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Medication and Care for Alzheimer Patients

  • Published: 2009-01-27 : Disabled World.
  • Synopsis: Caregiving tips for Alzheimer patients who suffer from anxiety when exposed to noise or larger number of people.

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To prevent behavioral problems, having a serene, quiet and peaceful environment may help. An Alzheimer patient may suffer from anxiety more when they are exposed to noise, or larger number of people. When that happens, the degradation process will only hasten.

There is no cure or medication that can be given to reverse the effects of Alzheimer's.

It is pretty much pitiful to look at our loved ones suffering form these conditions. Knowing that giving the best love and care is the only thing we can offer them. Here is some proper care giving tips and medications that cans low down the degeneration of the brain neurons.

Care Giving Tips:

Memory aids will help Alzheimer sufferers to remain independent longer. Write the stuff that they can use, like instructions on how to do simple tasks or important phone numbers.

To prevent behavioral problems, having a serene, quiet and peaceful environment may help. An Alzheimer patient may suffer from anxiety more when they are exposed to noise, or larger number of people. When that happens, the degradation process will only hasten.

Wandering is a common problem that will happen to Alzheimer patients. To prevent the wandering patient from getting lost, try to put numbers on his or her shirt or bracelets with the phone number, name and saying that the person is memory impaired.

Walking the patient daily will also help prevent the patient from wandering off because the patient is already having what it wants.

The patient will become more restless at the night. To prevent this, do some rituals that will calm the patient. The patient should be further away from the noise of TV at night; even noisy family members should be avoided. To lessen the restlessness at night you can prevent the patient drinking coffee or having a nap during the day. Giving exercise during the day also helps.

Don't make the communication difficult for the patient. Speak slowly and wait for the response. Avoid frustrating the patient by asking a whole lot of difficult questions and choices. Remember to present only one idea at a time. If possible use cues to help the communication process.

Make the place safe and lock away all dangerous things such as medications or guns.

Exercise is important to a patient to reduce the symptoms of depression, calm the patient and retain motor skills.


Cholinesterase Inhibitors:

These groups of medications are galantamine (Reminyl), donepezil (Aricept), and rivastigmine (Exelon). They all work the same way, improving the neurotransmitters levels in the brain. Another medication that can help delay the onset of Alzheimer is donepezil (Aricept).

Researchers believe that slowing down the onset of Alzheimer is a great step towards finding out how it can really be prevented. Half of the people who take cholinesterase inhibitors have shown improvement on the signs and symptoms.

Memantine (Namenda):

This is the only current drug that can help moderate to severe cases of Alzheimer. This drug was only approved on October 2003 by the Food and Drug Authority. This drug helps a person slow down the loss of daily living skills. It works by protecting the brain cells by the damage caused by the chemical messenger glutamate.

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