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Disability Discrimination Publications
Title of
Updated / Revised
Bias in Health Care Study Reveals Discrimination Toward Children With DisabilityStudy2023/06/272023/07/04
List of the 30 UDHR Basic Human Rights2023/04/20
Are Human Rights a Thing of the Past?2023/04/20
Reducing Big Companies Unconscious Bias Against Disabled People2023/03/23
Bias and Discrimination Toward Disabled Seeking Health Care2022/10/03
Bullying by Social Exclusion More Common Than Aggressive2022/08/28
Diversity in the TV Industry2020/11/252021/02/09
Are Disabled People Losing the Equality Fight in Britain?2019/12/11
Unpopular Truth Regarding Biases Toward DisabledPaper / Essay2019/07/192023/10/03
Disability Abuse Bullying: Autistic Child Handcuffed to Chair, Traumatized by Greshun De BousePaper / Essay2019/03/092023/10/01
Filing Employment Discrimination Complaint with U.S. EEOC 2019/02/142020/06/07
Australian Disability Discrimination Act Information2019/02/14
Disability Abuse: Bullying at its WorstPaper / Essay2019/02/142023/10/03
Disability Bullying: Double Imbalance of Power - Greshun De Bouse™Paper / Essay2019/02/092023/09/29
Disability Bullying by Greshun De Bouse™Opinion Piece / Editorial2019/02/072023/09/12
How People Judge the Exclusion of Others - Is it Their Own Fault?2018/06/29
UPS to Pay $2M to Resolve EEOC Disability Discrimination Claims2017/08/092020/03/24
Diallo's Nightclub Sued: Fired Employee for Not Providing HIV Test Result2017/01/092018/07/01
Joyce Banda Promotes Disability Rights at Washington Harkin Summit2016/12/312022/12/22
Disability Hate Crime Within the UK - Estimated Incident Rates Not Decreasing2016/11/27
Reintroducing 'Hate' Back Into 'Hate Crime': Hate Crime Committed Against Intellectual Disability2016/11/202019/02/09
U.S. Department of Justice Sues Georgia for Segregating Students with Disability2016/08/242022/11/26
Justice Department Finds Nevada Discriminates Against Inmates with HIV and Other Disabilities2016/06/21
Mobile Destination Sued For Disability Discrimination2016/05/172017/09/26
Equal Opportunities for Children with Diabetes2016/02/242020/07/20
AMC Theatres Sued for Vision Disabilities Discrimination2016/02/24
Emotional Support Animals in University Housing Settlement2016/01/112016/11/06
United Airlines Fined for Violating Airline Disability Rules2016/01/10
Muslims with Disabilities in UK, US and Canada2015/12/132021/06/13
Nut Jobs - Nut Cases - Brazil Nuts: Eradicating Derogatory Terms2015/09/242019/05/19
Why Do Women Commit Disability Hate Crime2015/07/232020/09/12
Is British Disability Welfare Reform Simply a Display of 'Hate'2015/07/132020/09/15
Abuse, Harassment, Violence Towards Disability - Prejudice or Vulnerability?2015/05/282021/08/15
Hate Speech: Crimes Against Americans with Disabilities2015/03/222021/08/24
UK Equality Act 2010 Facts and Information2015/02/162021/09/03
The Continuing Demonization of Disability - Ignorance or Incitement2015/01/16
Analysing the Motivation of Hate: Disability Hate Crimes2014/11/172020/04/12
Analysing Characteristics of Disability Hate Crime2014/11/062020/11/29
UK Disability Hate Crime Network2014/11/042020/12/01
Addressing Stigma Against Patients and Providers with Disabilities2014/10/102016/06/11
'Hidden Hate' : Why are We Still Failing Disabled PeopleOpinion Piece / Editorial2014/09/292023/10/08
CRPD List of Countries by Signature : Confirmation : Accession : RatificationCharts / Graphs / Tables2014/09/222024/03/09
Silence is Golden: UK Human Rights Violations and the British Media2014/09/112020/12/09
Has Negative Government or Media Rhetoric, Caused Disability Hate Crime Within the UK2014/08/262021/11/13
