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Disability Education: Scholarships and Special Ed Information Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Education category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-11-06Inclusive Teaching Project Aims to Get Missing Million Into School
2017-10-27Examining Feelings of Inclusion Among Students with Disabilities
2017-08-31Exclusion From School Can Trigger Long-Term Psychiatric Illness
2017-08-14Evidence Supports Effectiveness of Mental Health Programs in Schools
2017-06-20Still Left Behind - Pathways to Inclusive Education for Girls with Disabilities
2017-06-18Training a Million Teachers to Educate World's Most Vulnerable Children
2017-06-09RISE Act to Ease College Transition for Students with Disabilities
2017-05-31Reading to Therapy Dogs Improves Student Literacy Attitudes
2017-05-252018 Education Budget Summary and Key Points
2017-02-12IDEA Website for Federal Law Protecting Students with Disabilities Taken Down
2016-12-29Guidance on Civil Rights of Students with Disabilities - U.S. Department of Education
2016-12-09The Continuing Need To #RethinkDiscipline - White House Report
2016-12-05Australian Students Being Asked to Pay More for Nothing
2016-12-01Calling for End to Corporal Punishment in Schools
2016-10-31Student Loan Repayment Relief for Borrowers in Canada
2016-10-31CogniFit Helps Educators Improve Quality of Learning by Training Specific Cognitive Abilities
2016-10-22IBM Watson Education App - Personalized Learning for K-12 Teachers and Students
2016-10-19Millions of Children with Disabilities Out of School
2016-10-18U.S. Presidential Remarks on U.S. Education
2016-10-09$4.4 Million to Improve Literacy and Education Outcomes for Students with Disabilities
2016-10-04States Receive $39M in Grants to Prepare Students with Disabilities for College and Employment
2016-09-05Inclusive Education Vital for All
2016-08-31Canadian Post-secondary Education More Accessible and Affordable
2016-08-12Public Virtual Schools - Guidance on Education of Children with Disabilities
2016-08-10Virtual Reality - Education Outside the Classroom
2016-08-05Department of Education Finds School Restraint and Seclusion Discriminatory
2016-06-20Hidden in Plain Sight: Epidemic of Student Homelessness
2016-06-16Online Education for Students With Disabilities
2016-05-28e-Learning Benefits Students with Disability
2016-04-2833% of Children of Primary School Age Without Access to Education Has a Disability
2016-04-21New Federal Student Loan Repayment Forgiveness Programs
2016-04-13Students with Disabilities - Most K-12 Online Learning Content Does Not Meet Needs
2016-04-05New Federal Policies For Education Of Homeless Children Will Impact Every School District
2016-03-16Illinois Closing Equity Gaps in Education Courses
2016-02-25Vergara v. California - California Court of Appeal Hears Oral Argument in Education Equality Lawsuit
2015-11-04Online Professional Certificate Program for Improved IT Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities - University of Illinois
2015-10-08Are U.S. Schools Making Inequality Worse?
2015-09-26Students Credit Card Crisis: Educating Students on Financial Responsibility
2015-03-06Better Classrooms for Children with Disabilities
2015-01-14Teacher of Blind and Visually Impaired Uses Martial Arts in the Class Room
2015-01-08Edie Mourre Scholarship for Braille Transcribers, Proofreaders or Teachers
2014-12-08Accessibility of English Language Proficiency Tests for People with Disabilities
2014-10-23Bullying of Students with Disabilities Addressed in Guidance to U.S. Schools
2014-07-15NY Gov. Announces $3.2M in Grants to Expand College Access for Low-Income Students
2014-04-11eTrac Online Vocational Training Program
2014-03-24Signs Your Child is Being Bullied at Private School
2014-02-25Karni Liddell: Media Personality and Disability Speaker
2014-01-31Students with Autism: Communication and Reading Skills
2013-12-18Students with Disabilities More Likely to be Restrained, Secluded in School
2013-12-11When Test Scores Go Up - Some Cognitive Abilities Don't
2012-11-25Highest Standard of Care at Hereward College - Care Quality Commission
2012-09-30Changes for Disability in Student Education Loan Discharge Process
2012-08-15Shocking Suspension Rates for Students with Disabilities in Schools
2012-08-14People with Disabilities and Higher Education
2012-06-29Study and Receive an Education Online
2012-04-27Disability Project Ideas for School Lessons and Assignments
2012-04-24List of U.S. Colleges and Universities
2012-04-08Student Loan Debt - More Borrowers Becoming Delinquent
2012-03-26Children Who are Deaf or Hearing-impaired - IDEA and Section 504
2012-03-17Mnemonics and Students with Disabilities
2012-02-28Education and Article 13 of the ICESCR
