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Seeking Nominations for Officer to Receive Tank Chair - TC Mobility

  • Synopsis: Published: 2011-03-23 - TC Mobility seeks nominations for wheelchair-bound law enforcement officer to receive newest tank chair. For further information pertaining to this article contact: TC Mobility.

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Tc mobility seeks nominations for wheelchair-bound law enforcement officer to receive newest tank chair.

TC Mobility, manufacturer of the Tank Chair all-terrain wheelchair (, announces its campaign to award a free Tank Chair from nominations of former or current active duty law enforcement officers who are wheelchair-bound. Nominations may be submitted through May 20, 2011 to Law Officer Magazine, which is assisting with the nomination and award process.

The Tank Chair is a dual-motor driven, all-terrain electric wheelchair with specially designed seating and tank treads that allow it to navigate effortlessly in terrain most wheelchairs are unable to tolerate.

After a devastating car crash left La Paz County, Ariz. Sheriff Liz Rocco paralyzed, her boyfriend, firefighter Brad Soden, built her an all-terrain, tank-treaded chair so she could go anywhere. Now building and shipping Tank Chairs all over the world since 2005, Soden is spearheading the nomination process to identify a well-deserving law enforcement nominee who may be facing the same limitations.

"This is an exciting opportunity to change the life of a current or former active duty officer," said Dale Stockton, editor-in-chief of Law Officer Magazine. "The Tank Chair will give back an element of freedom and enhanced mobility - which most of us take for granted - to a an officer who cannot get around on a beach, in snow or off-road. The recipient's life and family will be positively impacted by this gift, and we're pleased to be assisting in the solicitation of nominations."

The Tank Chair has a large footprint that allows it to travel through snow and mud, and other places inaccessible to traditional wheelchairs. The Tank Chair batteries are the same batteries used in solar technology and can reach a top speed of 5 mph. The Tank Chair also has a racing seat to provide complete support for users.

A five-person panel including, 9/11 survivor Will Jimeno and Dale Stockton, Editor-in-Chief of Law Officer Magazine, and others will review all nominations and select the most deserving person to receive a Tank Chair. Nomination submissions can be made on behalf of yourself or another individual.

About This Image: tank-wheelchair.jpg
The recipient must be:

A former or current active duty law enforcement officer;

A U.S. resident; and

Willing to provide photos and be recognized in Law Officer Magazine, and TC Mobility marketing and public relations efforts.

To nominate an individual, please provide the nominee's name, full contact information and a brief description of what makes the nominee so deserving. Submission should be sent to Crawford Coates at Law Officer Magazine, The deadline for nominations is May 20, 2011 at midnight PDT.

About TC Mobility - TC Mobility, makers of the Tank Chair and the Speedster models of high performance mobility products, is dedicated to designing solutions for people with mobility issues to get them "OFF THE SIDEWALK." The complete line of TC Mobility products include custom off-road wheelchairs that can go anywhere outdoors to conquer streams, mud, snow, sand, and gravel, allowing you to get back to nature. Visit for more information or call 623.850.3584.

About the Liz Soden Foundationn - The Liz Soden Foundation was created by Liz and Brad Soden in Liz's honor to help raise monies to fund the donations of Tank Chair products awarded annually via corporate sponsorships, for-profit and non-profit partnerships and other fundraising efforts. For more information, please email

About Law Officer Magazine - Law Officer magazine is owned and operated by Elsevier Public Safety. Elsevier Public Safety, located in San Diego, Calif. provides law enforcement news, exclusive online feature articles, a buyer's guide, and special pages dedicated to every facet of the police community. Featuring the best in tactics, technology and training for the law enforcement professional, Law Officer provides the quality information needed to get the job done safely and effectively. Visit for more information.

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