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Caregivers: Services & Information for Carers Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Carers Guides & Services category. Though some documents may have since been updated, or revised, they are still listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Caregivers: Services & Information for Carers Publications

2018-04-26 : Yelp Reviews of Nursing Homes Tend to Focus on Staff Attitudes and Responsiveness : University of Southern California study finds Yelp reviews of nursing homes tend to focus more on staff attitudes, staff responsiveness and the physical facility itself than government reviews.

2018-02-20 : Palliative Care Findings on Caregiver Depression, LGBT Partners, Moral Distress : Major findings from the latest research on hospital palliative care according to study published in the Journal of Hospital Medicine, an official publication of the Society of Hospital Medicine.

2017-06-15 : Caregiving by Family Members and Other Unpaid Individuals : Researchers examine characteristics of unpaid caregivers and note health-related tasks caregivers provided, and how caregiving affected care providers.

2017-04-12 : Film Highlights Absurdity of 15 Minute U.K. Care Visits : Satirical film starring Claire Sweeney highlights the indignity suffered by thousands of elderly people because of 15 minute care visits.

2016-10-31 : Delays in California Caregiver Payments Hearing : For years, California state has been hearing complaints that carers state-issued paychecks are often delayed for days or weeks in the In Home Support System.

2016-04-08 : Report Reveals Distress, Anger, Depression and Burnout Among Family Carers : Health Quality Ontario report finds distress, anger, depression and burnout growing among family members and friends looking after home care patients.

2016-03-01 : Home Care: LGBTQ People Often Invisible : Study reveals LGBTQ communities face barriers to finding high quality home care that meet their unique needs.

2016-02-23 : Family Caregivers and Employer Compassion : Employers are finding themselves wanting to express compassion while simultaneously maintaining a productive workplace.

2015-11-26 : Carebots: Family Care & Personal Assistance : Information regarding the use of CareBots as an automated caregiver system for the elderly and people with disabilities.

2015-11-04 : Who Mothers Mommy? Phenomenological Experience of Motherhood : New research shows the critical role relationships have in keeping a mother happy, healthy and able to give of herself.

2015-10-27 : Help for Family Caregivers as NY Governor Signs CARE Act : N.Y. CARE Act will help New Yorkers when their loved ones go into the hospital and as they transition back home.

2014-11-11 : Long-Distance Commuting Caregiver Tips : Amy Goyer shares insights into meeting the challenges of long-distance caregiving.

2014-10-01 : Pope Francis Puts Spotlight on Senior Neglect : Remarks by Pope Francis came on the heels of a new survey showing self-neglect among the elderly is a growing problem that often goes unreported.

2014-09-29 : Family Caregivers Overwhelmed by Caregiving Responsibilities : An estimated 4.1 million family caregivers provide the equivalent of $32 billion of care annually in New York state.

2014-08-19 : Daughters Provide Majority of Senior Parent Care - Sons Do as Little as Possible : Study reveals women appear to provide as much elderly parent care as they can, while men contribute as little as possible.

2013-09-09 : Home Health Care: Safety and Awareness Issues : Information on important safety issues for home healthcare workers as well as safety guidelines for patients receiving home care.

2012-06-21 : Patient Abuse: A Caregiver Perspective : A caregiver may become abusive without any real recognition of the fact that they are.

2012-06-08 : Challenges and Solutions of Caregiving : Providing care for others can be stressful and has the potential to contribute to depression and serious illness.

2012-05-03 : Home Care Information and Concerns: Providing Care at Home : Costs of providing care in a persons own home and community are much lower than providing the same quality of care in an institution.

2012-03-12 : Assisted Living - Pros, Cons & Liability Issues : Providing aging family members with extra care assisted living facilities and nursing homes will become increasingly important for many American families.

2012-02-06 : House Vote to Repeal CLASS Ignores Needs of Seniors, Families and Caregivers : US House of Representatives voted to repeal CLASS program without offering alternative to address growing long term care crisis among middle class Americans.

