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We Are What We Live In: Get Organized, Get Happy!

Author: Pooja Gugnani

Published: 2012-08-16 : (Rev. 2015-04-19)

Synopsis and Key Points:

Clutter can affect mental physical and spiritual health by creating low energy levels, bad moods, poor decision making, pessimism and fatigue.

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While it may not be a formal medical diagnosis, it is a well-accepted fact that there is a direct correlation between organization and our mental well being. How much effect does clutter have on our lives? The answer is, "a profound effect!" Clutter significantly affects our mental, physical and spiritual health. Not to mention; low energy levels, bad moods, poor decision making, pessimism & fatigue among other symptoms. And excessive disorganization can often lead to bigger health problems.

We are what we live in and we typically share a cause & effect relationship with our surroundings. It's the same - the chicken or the egg dilemma, not knowing which comes first. Because sometimes a disorganized space is the cause of stress or sometimes the already existing stress leads to disorganization.

There's no doubt that it pays to be organized. This is probably the reason several large companies have now implemented clean desk policies. Even businesses are realizing how detrimental and unprofitable it is for them to have disorganized employees & messy offices.

Fortunately, there are several effective ways to get organized and always the option of seeking the help of an organizing expert. Getting organized is easier if you can apply these five basics of organizing. And these can be applied to any area in your home or office.

Organizing is about learning the skills, so once you master these; they will be in your treasure forever!

Article written by Pooja Gugnani, Founder & Professional Organizer, - Organizing With You, Inc.

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