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Disability Hackney - Improving Services for 2011

  • Synopsis: Published: 2011-02-21 - Initiatives set to support the development of Independent Living Center or user-led organization (ULO) in Hackney. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Disability Hackney Limited (DHL).

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Disability Hackney Limited (DHL) are delighted to announce that they are starting the New Year with the successful launch of their new website and are implementing a number of new project initiatives set to support the development of Independent Living Center or user-led organization (ULO) in Hackney.

Last year Disability Hackney was awarded funding from the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), having been chosen as one of the 61 community and voluntary sector organizations out of 2,000 applicants.

The Managing Director of Disability Hackney, Sanusie M Sesay is delighted with how the charity is starting 2011 and is looking forward to the forthcoming months: "We are back in business to advocate for the rights of disabled people in order to support them to live independently. We intend to do so in collaboration with every interested party, regardless of if they are a member or fan of Disability Hackney."

Disability Hackney has significant plans for the forthcoming 12 months. Firstly, they are on the verge to undertake an independent Stakeholders' Consultations using conferences, seminars and focus groups interviews. These consultations will ensure that the aspirations of every stakeholder are taking on board in the plan to develop a Center for Independent Living (CIL).

Secondly, Disability Hackney will be heavily promoting the Direct Payment (DP) and Individual Budgets (IB) initiatives in Hackney. As a pilot, they plan to support ten people with a high level of support needs to apply for DP or IB, with the aim to strengthen their capacity of delivery Independent Living Support Services.

Thirdly, Disability Hackney wishes to train ten volunteers with a disability who will be giving advice, information and Advocacy Support. The volunteers will undertake externally accredited training and work placements. With the assistance of these volunteers, Direct Payment Peer Support group will be established in order to facilitate the take up of direct payment by many more community care service users. The trained volunteers will be giving advice and information on the phone and face to face, as the new telephone hotline and a drop in center is launched.

The newly re-vamped website - - of the organization has been designed to become a fundamental one stop shop for members to visit and find out about services provided by Disability Hackney; general information and advice; information about associated partner agencies; and details about how individuals can get involved in supporting local people with disabilities.

Disability Hackney will work in partnership with all key stakeholders whilst delivering their new project initiatives to ensure service quality is maintained as it transforms into a flagship of a CIL in Hackney.

Information from our Disability Donations: Charities & Causes section - (Full List).

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