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  • Published: 2011-06-04 : Author:
  • Synopsis: Social Security Disability blog to provide continuous updated information regarding changing laws and current events affecting benefits. is publishing a blog that offers up-to-date information on current events affecting the world of Social Security Disability., a leading provider of disability information, articles and resources, has announced that they will be publishing a blog and that the organization will be using the blog to provide continuous, updated information regarding changing laws and current events that affect the world of Social Security Disability benefits.

Current events and laws are constantly changing, and many of these laws affect the Social Security Disability system. Many Social Security Disability applicants and disability recipients are unaware of how these changes affect their benefits or their eligibility for SSI and SSDI. The new blog that is being published by will change this fact by providing readers with SSI and SSDI updates in easy-to-understand blog posts. These posts will be aimed at informing the public as to exactly which changes are being made and how these changes will affect the Social Security System.

"There are so many changes affecting the Social Security system, it can be hard to understand exactly how Social Security Disability benefits are being handled and what changes will be made in the future," said Doug Cochrane, blogger. "This blog will help disability applicants and recipients understand exactly how these changes and events affect their benefits and what they can expect from the future world of Social Security Disability."

Currently, there is an over-abundance of myths involving the changes that are being made to Social Security Disability programs. Some rumors indicate that Social Security Disability benefits are being reduced, while others claim that benefits will be cut out altogether. Understandably, this leaves Social Security Disability applicants and recipients in a state of worry and uncertainty. This newly-created blog is intended to separate fact from fiction and will help the public understand what changes are actually being made and how those changes will affect disability benefits, if at all. is known for their dedication to providing the public with relevant, helpful and accurate advice about the disability application and appeal processes. The website has published hundreds of informative articles and provides the resources and information that the public needs in order to win their disability case and understand the Social Security Disability program. The organization's efforts to educate the public have been recognized by a number of organizations, including the Better Business Bureau. does not charge for the information provided to the public. This newly-introduced blog will also be offered free of charge, providing the public with free up-to-date Social Security Disability information twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

"There is no doubt that the uncertainty of future benefits is a serious concern for many Social Security Disability applicants and recipients. Hopefully this blog will take that uncertainty out of the equation by providing up-to-date facts without sensationalized propaganda," said Cochrane.

Armed with the actual facts, Social Security Disability applicants and recipients will be able to tell fact from fiction and rumor from truth. They will have the knowledge necessary to understand exactly what changes are being made to Social Security and how their benefits will or will not be affected by such changes. is dedicated to providing the public with free access to the information and resources they need to make the process of obtaining disability benefits easier and less stressful. The organization provides professionally-written articles and an online library of other informative resources for disability applicants and recipients. The website also provides access to Social Security Disability attorneys who offer advice and support to the individuals who are in need of Social Security Disability benefits.

About - provides information for individuals who are hoping to receive Social Security Disability benefits and to those who have been denied after filing an initial disability claim. We offer information to individuals who are suffering from disabilities and advise them on how to apply for and obtain the Social Security Disability benefits they need from the Social Security Administration.

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