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Tsara's Column Publications

The Core of the Problem
Tsara Shelton writes on seeking the core of the problem by finding a balance between taking care of ourselves and each other, while relaxing and not allowing the work of taking care become a problem itself.
Publish Date: 2023/06/03

The Strawman Argument: Information and Examples
Description and examples of strawman fallacy, a fallacious argument that distorts an opposing stance to make it easier to attack.
Publish Date: 2022/11/29

Gaslighting: Definition, Examples, Recognizing the Abuse
Article on Gaslighting, a colloquialism used to describe psychological abuse in which a person or group manipulates another person or a group into questioning their reality or mental state (Informative).
Publish Date: 2022/10/31 - Updated: 2023/10/01

A Lack of Ideas
I don't have new ideas; I tend to do things how I see them done or how I've been taught to do them. Never do I think to myself this is cumbersome or imperfect; I wonder if there's a better way.
Publish Date: 2022/10/27

Watch Where Your Words Come From
Tsara Shelton writes on how the power of language is more about knowing our words are tools we use to share something grander than the words themselves.
Publish Date: 2022/08/03

What Is and Isn't Important
An article by Tsara Shelton regarding the value of importance.
Publish Date: 2022/05/20

Book Review: My Year of Rest and Relaxation by Ottessa Moshfegh
Tsara Shelton reviews the book My Year of Rest and Relaxation written by Ottessa Moshfegh.
Publish Date: 2022/04/12 - Updated: 2022/04/19

Inclusion Please, Because I’m a Little Bit Selfish
The more I think about how the world could change for people I love if it was more inclusive and diverse, the more I want it for me. The more I want it for my own challenges and reactions.
Publish Date: 2022/04/08

Supporting Moms: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
Article by Tsara Shelton looks at Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and asks we offer more support to moms during September, FASD Awareness Month (Opinion Piece / Editorial).
Publish Date: 2021/09/01 - Updated: 2023/10/02

Pinwheels and Prevention (Childhood Abuse Prevention Month)
Article by Tsara Shelton looks at the month of April being Child Abuse Prevention, Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention as well as Autism Acceptance Month.
Publish Date: 2021/04/08 - Updated: 2022/02/18

Everybody Eats - A Mom and Daughter Food Tale
An article by Tsara Shelton in regards to an invitation she and her mom received to write for Eat, Darling, Eat, a website that publishes stories submitted by women around the world.
Publish Date: 2021/03/05

Love, Lies, and Language Barriers
Tsara Shelton writes on some of the barriers encountered having moved to the province of Quebec, Canada.
Publish Date: 2021/01/29

Why We Revolt: A Patient Revolution for Careful and Kind Care
Book review of Why We Revolt: A Patient Revolution for Careful and Kind Care written by Victor Montori (Opinion Piece / Editorial).
Publish Date: 2020/12/28 - Updated: 2023/09/12

The Brain Broad's COVID-19 Response
A few of the changes Dr. Lynette Louise, The Brain Broad, made due COVID restrictions.
Publish Date: 2020/12/03 - Updated: 2021/08/23

In Service : U.S. Memorial Day 2020
25th May 2020 is Memorial Day in America an occurrence observed annually on the last Monday of May, set aside to honor and remember those who have died while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.
Publish Date: 2020/05/25 - Updated: 2021/05/16

The Brain Broad Talks about Lust: Helping Teenagers with Autism through Puberty and Beyond
In her latest Autism ABCs series Dr. Lynette Louise, aka The Brain Broad, presents her latest video for the letter L which, she decides, stands for Lust (Informative).
Publish Date: 2020/04/11 - Updated: 2023/10/09

Autism ABCs and Fix it in Five: Free from The Brain Broad for April and Beyond
Dr. Lynette Louise releases season one (Uganda) of her international autism docu-series Fix it in Five with Lynette Louise aka The Brain Broad, free for viewing on YouTube (Instructive / Helpful).
Publish Date: 2020/04/09 - Updated: 2023/10/09

World Autism Awareness Day with The Brain Broad
Dr. Lynette Louise (aka The Brain Broad), and people who build their lives and livings out of helping others, are finding creative and powerful ways to reach out to their communities (Informative).
Publish Date: 2020/04/02 - Updated: 2023/10/09

The Novel Coronavirus and Your Autistic Child
Dr. Lynette Louise offers tips to help relieve worry and ease health risks from COVID-19 when your child has autism.
Publish Date: 2020/03/19 - Updated: 2021/08/23

20 New Episodes of Letters to Lynette with Dr. Lynette Louise to Air on The Autism Channel in 2018
Letters to Lynette is a 15 - 20 minute show wherein international brain change expert and autism specialist Dr. Lynette Louise answers viewer's personalized questions.
Publish Date: 2018/05/22 - Updated: 2021/05/16

Spinning in Circles and Learning From Myself by Tsara Shelton
Spinning in Circles and Learning From Myself - Candid book by Tsara Shelton offers a unique and intimate narrative on parenting, autism, and growing up.
Publish Date: 2018/05/16 - Updated: 2023/06/03

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