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Release of Elderly and Disabled Customer Service and ADA eLearning Training Course - Access Granted

  • Synopsis: Published: 2010-06-21 - Today there are over 54 million Americans with disabilities and 2011 marks the year 76 million baby boomers turns 65. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Access Granted.

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Today there are over 54 million Americans with disabilities and 2011 marks the first year that the initial wave of the 76 million baby boomers turns 65.

Access Granted, the premier provider of online training and education focused on interaction with the elderly and disabled, is pleased to announce that its Elderly and Disabled Training Module is completed and fully deployable. Access Granted is the only provider of eLearning modules that equips employees with tools to provide a high degree of customer service to elderly and disabled customers. (

Today there are over 54 million Americans with disabilities and 2011 marks the first year that the initial wave of the 76 million baby boomers turns 65. Disabled Americans and baby boomers have a combined annual spending power of over $2 trillion making these two of most important market segments in the coming decades. Many businesses have not even started to address how they will handle these two demographic groups today or in the next 3 years. How businesses choose to serve these two groups from a customer service perspective and ADA compliance will directly impact their bottom line.

Access Granted's computer based training curriculum enables businesses to provide a high degree of customer service to these market segments and remain ADA compliant. Our unique course work educates and equips both managers and employees with critical information that teaches them how to effectively interact with elderly and disabled customers. Access Granted certification results in customer retention, ADA compliance, and attracting new customers.

"Conferences and trade-shows are a service oriented business and we have a considerable number of attendees with disabilities that participate in our portfolio of shows. The Access Granted eLearning curriculum has enabled our company to successfully train our staff on how to effectively interact with our disabled customers," said Kristen Metz, Director of Operations, Collaborative Communications Summit. "Keeping customers with disabilities satisfied and returning year after year directly impacts our bottom line."

The Access Granted course can be accessed online and is comprised of 10 chapters with interactive questions and video presentations. Access Granted's technology is built on an award winning eLearning platform based on Oracle software. The robust solution allows employers to receive detailed reports and customize each learning group. Initially Access Granted will deliver its eLearning solution to the hospitality, retail, transportation, government, and restaurant sectors.

Access Granted provides a rapidly deployable computer based training (CBT) course that is designed to help employees and individuals interact more effectively with the growing elderly and disabled population. The idea for Access Granted originated in Japan that is already dealing with an elderly and disabled population boom in their society.

Access Granted's unique curriculum and pending copyright allows organizations to provide better customer service and added value to a growing market segment that has over $2 trillion in discretionary spending power.

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