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CogniFit Helps Educators Improve Quality of Learning by Training Specific Cognitive Abilities

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Published: 2016-10-31 : (Rev. 2020-04-22)


CogniFit for Education is a new web-portal for teachers to assess, train, and monitor cognitive skills involved in the learning processes.

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CogniFit, key vendor in the global K-12 testing and assessment market, introduces CogniFit for Education, a new web-portal for teachers to assess, train, and monitor cognitive skills involved in the learning processes.

The CogniFit for Education platform starts with students completing a scientifically validated and gamified cognitive assessment.

These brain games are specifically designed to identify the students' cognitive strengths and deficits in skills relevant for learning such as attention, memory, concentration, perception, and reasoning. Using this initial information, the CogniFit program automatically builds a personalized brain training regimen specifically for each student's cognitive needs and help improve their learning abilities.

CogniFit CEO Tommy Sagroun

"Every student is different and has unique cognitive strengths and weaknesses. However, the mainstream education system groups students based on their age, rather than cognitive abilities like attention and memory, making it difficult to always ensure that the entire classroom is learning at the same pace. By providing educators with this new CogniFit for Education platform, teachers have the opportunity to assess, train and track their students' cognitive skills, and adapt their teaching strategy accordingly for each individual student. This makes a massive difference in the learning results at the end of the calendar year."

CogniFit has been working with schools and education centers around the world to develop this new solution and make sure its answers to the most pressing needs of educators.

The aim is for this brain based learning platform to provide teachers with relevant information on a weekly basis in order to provide them with a tool for better learning experience. Teachers receive automatically a detailed report of their students' cognitive abilities after completing the initial assessment and the different regimen and exercises available online.

The initial feedback on the platform also helps the teachers better adapt their teaching strategies during the year instead of waiting for test results to see the effectiveness of their education. This information also helps the teacher understand where each student may need extra help and personalize and humanize the relation with each student on a deeper level. For example, a student with a low inhibition or focus may have a harder time paying attention in class, or a student with low scores processing speed may need an extra minute to understand the written instructions on a test. By being aware of it, a teacher will use this information and improve the results.

CogniFit for Education can also be used with students with learning disabilities such as dyslexia, and dyscalculia.

In the US alone, 15 to 20% of the population is estimated to have a learning disability. Learning disabilities are disorders that affect the ability to understand or use spoken or written language, do mathematical calculations, coordinate movements, or direct attention. They can have a strong impact on the learning abilities of these students and their results.

By offering a platform that can train such cognitive abilities, the CogniFit platform aims to help improve the motivation and results of these children. For example, in a study showing the effectiveness of the CogniFit brain solution in the classroom, students with dyslexia have shown to increase the number of words read correctly per minute by 14%, making a big difference in the quality of their learning.

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