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Boston Wheelock College First Private College in U.S to Comply with ADA Laws for Website Accessibility

  • Published: 2014-11-24 - Contact: Wheelock College at
  • Synopsis: Wheelock college is improving website accessibility for all people interested in improving the lives of children and families.

Definition: Wheelock College

Wheelock College is located in the Fenway, a vibrant area of Boston that is home to a wide variety of educational, cultural, and healthcare institutions A member of the Association of Colleges and Universities in Massachusetts (AICUM), Wheelock is accredited by New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC); National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE); Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).

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"Wheelock College has set a great example of how private institutions of higher learning can fully comply with the ADA mandates"

AudioEye, today announced that its patented Web A11y Management Platform technology has been launched at, the official website of Wheelock College in Boston, Massachusetts, which serves both graduate and undergraduate students. Wheelock College also offers Online education that allows students to attend class from anywhere with an Internet connection.

"In keeping with Wheelock's mission, the college is improving website accessibility for all people who are interested in improving the lives of children and families," stated Paul Hastings, Associate Dean of Student Success. "Now, more than ever, Wheelock is a front runner in providing greater access to people who need it most, from users who are blind or visually impaired to those with hearing or mobility issues."

"Wheelock College has set a great example of how private institutions of higher learning can fully comply with the ADA mandates," observed Nathaniel Bradley, Chief Executive Officer of AudioEye, Inc. "There are approximately 1,600 private colleges in the United States, and our Audio Internet solution can ensure ADA compliance and expanded reach for all of them, with Wheelock College leading the way."

Once activated, a simple click on an icon or tapping of the space bar will convert a website page to accommodate vision disability, partial low vision , color perception deficiencies, deafness, partial loss of hearing, mobility, cognitive conditions such as dyslexia, and other disability.

AudioEye provides tools unique to each disability, creating an all-encompassing accessibility solution based on a single platform.

The Web A11y Management Platform represents a powerful solution for Internet users with vision disabilities, those with low vision, users that are hard of hearing or that are just learning to read.

Accessibility enhancements to AudioEye's technology platform are numerous and have the ability to allow users to control the level of quality of the audio, enlarge the cursor display, and highlight in real time, thereby vastly improving user retention, font size and other characteristics that influence that value of the Internet for those with disabilities.

Wheelock Family Theatre's website ( will also benefit from AudioEye's technology.

Since 1981, the Theatre has been committed to inclusionary practices by providing performance opportunities to artists with disabilities; audience enhancements for patrons who are deaf, blind, deaf-blind, hard-of-hearing or low-vision; and accessibility features for patrons with cognitive or developmental disabilities.

"Wheelock Family Theatre has been instrumental in introducing accessibility practices to Boston area theaters, and moving forward with new technologies, including a website that is truly accessible, broadens our reach and is part of our fundamental mission to offer professional, accessible theatre for all families and children," said Charles G. Baldwin, Director of Marketing and Operations for the Wheelock Family Theatre.

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