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Caregivers: Services & Information for Carers Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Carers Guides & Services category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

  1. Film Highlights Absurdity of 15 Minute U.K. Care Visits
    Satirical film starring Claire Sweeney highlights the indignity suffered by thousands of elderly people because of 15 minute care visits - Published: 2017-04-12
  2. Delays in California Caregiver Payments Hearing
    For years, California state has been hearing complaints that carers state-issued paychecks are often delayed for days or weeks in the In Home Support System - Published: 2016-10-31
  3. Report Reveals Distress, Anger, Depression and Burnout Among Family Carers
    Health Quality Ontario report finds distress, anger, depression and burnout growing among family members and friends looking after home care patients - Published: 2016-04-08
  4. Home Care: LGBTQ People Often Invisible
    Study reveals LGBTQ communities face barriers to finding high quality home care that meet their unique needs - Published: 2016-03-01
  5. Family Caregivers and Employer Compassion
    Employers are finding themselves wanting to express compassion while simultaneously maintaining a productive workplace - Published: 2016-02-23
  6. Carebots: Family Care & Personal Assistance
    Information regarding the use of CareBots as an automated caregiver system for the elderly and people with disabilities - Published: 2015-11-26
  7. Who Mothers Mommy? Phenomenological Experience of Motherhood
    New research shows the critical role relationships have in keeping a mother happy, healthy and able to give of herself - Published: 2015-11-04
  8. Help for Family Caregivers as NY Governor Signs CARE Act
    N.Y. CARE Act will help New Yorkers when their loved ones go into the hospital and as they transition back home - Published: 2015-10-27
  9. Long-Distance Commuting Caregiver Tips
    Amy Goyer shares insights into meeting the challenges of long-distance caregiving - Published: 2014-11-11
  10. Pope Francis Puts Spotlight on Senior Neglect
    Remarks by Pope Francis came on the heels of a new survey showing self-neglect among the elderly is a growing problem that often goes unreported - Published: 2014-10-01
  11. Family Caregivers Overwhelmed by Caregiving Responsibilities
    An estimated 4.1 million family caregivers provide the equivalent of $32 billion of care annually in New York state - Published: 2014-09-29
  12. Daughters Provide Majority of Senior Parent Care - Sons Do as Little as Possible
    Study reveals women appear to provide as much elderly parent care as they can, while men contribute as little as possible - Published: 2014-08-19
  13. Home Health Care: Safety and Awareness Issues
    Information on important safety issues for home healthcare workers as well as safety guidelines for patients receiving home care - Published: 2013-09-09
  14. Patient Abuse: A Caregiver Perspective
    A caregiver may become abusive without any real recognition of the fact that they are - Published: 2012-06-21
  15. Challenges and Solutions of Caregiving
    Providing care for others can be stressful and has the potential to contribute to depression and serious illness - Published: 2012-06-08
  16. Home Care Information and Concerns: Providing Care at Home
    Costs of providing care in a persons own home and community are much lower than providing the same quality of care in an institution - Published: 2012-05-03
  17. Assisted Living - Pros, Cons & Liability Issues
    Providing aging family members with extra care assisted living facilities and nursing homes will become increasingly important for many American families - Published: 2012-03-12
  18. House Vote to Repeal CLASS Ignores Needs of Seniors, Families and Caregivers
    US House of Representatives voted to repeal CLASS program without offering alternative to address growing long term care crisis among middle class Americans - Published: 2012-02-06
  19. Most People Will Need Long-Term Care at Some Stage
    Long-term care encompasses the support services people might need when they struggle with disability or chronic disease - Published: 2011-11-21
  20. How to Choose a Home Health Aide
    Information on how to choose a home health aide before making a hiring decision - Published: 2011-10-23
  21. Critical Caregiving Issues Fact Sheets
    FCA new fact sheets detailing critical issues in caregiving and long-term care in the United States - Published: 2011-09-26
  22. Prevent Family Clashes When Caring for a Family Member