2011-11-21 : Most People Will Need Long-Term Care at Some Stage : Long-term care encompasses the support services people might need when they struggle with disability or chronic disease.

2011-10-23 : How to Choose a Home Health Aide : Information on how to choose a home health aide before making a hiring decision.

2011-09-26 : Critical Caregiving Issues Fact Sheets : FCA new fact sheets detailing critical issues in caregiving and long-term care in the United States.

2011-08-22 : Prevent Family Clashes When Caring for a Family Member : Controversies and court fights involving aging parents will rapidly grow in direct proportion to the aging U.S. population.

2011-08-16 : Caring for Elderly Relatives in Britain : Three quarters of Brits would rather take on the burden of caring for elderly relatives then put them into a home.

2011-08-11 : Families Overestimate Cost for Senior Care : Home Instead Senior Care study shows many people do not know how affordable home care can be as many overestimated cost by more than $6 an hour.

2011-07-18 : U.S. Family Caregiving Valued at $450 Billion : A new report by AARP Public Policy Institute found the economic value of unpaid care reached an estimated $450 billion.

2011-07-07 : Caring for Aging Parents : Caring for elderly parents can be physically and emotionally overwhelming to both the parent and child.

2011-06-10 : Assisted Living Best Practices Revealed : The Caring Checklist compiled by seasoned experts includes critical considerations for evaluating assisted living facilities.

2011-05-11 : Family Caregiver Training - VA Partners with Easter Seals : Partnership to provide comprehensive Caregiver Training to Family Caregivers of eligible post-9/11 Veterans.

2011-02-13 : Depression and Burden Affects Caregivers of Those with Sensory Impairment : When a person experiences impairment or declining health, caregiving typically falls to a family member.

2011-02-03 : Family Caregivers Face Financial Problems, Stress and Work Issues : Majority of caregivers are impacted by the financial and emotional costs of caring for their loved ones.

2011-02-01 : Seniors Can Benefit From Congregate Living : Seniors in congregate living situations like assisted living or retirement communities experience greater subjective well-being.

2010-11-21 : Flagler County In-home Care - Caring for the Elderly : Always Best Care of Flagler County employs professionals who excel in giving quality care with compassion and respect.

2010-11-02 : Family Caregiving Information, Facts and Myths : Americans significantly underestimate the impact that a family member long term care needs could have on their own lives.

2010-10-25 : Carers Advisory Council to Look at Issues Faced by Young Carers : New Carers Advisory Council will consider how young carers can be better supported and engaged.

2010-10-22 : Caring Hands Support Program for Carers - Ireland : Caring Hands is a support program for carers of people with arthritis in Ireland.

2010-10-12 : 60% of Women Don't Know How They'll Pay for Long-Term Care Needs : Long-term care is a combination of elements that enable us to live as well as possible how and where we want.

2010-09-16 : Fact Sheets Highlighting Critical Issues on Long-Term Care : The SCAN Foundation Series of National Fact Sheets Highlighting Critical Issues on Long-Term Care.

2010-08-16 : Detecting Depression in Caretakers of Mentally Ill Adults : Each of the DCSs questions targets a symptom of depression and measures negative thinking.

2010-08-09 : On-the-job Injuries Hurt Home Health Care Industry : Cutting back on home health aide training increases employees injury risk and turnover intentions incurring more costs.

2010-08-02 : Tips for Caregivers Searching for Information : Caregivers learning how to navigate the system on behalf of their parents, grandparents and others.

2010-07-22 : Who Will Take Care of 71.5 Million Baby Boomers : Generation X baby boomers those born in the U.S between 1946 and 1964 are fast approaching retirement age.

2010-06-14 : Patient Advocacy Leads to Better Quality of Life : Connection between empowering patients with information support and improved access to best available care.

2010-06-14 : Recognition for UK Caregivers During Carers Week : Understanding and support for UK carers who provide vital care for their families friends and communities.

2010-06-13 : Cost of U.S. Home Health Care : Chart of average home health care prices in America listed by state of residence.

