn't have a disability. We are citizens of this country either by birth right, since the pilgrim days, or by naturalization. I am so sick of hearing that we can't own property because that will end our disability income.

We have to be poor, because they think they have the right to subjugate all disabled individuals. If we work harder to be just like everyone else in the USA, then why can't we be treated with the same respect given to those non-disabled adults, and I am talking adults not children with disabilities, or child like minded disabled who only understand hit, eat, and sleep. These are the kinds of disabled people who just give regular disabled a bad name in society.

I am all about supporting the Special Olympics, but when your turned down, because your not disabled enough that is when I say it is time to stop the Special Olympics, as the reason we want to be apart of that is we can't join a regular baseball team, or soccer team, because they would never pick us. Our disability would cause them to reject us, because we are seen as too slow, or too much an obstacle. I have Schooernan's disease, and I could never keep up in sports, but I loved doing sports like baseball, and basketball. I would love to join the Special Olympics, if there was room for me among what is known as the Down Syndrome Special Olympics, and I don't qualify for the simple reason I am not in a wheel chair nor do I have Down Syndrome.

I have other disabilities as well. I am slow just on the other side of MR. I am not MR level 1, 2, or 3. I am not smart enough to be what some call normal either. I struggle every day to be seen as "normal". I don't like to see people made fun of because of their disability. so I don't tell people I am disabled ever. I abhor people who physically abuse me, as well as mentally abuse me with words. The disabled job service needs serious revamping in that department. I recently had a job with a disabled job service where they allowed me to be abused physically, and emotionally. They did nothing to help me with the abuse, so I quit. I hear the abuser still "works there", and that really forks me off. The job site said I am not disabled. Well if that were true how did I get a job with them, as the only requirement was that I be disabled to work for them. It was a protected work environment for people like us the world says.

I have to work hard to be seen as normal, and I really think I do well at it. People say it is good that I don't see myself as disabled, but they won't help me when I need the help either. I have physical problems with my steel rods in my back. I can never clean, as I have limited mobility too. I have an agency that keeps sending me the wrong staff to help me. All my staff does is vacuum. I do everything else including the back breaking stuff. I thought about getting another agency, but my MA pays for them to work with me and help me. They hardly do it. They want me out in my community, but I would rather stay home. It is safer from ridicule. I have to look out for myself, as no one else will look out for me.

I want exactly what the Constitutional Bill of Rights say. Freedom of Speech, the rights to be free of cruel and unusual punishment, and the right to be treat like a citizen, and treated with the respect of that, because that is what I am. A citizen of the United States. To be free of disciplinary action for protecting myself from harm, and to be free of slavery work in sept due to a crime any crime for said punishment. Not to be sued by members of other states, or members of another country living in the United States. To be denied any rights pertaining to life, liberty, substainity, and law protection. I am saying that I have been denied these things in the county of Clay, Minnesota in the city of Moorhead, and in the United States of America.

To be denied the right to sue for discrimination of race, sex, and disability when obtaining residence in my hometown state by newer citizens of this country. To be free of judgments by other people who are jealous for needless reasons; such as neighbor spousal resentment and jealousy, and racial jealousies. I am not a racist, but I have been labeled one without any proof. Which is unconstitutional, because I have a right to defend myself in a court of law against such racist remarks which I have been denied, and of which I can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt.

I hope that all rights now will be protected for all disabled citizens including me. I am saying that my rights were violated repeatedly. I am a United States Citizen and the rights of illegals have been stressed and brought up in front and before my rights. If you are illegal you have no rights, and I should have the right to have my rights established before that of any naturalized person seeking citizenship by having a child in this country, or living here and maintaining employment at my expense. It is my right to be treated fairly in my own country, and I haven't been treated as such.

WalMart is a prime example. I have repeatedly filled out an application only to have been denied a job due to my disabilities. I have the right to REASONABLE ACCOMMODATIONS in the work force, which WalMart refused to give me a chance. Well I don't care. If one disabled individual gets a job there they can do I will be damn surprised. You know the job other than the dangerous ones, and the greeters. We have a brain too you know! Thou some disabled don't have the smarts to do a tough job as a cashier or stocker most do! Instead they hire new refugees that our country is fighting in their homeland of Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, and others! Well ponder this last thought those new workers from the named country hate White people and other Americans, and we are the consumers that shop in the USA!

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