2012-01-28ADA Amendments Act - Department of Education
2012-01-27Sallie Mae Insurance Services for College Students
2012-01-20Laws Protecting Students with Disabilities
2012-01-16Education, Schools and Students with Neurological Impairments
2012-01-14$5,000 Scholarship for Students Dedicated to Helping Prevent Nursing Home Abuse
2012-01-12Disability, Mobility Impairments and Students with Disabilities
2011-11-30Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD)
2011-11-14Words That Promote Spatial Skills in Children
2011-10-28Applying for U.S. Federal Student Aid Programs
2011-10-27Student Loan Repayment Calculator and Information
2011-08-16College Debt Destroying Future of America's Youth
2011-08-12Center for Autism and Related Disorders Gives Skills 4 America to Schools Worldwide
2011-07-29Discharging Student Loans and Bankruptcy
2011-07-20Schools Failing Students with Sickle Cell Disease
2011-07-02More U.S. States Enact and Expand School Choice
2011-05-27Guidance on Rights of Students With Disabilities When Educational Institutions Use Technology
2011-04-26Parents Against Wi-Fi Gagged by School Board
2011-04-21High Point University Fraternity Pushes For Disability Support
2011-04-19Drexel University Yellow Ribbon Program for Veterans
2011-04-15Health Care Directives and Graduating Seniors
2011-02-04Helping Children Do Better in School - ParentCorps
2011-02-02New Home for Student Veterans
2011-01-29Highly Qualified Teacher Issue - Elementary and Secondary Education Act
2011-01-22Student Debt Becoming Widespread Problem
2011-01-19Better Learning Through Handwriting
2011-01-14Disabled & Homeless Veterans finding hope at LV-PITA
2011-01-05Children in Formal Child Care Have Better Language Skills
2010-11-30Results of Study Examining Post-High School Outcomes for Students with Disabilities
2010-11-05Assistance for Students with Disability - Australian Government Commissions Early Advice
2010-10-29Educating Students With Disabilities in Cyberspace - Ashford University
2010-10-28Community College Courses for People with a Disability - NSW, Australia
2010-10-18HUD Launches Fair Housing Education Program At Kentucky State University
2010-10-09Student Loan Consolidation Program
2010-10-04Live@edu in Universities
2010-09-24Low-Income Families Get Help Saving for Children's Education
2010-09-19The Bridge Center offers Bridges to Independence
2010-09-093 State Agreement Gives Access to Textbooks for Disabled College Students
2010-08-26Irvine School of Medicine's Revolutionary iPad Program
2010-08-17Improved Accessibility of e-Textbooks in Higher Education
2010-08-14Debt Relief - Finding Legitimate Alternatives to Student Loan Consolidation
2010-08-09National Federation of the Blind Defends Rights of Blind Students
2010-08-06Tax Free Back-to-School Supplies at MERS/Goodwill
2010-06-21Release of Elderly and Disabled Customer Service and ADA eLearning Training Course - Access Granted
2010-06-15Educational Networking for High School Students
2010-05-08Jacqueline D. Naughton Strives to Make Education Available to All
2010-04-13Research Lays Guidelines for Real World Scholarship
2010-01-19School Burnout is Real
2009-12-17Americans With Disabilities Act Settlement With Intellitec Colleges
2009-11-05Post-9/11 G.I. Bill Offers Exceptional New Education Benefits
2009-10-28Educating Students With Disabilities in Cyberspace
2009-09-29Grants Awarded to Help Struggling Readers
2009-09-26Veterans Affairs Issues Emergency Checks to Students Awaiting Education Benefits
2009-09-24Rewrite of "No Child Left Behind" Should Start Now
2009-09-23$108.8 Million in Early Reading First Grants
2009-09-22Reading Rockets a Multimedia Reading Project for Kids
2009-09-22U.S. Department of Education Video Contest
2009-09-17America's College Students to get Biggest Increase in Financial Aid Since the GI Bill
2009-09-15Student Loan Default Rates Increase
2009-09-13Textbook Savings for Canadian Students With Disabilities
2009-09-13Registration and Advisement Advice for College Students with Disabilities
2009-09-10Canadian Student Grants and Financial Assistance
2009-09-05Recovery Act Funds for Schools with Students in Greatest Need
2009-09-03Adam Meyer New Students with Disabilities Director - EMU
2009-08-26School Improvement Grants to Fund Changes Where Children Have Been Underserved - Title I
2009-08-05Post-secondary Education now more Accessible to students
2009-07-21Universal Child Care Benefit Canada
2009-06-26Students with Disabilities - Rights and Responsibilities
2009-03-03IDEA - Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
2009-02-06Distance Learning Education Information
2008-12-14Disability College Services - Information for Students with Disabilities


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