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Joseph Moyo Appeals to the Zambian Government for Euthanasia

Published: 2023-07-30
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Synopsis: Joseph Moyo from the Republic of Zambia is requesting the Zambian Government euthanize him to guarantee his rights and dignity as enshrined in the Zambian Constitution to end his discrimination, pain, humiliation, and suffering. "Everywhere I go in this country, I encounter barriers that make it a no-go area for anyone in my state. The constant discrimination and exclusion have taken a severe toll on my mental well-being, and I have reached a point of deep depression and even suicidal thoughts. The lack of support for disabled individuals in this country is disheartening."

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Joseph Moyo, a citizen of the Republic of Zambia, is appealing to the Zambian Government for euthanasia. He believes that this decision will uphold his rights and dignity as outlined in the Zambian Constitution. His primary goal is to put an end to the discrimination, pain, humiliation, and suffering he is currently experiencing.


The following is an edited version of Joseph's story as received by Disabled World.

Flying for my medication has become an ordeal of discrimination, humiliation, and pain at the Harry Mwanga International Airport in Zambia. Due to the absence of disability passenger lifts (DPIs) for both small and larger aircraft, I am forced to sign a consent document that authorizes airport staff to lift me as if I were a lifeless body being carried in a coffin by pallbearers. This degrading boarding process has caused immense physical and mental suffering, interfering with my freedom of movement. I feel treated worse than cargo, as even inanimate objects are handled with more care.

This mistreatment extends beyond the airport. Everywhere I go, including government-owned buildings, I encounter deliberate exclusion zones, preventing me and others in my condition from accessing essential places. I am essentially under house arrest, not by choice but because of the government's neglect in providing the necessary facilities to ensure the rights and freedoms of all citizens, regardless of their physical condition.

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Joseph Moyo seated in a wheelchair is being lifted up a aircraft boarding ramp by four men. Image Credit: Joseph Moyo.
Joseph Moyo seated in a wheelchair is being lifted up a aircraft boarding ramp by four men. Image Credit: Joseph Moyo.

I have sought justice through the judiciary, but even there, I face discrimination and obstacles, having to be physically lifted just to enter courtrooms, causing further distress. The pleas I have made to various government authorities, including the minister of Infrastructure and even the United Nations, have fallen on deaf ears, leaving me feeling utterly abandoned and hopeless.

Given the government's inability to address the discrimination, indignity, pain, and suffering they have inflicted upon me, I see no alternative but to ask them to end my suffering through euthanasia. This decision stems from the belief that my existence in Zambia has lost its value, and the government seems unwilling to guarantee the rights and dignity of its citizens.

Livingstone Central Hospital is aware of my medical condition, but the lack of accessible airports and public spaces leaves me feeling like there is no safe place for me in this country. My life has become unbearable, and I am emotionally and physically drained.

If the government cannot remedy this situation promptly, I beg them to grant me the dignity and relief of euthanasia. Euthanasia is meant to end unbearable suffering, and if the government cannot address these inequalities, then it is a way to end the torment I endure daily. My pleas for humane treatment and dignity seem to be too much for the government to handle, so if euthanasia is the only solution they can offer, I am willing to accept it in the name of ending my pain and suffering.

I have exhausted all efforts to engage the government, but it appears they do not care about my plight. I hope that my suffering and possible demise will at least draw attention to the urgent need for change and ensure a better future for others who may find themselves in a similar situation.

All I ask is to be able to travel with dignity and without added suffering. Treat me as a human being, not as garbage. Either cure this injustice or grant me the release I seek. I have endured enough pain and discrimination, and it is time for the government to take action. Euthanasia, in this case, would be an admission of their failure to resolve this issue and an acknowledgment of the irreversible suffering they have allowed me to endure.

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