Walking Across America with Brain Tumors

Author: HaroldSays
Published: 2010/08/22 - Updated: 2019/03/06
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Synopsis: Disabled Consumer Advocate to Positively Walk Across America with Brain Tumors for Charity.


Disabled Consumer Advocate to Positively Walk Across America with Brain Tumors for Charity...

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Harold Cameron, Chief of Helping People of HaroldSays is going to walk across Scranton PA on October 16th and then across America and back with a walker to share a message of what faith in God, love for others and hope can do in a persons life.

As an individual who has been "disabled" because of having 2 brain tumors; an Acoustic Neuroma and a Meningioma, over the past few years Harold Cameron has devoted his life, energy, time and resources to being an advocate for others. He is now going to make a historic walk across America and back with two brain tumors to advocate and raise funds for 3 organizations that provide resources and services for people with Brain Cancer or a Brain Tumor and their families.

The three organizations Harold is walking across America and back for are Miles For Hope, The American Brain Tumor Association and National Brain Tumor Society.

When walking across America, he will be using a rollator walker. His mission is to raise awareness & funding for Brain Cancer & Brain Tumor education, research & patient services.

During his walk he will talk with people about brain tumors as well share information what it is like being and living as a disabled individual in America.

His walk and his message will be spiritual and positive and will be about educating and empowering people to "seize the day" of their life spiritually, emotionally and physically and live life to the fullest regardless of their situation.

One of his motto's is that he is "just an ordinary man with faith in an extraordinary God, and together they do extraordinary things."

And another one of his favorite sayings is that people should "be positive and do something positive."

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