    Controversies and court fights involving aging parents will rapidly grow in direct proportion to the aging U.S. population - Published: 2011-08-22
  23. Caring for Elderly Relatives in Britain
    Three quarters of Brits would rather take on the burden of caring for elderly relatives then put them into a home - Published: 2011-08-16
  24. Families Overestimate Cost for Senior Care
    Home Instead Senior Care study shows many people do not know how affordable home care can be as many overestimated cost by more than $6 an hour - Published: 2011-08-11
  25. U.S. Family Caregiving Valued at $450 Billion
    A new report by AARP Public Policy Institute found the economic value of unpaid care reached an estimated $450 billion - Published: 2011-07-18
  26. Caring for Aging Parents
    Caring for elderly parents can be physically and emotionally overwhelming to both the parent and child - Published: 2011-07-07
  27. Assisted Living Best Practices Revealed
    The Caring Checklist compiled by seasoned experts includes critical considerations for evaluating assisted living facilities - Published: 2011-06-10
  28. Family Caregiver Training - VA Partners with Easter Seals
    Partnership to provide comprehensive Caregiver Training to Family Caregivers of eligible post-9/11 Veterans - Published: 2011-05-11
  29. Depression and Burden Affects Caregivers of Those with Sensory Impairment
    When a person experiences impairment or declining health, caregiving typically falls to a family member - Published: 2011-02-13
  30. Family Caregivers Face Financial Problems, Stress and Work Issues
    Majority of caregivers are impacted by the financial and emotional costs of caring for their loved ones - Published: 2011-02-03
  31. Seniors Can Benefit From Congregate Living
    Seniors in congregate living situations like assisted living or retirement communities experience greater subjective well-being - Published: 2011-02-01
  32. Flagler County In-home Care - Caring for the Elderly
    Always Best Care of Flagler County employs professionals who excel in giving quality care with compassion and respect - Published: 2010-11-21
  33. Family Caregiving Information, Facts and Myths
    Americans significantly underestimate the impact that a family member long term care needs could have on their own lives - Published: 2010-11-02
  34. Carers Advisory Council to Look at Issues Faced by Young Carers
    New Carers Advisory Council will consider how young carers can be better supported and engaged - Published: 2010-10-25
  35. Caring Hands Support Program for Carers - Ireland
    Caring Hands is a support program for carers of people with arthritis in Ireland - Published: 2010-10-22
  36. 60% of Women Don't Know How They'll Pay for Long-Term Care Needs
    Long-term care is a combination of elements that enable us to live as well as possible how and where we want - Published: 2010-10-12
  37. Fact Sheets Highlighting Critical Issues on Long-Term Care
    The SCAN Foundation Series of National Fact Sheets Highlighting Critical Issues on Long-Term Care - Published: 2010-09-16
  38. Detecting Depression in Caretakers of Mentally Ill Adults
    Each of the DCSs questions targets a symptom of depression and measures negative thinking - Published: 2010-08-16
  39. On-the-job Injuries Hurt Home Health Care Industry
    Cutting back on home health aide training increases employees injury risk and turnover intentions incurring more costs - Published: 2010-08-09
  40. Tips for Caregivers Searching for Information
    Caregivers learning how to navigate the system on behalf of their parents, grandparents and others - Published: 2010-08-02
  41. Who Will Take Care of 71.5 Million Baby Boomers
    Generation X baby boomers those born in the U.S between 1946 and 1964 are fast approaching retirement age - Published: 2010-07-22
  42. Patient Advocacy Leads to Better Quality of Life
    Connection between empowering patients with information support and improved access to best available care - Published: 2010-06-14
  43. Recognition for UK Caregivers During Carers Week
    Understanding and support for UK carers who provide vital care for their families friends and communities - Published: 2010-06-14
  44. Cost of Home Health Care
    Home health care prices according to state of residence cost of home health care should be weighed against your budget and expenses - Published: 2010-06-13
  45. Family Carers Share Illness Experience of Dying Patients
    Carers felt run down and were sharing the illness especially as time went on and death approached - Published: 2010-06-11
  46. Residential Care Home Workers Need More Training to Give Seniors a Home for Life
