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MADE KNOWN: Tips to Help Children with Disabilities

Published: 2015-02-17
Author: Made Known | Contact: 1 720-383-4440

Synopsis: Trying to have people with disabilities MADE KNOWN in their families, communities, villages, and countries.

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The odds are against mothers and fathers who have been given a child that is different. Recently, Ruzan Badalyan and Samuel Forrest made news when their world changed when baby Leo was given the diagnosis of Down syndrome - all because disabilities are not accepted in Armenia.


MADE KNOWN loves advocating for individuals with disabilities so they are KNOWN in their communities. We desire to empower families and nationals through training to grow their knowledge and confidence in caring for their children with disabilities. And finally, we hope to restore the family unit. We strive to carry out orphan prevention and family restoration by equipping families to care for their children with disabilities in the home and advocating for the value of their child to be recognized, therefore preventing placement in an institution. For more information visit

Globally, people with disabilities have been rejected, aborted, abandoned, left to die alone, hidden in the backs of homes because of shame, only loved in secret, mutilated, institutionalized, marginalized and basically been incorrectly labeled "Worth Less."

There are small bands of folks trying to change that dynamic.

We are trying to have people with disabilities MADE KNOWN in their families, communities, villages, and countries. There are many, but not nearly enough, compassionate filled organizations teaching moms, and families how to care for their children. If their community doesn't offer care, or programs, or schooling, there are small organizations advocating to do that, one mom, child and family at a time. Sadly, the work being done has not reached the level that shouts to the world, dignity, respect, and love.

Mariah is laying the foundation for an outreach and advocacy program in India.
Mariah is laying the foundation for an outreach and advocacy program in India.

Nearing its seventh year of providing global special needs care, Made Known (formerly called Kimmy's House), a non-profit organization, has been advocating and providing loving care for children with disabilities as well as the people who love and care for them around the world. All because of Kimmy, a beautiful girl with Down syndrome, and steadfast parents who wanted her to be Made Known as well as all children with disabilities.

What started out as an orphanage for children with special needs in Hyderabad, India, named after the founder's daughter, Kimmy, is now a global organization focusing on orphan prevention and home/community based care to families. Founder, Shannon Neel, recently commented on the news about Ruzan Badalyan in Armenia, who divorced her husband for not giving up their son, Leo, who has Down syndrome. She states the importance of having compassionate based care that protects families.

"As I, and other passion filled people, have traveled to countries with underdeveloped hospitals and support systems, we see that there are few options and far less support for moms, parents and families in our situations," Shannon Neel, founder of Made Known, wrote in her personal blog, TwentySixKeystrokes.

"I have held children that have been brutally harmed, cut, beat and with bodies bearing scars, because others (incorrectly) thought that by this type of torture, the child would be released from a disability or curses. I have seen orphanages full of discarded children. My heart breaks for the women, who given a better support system, better information, could have tapped into their motherly nurture that says, My kid may be different, but I can love him and keep him, but I need help. I can't do it alone."

What can you do today to help Children with Disabilities to be MADE KNOWN:

It may be true that we cannot even put a dent in the need that exists worldwide. There are countless children, those with profound disabilities who are discarded to back rooms and alley ways. But, we can ALL make a difference with the children God brings to MADE KNOWN.


An Open Letter to Ruzan Badalyan who divorced her Husband for not Giving Up Son with Down syndrome (TwentySixKeystrokes),

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