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Children with Disabilities: Health, Education & Information Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Child Disability category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-11-30Parent to Baby Eye Contact Helps Synchronize Brainwaves
2017-10-30Why Babies Shouldn't Sleep Face Down
2017-10-12Motherese - The Sound of Baby Talk Across Languages
2017-08-21Global Estimate of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Among Children
2017-05-16Nearly 3,000 Preventable Adolescent Deaths Daily
2017-01-09Navigating the Insurance Maze to Secure a Safe Bed for Your Special-Needs Child
2016-11-30Spatial Talk Predicts Spatial Abilities in Young Children
2016-10-08Importance of Loving Care in Child Institutions
2016-10-04Bullying Can Result in Aggressive Response by Children with Disability
2016-04-13For Toddlers with Disabilities Mobility Plays Important Role in Development
2016-03-03Use of Electronic Devices to Calm Kids
2016-02-05Gastroschisis: Overview & General Information
2015-02-17MADE KNOWN: Tips to Help Children with Disabilities
2014-12-13Legislation to Aid Children with Disabilities of Military Families
2014-12-03Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and Unsafe Bedding
2014-11-21Are Children Today Better Off Than 25 Years Ago
2014-11-07Daycare Syndrome - Is There Such a Thing
2014-10-2710 Million Childhood Disabilities Prevented in End Polio Campaign
2013-12-14Children with Disabilities and Foster Care
2013-07-30Disabled Children Treated More Harshly in Developing World
2013-07-03Sibling Rivalry: What is It and Why Does it Happen
2013-06-01See the Child - Before the Disability
2012-03-06Homeless Children with Disabilities in America
2012-02-12Benefits for Disabled Children - Debate Over SSI
2012-02-01Children with Disabilities Must Not be Forgotten - UNICEF
2011-12-28Childhood Hypersensitivity Linked to OCD
2011-12-02Disabled Children do Matter - ESRC
2011-11-28Protecting Children's Access to Care
2011-09-28Special Kids Special Families - Caring for Children with Disabilities
2010-05-24SSI and SSDI Benefits for Children with Disability
2010-02-27Otoplasty Cosmetic Ear Surgery
2010-02-27NICHY - National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities
2010-01-19The Child Development Institute and Children with Disabilities
2010-01-11Positional Plagiocephaly - Facts and Information
2009-10-26Working for Children with Disabilities - Kids Together
2009-10-24KEEN Los Angeles - Kids with Disabilities - Recreation and FUN
2009-10-14Children and Speech or Language Impairments
2009-10-12The National Consortium on Deaf-Blindness - Resource for Children and Youth
2009-10-09Children and Orthopedic Impairments
2009-09-30Children and Hearing Loss - Facts and Information
2009-09-05Children with Disabilities and H1N1 Flu
2009-09-01Bullying Prevention Skills and Techniques for Children
2009-08-27Action For Kids - An Organization for Children and Young People with Disabilities
2009-08-16Stories for Children Magazine
2009-08-05Our-Kids Website Supports Parents, Family, and Caregivers
2009-08-04Are Kids Today Truly More Autonomous?
2009-08-03Easter Seals Offers Free Disability Awareness Curriculum for Educators
2009-07-26The NCLD and - A Website for Children and Families with Learning Disabilities
2009-04-28Explaining Disability to Children

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