Is the UK Under UN Investigation for Human Rights Abuses Against the Disabled2014/08/202015/11/14
The Complexity of Hate: Learning Disability, Autism, Asperger's2014/08/182021/06/06
The Complexity of Hate: UK Disability Hate Crime2014/08/122021/06/05
Disability Hate Crime: Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics2014/06/042021/12/01
DRLC Sues Riverside County Medical Center for Discrimination Against Patients and Visitors with DisabilitiesAnnouncement / Notification2014/05/222023/09/12
Five Faces of Oppression - Disability Hate Crime in the UK2014/05/142016/06/10
Disability Hate Crime - A Male Crime2014/05/062021/07/22
Disability No Justification for Denying People's Right to Make Their Own Decisions2014/04/27
Silencing Discriminatory Language One Conversation at a Time2014/04/16
UK Disability Hate Crime: Misleading Focus on Disability Attitudes2014/03/292021/12/25
US Justice Department Enters Consent Decree with H&R Block Requiring Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Apps Under ADA2014/03/062016/11/06
The Cause of Disability Hate Crime within the UK2014/03/042021/09/01
$240M Awarded for Abuse of Workers with Intellectual Disabilities2013/05/092017/09/26
Charles Dickens Literature Showcased Discrimination Against Disabled2013/01/162022/02/24
Reporting Workplace Obesity Discrimination2012/11/182022/01/13
Rocking the Cradle Report on Ending Discrimination Against Parents with Disabilities2012/10/232021/07/08
Justice Department Intervenes on Behalf of Test Takers with Disabilities2012/10/21
Disabled Workers Awarded $1.3M for Pay Discrimination2012/09/26
Disability Discrimination Law Explained in EEOC Tour2012/09/022022/02/18
Children with Diabetes Can Attend Summer Camps2012/04/212022/03/29
Employee Discrimination Claims and Awards2012/01/01
U.S. Supreme Court Considers Religious Exception to Anti-Discrimination LawsAnnouncement2011/11/252024/05/31
EEOC Sues BAE Systems for Disability Discrimination2011/10/06
Employment Discrimination at All-Time High2011/09/19
Freedom from Exploitation, Violence and Abuse2011/08/242016/10/03
Data Tool to Combat Pay Discrimination Considered by DOL2011/08/20
First Step to U.S. Signing of CRPDOpinion Piece / Editorial2011/07/282024/03/09
Challenges of Disabled Parents Seeking Custody or Visitation2011/06/162022/03/15
Justice Department Reaches ADA Settlement with Wells Fargo2011/06/02
Starbucks Sued for Disability Discrimination2011/05/19
Accommodations for Deaf and Hard of Hearing PrisonersAnnouncement2011/05/052024/05/09
EEOC Sues Sysco Oklahoma for Disability Bias2011/05/01
Discrimination Leads to Male Obesity Issues2011/04/122022/04/22
Negative Attitudes Toward Obesity Going Global2011/03/28
Court of Appeals Rules in Favor of Person with Disability2011/02/24
Delta Airlines Fined $2M for Violating Rules Protecting Air Travelers with Disabilities2011/02/18
Disability Discrimination in the Workplace on the Rise2011/01/30
Disability Discrimination Case Against Property Management Company for $1.25M Settled2010/12/28
Lawsuit Against Co-op City for Human Rights Violation2010/12/13
Human Rights Day: Speak Up to Stop Discrimination2010/12/122023/04/20
National Waste Removal Firm Admits Disability Discrimination2010/11/292016/06/11
2009 FBI Hate Crime StatisticsAnnouncement / Notification2010/11/262023/10/04
Disabled Workers Still Face Discrimination in the Workplace2010/08/26
No Discrimination Where Disability is Only Perceived2010/08/252017/11/14
National Legislative Measures Aimed at Strengthening Rights of Persons with Disabilities2009/09/032019/02/07
Disability Pact Provides Road Map to Improve Lives of Millions2009/03/072016/06/12

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