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Cyber Begging Popular this Holiday Season

Published: 2011-12-12

Synopsis: Begslist is a free online begging service that also asks for donations to help pay to keep the website up and running.

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Begslist is a free online begging service, but this cyber begging website itself also asks for online donations to help pay to keep the website up and running.


Begging -To entreat earnestly, implore, or supplicate. It often occurs for the purpose of securing a material benefit, generally for a gift, donation or charitable donation., the most popular "cyber begging" and donation website, reports online begging has been seeing a 91% to 177% visitor increase every month this year with the highest visitor totals being seen in November and December as the holidays approach. According to monthly web statistics for, posts for help have grown as well as the amount of secure donations being received through the site.

Wikipedia defines Internet begging, cyber-begging, or Internet panhandling as the online version of traditional begging, asking strangers for money to meet immediate and other needs (money, food, and shelter). Internet begging has the clear advantage to street panhandling in that it can be practiced with relative anonymity, thereby eliminating or reducing the shame and disgrace apparent of begging in public. Many people take begging to not be tolerated, but for some who want to be Good Samaritans it is an opportunity to make an impact in bringing a positive impact on others' lives. The minds behind had good intentions when they created this begging website and were simply touched by the high number of people depending on donations and begging on a daily basis to make ends meet. For that reason, they are fully dedicated to making online begging a positive venture and by giving begging a positive impression that helps the needy in our society.

Learn more about Begslist Online Donations by visiting: The Begslist Donate Page.

On Begslist, there are two types of visitors: beggars and those willing to donate. Beggars can simply visit the website and get the opportunity to plea for help in the hopes that they will be heard and see a result of their online begging. You may have been made to feel that begging is a feeling of swallowing your pride and submitting to humiliation, but with you can maintain your anonymity without having to look someone in the eyes like with begging in person face-to-face. Whether you need some money, food, clothing or any other type of donation to put your life back on track, then this online begging website has the potential to help you with your problems and you should never shy away from seeking our assistance anytime you are in a fix.

If you are not in need, then you are ready to donate to the needy. If this is your category then is your partner offering you the opportunity for you to accomplish that. You can always get in touch with our cyber begging team anytime you feel like you have extra money, goods or advice to give to the needy or even food; we will facilitate how those begging on the site will get their share of the donation. On Begslist, you can easily get begging stories of all types looking for assistance. Most of the begging stories are very touching as they involve some people who have been into begging for a very long period of time whose plight is difficult to ignore. Others may not be a necessary need, but a want and if whatever they are requesting brings amusement or a smile to your face, you can decide if you want to give them a donation even if it is one dollar or two.

More about Charity and Online Donations at: The Begslist Donate Page.

A lot has been said about begging most of which can be negative or demoralizing, but that should not be a bother to you on Begslist where you can keep your privacy without having to disclose your full identity. These are some of the things that give discouragement to many beggars but we are out to demystify this falsehood through providing a platform that charitable people can offer their donations to touch the hearts of the needy. Whether you are a beggar or you feel sufficiently philanthropic to help the destitute then the Begslist online begging site is the right place.

It's Better to Give than to Receive

Begslist is a free online begging service, but this cyber begging website itself also asks for online donations to help pay to keep the website up and running. The Begslist Donate Page gives a statement from RJ Camposagrado that says, "It has always been my wish that this website remain free for all to ask for help and donate to those in need. I DO NOT want this site to be a Pay Per Cyber-begging or a subscription web site as most cyber-begging web sites are. Today's economy hit me hard where I too had the hardships of struggling to make ends meet." This cyber begging founder also states that donations to Begslist will help keep the website free for all to use by paying for operation costs, hosting, domains, and other fees associated with keeping the website running.

Of course, users and donors are under no obligation and for the time being, the website will remain FREE for all to use. However, if you would like to show your support by making a small donation (every dollar helps), Begslist will gladly accept them through PayPal. If you appreciate this free begging service, please show your support and help keep it alive for not only you, but for all others to receive donations through this free service.

Update: This Holiday Season (November through December), the Founder of Begslist pledges to donate 50% of all online donations received directly though our Begslist Donate Page to the following charities: American Cancer Society, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, and Disabled American Veterans.

For more information about Begslist Online Donations or to contribute, please go to: The Begslist Donate Page.

About -Begslist, Inc. is an Internet begging and online donation website. It is the online version of traditional begging or panhandling via the Internet and a way for people to get help with their financial problems through begging online, a practice known as "cyber-begging" or "digital panhandling." Begslist allows visitors to post their pleas for help on the website in the hopes to receive donations. PayPal buttons are added to each of the postings for readers to send donations to those asking for help through secured payments and money transfers through the Internet.

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