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Need for Equal Rights and Job Accommodations for Deaf Workers

  • Published: 2014-10-30 : Shegerian & Associates (
  • Synopsis: California employment rights attorney Carney Shegerian addresses need for equal rights and accommodations for deaf workers.

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Quote: "At the heart of the FedEx case is its failure to provide the accommodations that workers with a known disability requested."

California Attorney Carney Shegerian has issued a statement in light of a recent EEOC charge of disability discrimination against package delivery giant FedEx. The agency filed suit in late September alleging violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for failure to provide reasonable accommodations for deaf workers.

The suit alleges FedEx "refused" to provide company tours and training in American Sign Language and failed to provide other requests for accommodation such as vibrating package scanners rather than beeping scanners for deaf workers.

Attorney Shegerian expressed support for the EEOC's efforts in the case,

"Deaf workers, just like other workers, need a discrimination-free environment in order to be productive and excel in job performance. Without an employer's compliance with laws like the ADA, achieving this can be impossible."

Shegerian went on to state that certain accommodations are essential for ensuring employers provide deaf workers equal rights while on the job.

"Unless a request for accommodations is unreasonable or causes an undue hardship for an employer, the employer has a legal duty to provide it."

"At the heart of the FedEx case is its failure to provide the accommodations that workers with a known disability requested," says Shegerian. "This is something that the EEOC has taken a strong stance against in the area of disability discrimination and violations of the ADA. The EEOC has done well to advance the notion that employers must provide reasonable and necessary accommodations for deaf workers as well as other workers who choose to work with a disability."

An award winning trial attorney, Shegerian has tried a number of employment rights cases successfully, with a growing track record of winning key employment discrimination jury trials, many resulting in seven- and eight-figure verdicts.

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