    Carers working in residential homes need funding and support to upskill to ensure more older people have a home for life - Published: 2010-05-24
  47. Family Caregiving can be Stressful and Isolating
    Intervention programs are expensive and many organizations can not offer programs or can reach only a small subset of stressed caregivers - Published: 2010-04-22
  48. CareRunner Caregiving Website Launched
    CareRunner website designed to provide non-professional caregivers with online tools information and support - Published: 2009-10-22
  49. Rally in Oakland Against Cuts in IHSS Program
    Home-care providers rally at Federal Courthouse in Oakland to prevent low-income seniors and disabled losing critical in home care services - Published: 2009-10-19
  50. Australia Acknowledges Carers during Carer's Week
    Australia acknowledges and supports the good work done by caregivers during carers week 2009 - Published: 2009-10-15
  51. Home Health Care Report
    More than 105000 patients treated by almost 900 agencies nationwide provide perspectives on their care for the annual Home Care Pulse Report - Published: 2009-10-09
  52. Injury and Hazards in Home Nursing
    Injury and hazards in home health care nursing are a growing concern - Published: 2009-10-07
  53. Chronic Pain in Nursing Home Residents Underestimated
    Relatives and healthcare staff find it hard to diagnose pain levels in nursing home residents accurately - Published: 2009-09-17
  54. Needs of Unpaid Caregivers of People with Diabetes
    Better understanding the daily needs and struggles of unpaid caregivers of people with diabetes - Published: 2009-08-18
  55. Providing Home Assistance to Seniors
    Senior assistance to help Seniors stay in their homes and keep them involved in social activities without taking away their independence - Published: 2009-08-16
  56. Caregiver Coalition Commends Government for Allowance to Aid Caregivers
    Allowance of $400 a month to family caregivers helping relieve financial toll incurred when families undertake to care for people at home - Published: 2009-08-14
  57. Certified Nursing Assistant Code of Ethics Outline
    An article presenting an outline of the Certified Nursing Assistant Code of Ethics - Published: 2009-07-21
  58. Alliance Joins MADIL the State's Online Elder, Disability Info Database
    Massachusetts aging and disability information locator taps alliance as home care source - Published: 2009-06-03
  59. Family Caregivers Contribute $25 billion in Unpaid Labor to the Health Care System
    The imputed economic contribution to the Canadian healthcare system of middle-aged and older unpaid caregivers providing care to the elderly - Published: 2009-04-14
  60. Find a Qualified Reliable Caregiver
    Information and references for finding a qualified and reliable caregiver for seniors children and persons with a disability or health condition - Published: 2009-04-03
  61. Caregivers Not Receiving Help They Need
    Caregivers of children with special health care needs often do not get the respite care they need - Published: 2009-02-12
  62. Choosing a Home Health Care Service
    How to choose a home health care services that provides help with errands and chores to skilled medical care from nurses and therapists - Published: 2009-02-08
  63. Medication and Care for Alzheimer Patients
    Caregiving tips for Alzheimer patients who suffer from anxiety when exposed to noise or larger number of people - Published: 2009-01-27
  64. Abuse to People with Dementia by Family Carers Common
    Half of family carers of people with dementia report abusive behavior towards person they are caring for one third report significant levels of abuse - Published: 2009-01-23
  65. Family Caregiving
    Research shows many of us are more comfortable with the term family caregiver as it implies emotional connection between care giver and care receiver - Published: 2008-12-27
  66. Home Care Training for Caregivers
    An increasing number of caregivers are taking care of an elderly parent or someone in the family who is disabled - Published: 2008-12-27
  67. Caregivers that Provide End of Life Care Need Support
    The daily demands of caregiving for someone nearing the end of life can be emotionally and physically draining for caregivers - Published: 2008-12-27
  68. Safety Tips For Caregivers
    Safety tips for caregivers to know the hazards around the home and how to take the necessary precautions - Published: 2008-12-27
  69. Hiring Caregivers for Seniors and Disabled
    Hints and tips including things to look for when hiring a caregiver for a family member - Published: 2008-12-09


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