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NICHY - National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities

Published: 2010-02-27 - Updated: 2010-07-11
Author: Disabled World

Synopsis: NICHY provides information related to disabilities in children including youth programs and services for children with disabilities.

Main Digest

NICHY is a center that provides information to America related to disabilities in children and youth, programs and services for infants, children, and youth with disabilities and, 'No Child Left Behind,' America's general education law.

In Other News:

The organization also provides information to people in regards to IDEA, America's special education law, as well as research-based information on effective practices for children with disabilities. Anyone who desires to use NICHY's services will find them available to them, whether they are an administrator, student, educator, family member, or journalist. The organization has a focus on children and youth from the ages of birth through the age of twenty-two.

NICHY presents information related to a variety of subjects. The organization presents information to anyone who is interested related to subjects such as:

Parent materials
Specific disabilities
Transition to adult life
Disability organizations
Professional associations
IEPs (individualized education programs)
Resources and connections in every state
Education rights and what the law requires
Research on effective educational practices
Special education and related services for children in school

NICHY also offers visitors a toll-free telephone number to call, a team of information and research specialists who are available to speak with people to address their unique questions, a bilingual website, and the ability to answer questions in either English or Spanish. The organization has a research center where people are able to find out information regarding effective educational practices for their children and youth with disabilities. NICHY has an eNews service available so that people can tell them the kinds of information they are interested in. NICHY sends people occasional emails that highlight requested information. Everything on the NICHY site is copyright-free and may be shared with others, in fact - the organization hopes that people will share the information.

NICHY connects people with what research has to say about effective educational practices in regards to children with disabilities. They inform people about decision making in relation to research, and how to use research to improve early intervention and special education services. The research center at NICHY grows every day.

The organization offers publications in both English and Spanish. Their publications are available for download, or you may ask them for a printed copy of a publication. They offer their publications through their website at no cost. Among the publications that NICHY produces are state resource sheets, fact sheets related to specific disabilities resource lists, and parent guides, among others. People who need a copy of a publication that NICHY produces in an alternate format can receive one by sending the organization an email request.

NICHY helps people to connect with disability organizations from across America, such as state agencies, parent groups and additional disability organizations that can assist people and provide information. Through the NICHY website, people have the ability to search for organizations that address their particular area of interest, identify materials, locate resources in their particular state and more. The organization has information specialists who can assist people in their search for resources and information.

NICHY can also help people, through their National Dissemination Center, to obtain information that addresses their particular concerns and needs. The organization searches through their own resources, as well as through what is available on a nation-wide basis, for free. NICHY provides a wealth of information to people who visit their website related to children and youth with disabilities. Examples of the information to be found on their site are included below.

Overview of Early Intervention: Learn the basic steps that are involved in early intervention, to include evaluation of babies and toddlers to identify their needs and eligibility for services.

Parent Participation: NICHY believes that parents are a child's first teacher and know their child better than anyone else. They believe that a parent's participation when providing services to young children with disabilities is essential. The organization provides a list of resources that assist in promoting family involvement in early intervention.

How to Write a Services Plan:The, 'IFSP,' is the written plan that parents and professionals create together in order to address the needs of a baby or child. The plan needs to have specific information included, and NICHY can assist in learning how to write an IFSP.

Services in Your State for Infants and Toddlers from birth through 3:NICHY helps people to connect with early intervention services for infants and toddlers in the family's particular state, as well as helping people to find other state resources.

Transition to Preschool: In this section of the NICHY website people can find answers to questions such as: What happens when my child turns three and is no longer eligible for early intervention services? What is transition and how do I find out what options may be available to me

Effective Practices in Early Intervention: NICHY helps people to learn about effective intervention practices related to the field of early childhood education in this section of their website.

10 Basic Steps in Special Education: In this area of the NICHY site, people can learn what special education is all about. They can learn what it involves and how a child becomes eligible for help in school.

Q & A Series on IDEA: This area of the NICHY site covers Key definitions and purposes of IDEA, as well as Parent Participation.

Special Education Services for Preschoolers with Disabilities: If you have wondered what services are available for preschoolers who experience developmental delays, or where family members or childcare providers and educators can find support, this is the area of the NICHY site to look in.

Evaluating Children for Disability: In this area of the NICHY site, people can learn about the evaluation process required for a child to receive special education and related services for the first time.

All About the IEP: The fact that every child who receives special education services must have an IEP or, 'Individualized Education Program,' which is a written document detailing the services and supports a child will receive, leaves some parents wondering what an IEP is all about. In this area of the NICHY site people can learn about IEP's -

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