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Disabled Veteran Left out in the Cold

Published: 2009-08-02 - Updated: 2009-08-21
Author: Carl O. Akers

Synopsis: Left out in the cold by the Veterans Administration US Army and the US Government.

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In the past I was not a veteran that would have complained a lot in public. I would quietly go about putting in requests for medical treatment and monetary awards. I believed in my country back then despite the US Army not wanting to help me while I was in service.

In Other News:

In the past I was not a veteran that would have complained a lot in public. I would quietly go about putting in requests for medical treatment and monetary awards. I believed in my country back then despite the US Army not wanting to help me while I was in service.

I volunteered for the US Army during the time of Vietnam, I know a war that was quiet awhile back. It has been that long since I have been fighting the military and Veteran's Administration.

I came down with Neurological Problems while in the US Military Service and, I complained to the military doctors but, they refused to help me. They would only set back and claim they never heard of my sickness and tell me to get out of their offices. This went on for the last four years of my active service.

When, I was released from military service, I was very sick and could not go to work anywhere. I went to the Veterans Administration Hospitals and ask for treatments and help. They refused to help me beyond emergency room treatments only.

The Veterans Administration told me that the US Army had not recognized my illness or sickness neither would they. I was literally abandoned by the US Army Military Doctors whom refused to recognize my disorders and the Veterans Administration refused to help me either. I was thrown to the wolves.

I had served my country for 10 years, 2 months, and 2 days, and I had worked my way up through Sergeant. I had three honorable discharges and never broke any of the rules. I served at bases throughout the world.

Now, I am disabled and suffering from Epilepsy, Generalized Anxiety, and Acute Hypoglycemia. I received three traumatic brain injuries also during my time in military service.

I was left out in the cold by my American Government to defend for myself for many long years after I got out. I had to beg from my close relatives and friends for food, clothing, and shelter to support my two children. I had at the time. To live on Welfare and Food Stamps is not a place to end up right after serving your country in its time of need. (Vietnam War)

Today's date, May 27, 2009 and, I am still doing battle with the Veterans Administration over my right to receive treatments and monetary awards. I have been fighting now for 27 years and still they refuse to give me help of any kind.

The Social Security Disability Board gave me a check for being disabled in the US Army but, the Veterans Administration still refuses to recognize me as being disabled at all. They still insist that I am perfectly normal and healthy despite numerous medical documentations from civilian, military, and their own medical doctors reports.

Later, I discovered that they're many more veterans that have also been left out in the cold by the current Veterans Administration without explanations. We have all served our country well and yet the Federal Government finds it necessary to throw us to the wolves.

There are many military personnel that serve their country well during times of peace and during times of war.

Some of these military personnel fall prey to numerous disorders and illnesses while serving in the US Military. While some will be discharged and given full veterans rights, treatments, and monetary awards, others will not.

If you fall prey to a disorder or illness that is not known to the military doctors, you will not receive any treatments for your condition. In fact, you will not receive any treatments or recognition from the Veterans Administration Hospitals as well.

This has been an ongoing problem with the US Military Services and the Veterans Administration for decades and so far no one in Washington or the Veterans Administration wants to take on this problem.

These Veterans are systematically thrown to the wolves and told to defend for themselves. One of the biggest excuses for not given these disabled veterans benefits is that you become sick after military service and therefore, you are not entitled to receive veterans benefits.

Becoming disabled after the military service is an age old excuse used by the Veterans Administration to get out of giving veterans treatments, recognition, and monetary awards that they richly deserve.

The very last excuse given out by the Veterans Administration is that they cannot afford to pay for medical treatments or give out a monetary award for ever veteran that comes out of the military sick or disabled.

These men and women came to the aid of their country and served and fought bravely in the defense of our great nation. They laid their very lives on the line for us, while serving in the military. Now is the time to come to their aid and defense and given them back their honor and respect.

These veterans have been written off by the Veterans Administration as just another bunch that has falling through the cracks of their administration.

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