2010-06-11 : Family Carers Share Illness Experience of Dying Patients : Carers felt run down and were sharing the illness especially as time went on and death approached.

2010-05-24 : Residential Care Home Workers Need More Training to Give Seniors a Home for Life : Carers working in residential homes need funding and support to upskill to ensure more older people have a home for life.

2010-04-22 : Family Caregiving can be Stressful and Isolating : Intervention programs are expensive and many organizations can not offer programs or can reach only a small subset of stressed caregivers.

2009-10-22 : CareRunner Caregiving Website Launched : CareRunner website designed to provide non-professional caregivers with online tools information and support.

2009-10-19 : Rally in Oakland Against Cuts in IHSS Program : Home-care providers rally at Federal Courthouse in Oakland to prevent low-income seniors and disabled losing critical in home care services.

2009-10-15 : Australia Acknowledges Carers during Carer's Week : Australia acknowledges and supports the good work done by caregivers during carers week 2009.

2009-10-09 : Home Health Care Report : More than 105000 patients treated by almost 900 agencies nationwide provide perspectives on their care for the annual Home Care Pulse Report.

2009-10-07 : Injury and Hazards in Home Nursing : Injury and hazards in home health care nursing are a growing concern.

2009-09-17 : Chronic Pain in Nursing Home Residents Underestimated : Relatives and healthcare staff find it hard to diagnose pain levels in nursing home residents accurately.

2009-08-18 : Needs of Unpaid Caregivers of People with Diabetes : Better understanding the daily needs and struggles of unpaid caregivers of people with diabetes.

2009-08-16 : Providing Home Assistance to Seniors : Senior assistance to help Seniors stay in their homes and keep them involved in social activities without taking away their independence.

2009-08-14 : Caregiver Coalition Commends Government for Allowance to Aid Caregivers : Allowance of $400 a month to family caregivers helping relieve financial toll incurred when families undertake to care for people at home.

2009-07-21 : Certified Nursing Assistant Code of Ethics Outline : An article presenting an outline of the Certified Nursing Assistant Code of Ethics.

2009-06-03 : Alliance Joins MADIL the State's Online Elder, Disability Info Database : Massachusetts aging and disability information locator taps alliance as home care source.

2009-04-14 : Family Caregivers Contribute $25 billion in Unpaid Labor to the Health Care System : The imputed economic contribution to the Canadian healthcare system of middle-aged and older unpaid caregivers providing care to the elderly.

2009-04-03 : Find a Qualified Reliable Caregiver : Information and references for finding a qualified and reliable caregiver for seniors children and persons with a disability or health condition.

2009-02-12 : Caregivers Not Receiving Help They Need : Caregivers of children with special health care needs often do not get the respite care they need.

2009-02-08 : Choosing a Home Health Care Service : How to choose a home health care services that provides help with errands and chores to skilled medical care from nurses and therapists.

2009-01-27 : Medication and Care for Alzheimer Patients : Caregiving tips for Alzheimer patients who suffer from anxiety when exposed to noise or larger number of people.

2009-01-23 : Abuse to People with Dementia by Family Carers Common : Half of family carers of people with dementia report abusive behavior towards person they are caring for one third report significant levels of abuse.

2008-12-27 : Family Caregiving : Research shows many of us are more comfortable with the term family caregiver as it implies emotional connection between care giver and care receiver.

2008-12-27 : Home Care Training for Caregivers : An increasing number of caregivers are taking care of an elderly parent or someone in the family who is disabled.

2008-12-27 : Caregivers that Provide End of Life Care Need Support : The daily demands of caregiving for someone nearing the end of life can be emotionally and physically draining for caregivers.

2008-12-27 : Safety Tips For Caregivers : Safety tips for caregivers to know the hazards around the home and how to take the necessary precautions.

2008-12-09 : Hiring Caregivers for Seniors and Disabled : Hints and tips including things to look for when hiring a caregiver for a family member.

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