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Disability Scholarships: List of Bursaries and Student Financial Aid Programs Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Disability Scholarships category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-10-11Wells Fargo People with Disabilities Scholarship Program
2017-03-16Annual $1500 Aging Matters Scholarship
2017-03-09$25,000 Disability Scholarship Fund from
2017-02-07Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Young Scholars Pre-college Scholarship
2017-01-27AMI 2017 Canadian Scholarships for Students With Disability
2017-01-21Pediatric Cancer Survivors Invited to Apply for College Scholarships
2017-01-16$24.2M and Scholarships to Advance Inclusive Higher Education for Youth with Disabilities in Ethiopia and Africa
2016-11-222017 Google Lime Scholarship for Students with Disabilities
2016-11-22Scholarship for Students with Disabilities - BMO Capital Markets, Lime Connect, Equity Through Education
2016-11-02$500,000 in Scholarships for Veterans - WGU
2016-10-26Wells Fargo Commits $1 Million to Scholarship America for People with Disabilities
2016-10-12$5,000 Medsite Medical Scholarship
2016-09-07Fighting Spirit Scholarship for Injured and Disabled Veterans - Lockheed Martin
2016-08-22Anne Ford Learning Disability and/or ADHD Scholarship
2016-08-22Allegra Ford Thomas Scholarship
2016-08-22Advance Prevention Lawsuit Legal Scholarship
2016-08-03Lighthouse Guild Scholarships for Students Who Are Blind
2016-07-29Computer Coding Scholarships for Veterans - LaSalle Computer Learning Center, Tampa
2016-04-1820 New Future Business Owner Student Scholarships
2016-04-13SpinLife 2016 Innovation in Motion Scholarship
2016-04-01Students with Disabilities - 2016 Lime Connect Fellowship Program
2016-03-31$2000 Future Innovators Scholarship Program
2016-03-26Disability Care Center Scholarships
2016-02-122016 Disability College Scholarships - 180 Medical
2016-02-12Business Plan: Scholarship for Students with Disabilities
2015-12-09Believe and Achieve Scholarships - Cumberland Farms
2015-07-28Foundation For Sight and Sound 2015 - 2016 Scholarships
2015-07-172015 Michael Yasick ADHD Scholarship Recipients - Shire
2015-06-09Scholarship for Students with Cerebral Palsy
2015-03-29Nurses Scholarship Program - WGU Washington
2015-03-19Student Caregiver Scholarship from
2015-02-282015 Lime Connect Fellowship for Students with Disabilities
2015-02-27Scholarships for Students Who Have Parent with Disability
2015-02-18College Scholarships for Students with Tourette Syndrome
2015-02-03Lilly Diabetes Donates $92,000 in Camp Scholarships
2015-01-29Scholarship Program for Deserving Students
2015-01-16Therapy for Sensory Processing Disorder - Financial Help Available
2015-01-12MassMutual Scholars Program - $150,000 in Scholarships to College Students
2015-01-12Scholarships to Adults with Autism for College Awarded
2014-12-27No Dancer Left Behind Scholarship Program
2014-12-12Bell Law Group Wheelchair Disability Scholarship
2014-12-06Karman Healthcare Mobility Disability Scholarship
2014-10-302015 Scholarships for Students with ADHD
2014-10-14Unexpected Scholarships at Meharry Medical College 139th Convocation
2014-09-10Disability Scholarships from Injury Lawyer News
2014-08-19$150,000 in Scholarships Awarded by MassMutual
2014-07-31Recipients of Shire 2014 Michael Yasick ADHD Scholarships
2014-06-15Buckfire and Buckfire, P.C. 2014 Disability Scholarship
2014-02-14Cochlear Americas Announce Winners of Graeme Clark and Anders Tjellstrom Scholarships
2014-02-13$12,000 Awarded to Provide Scholarships for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders
2014-01-24Microsoft Disability Scholarship
2013-11-072014 Michael Yasick ADHD Scholarship by Shire
2013-06-26CAMP S.T.A.R.S. Summer Camp Scholarship for Kids With Disabilities - Avril Lavigne
2013-04-16Ability Achievement Scholarship: SILVER CROSS
2013-03-17AAHD Scholarship Programs for Students with Disabilities 2013 - 2014
2013-01-10Educational Scholarships for Children with Diabetes - Lilly Diabetes Donation
2013-01-09Third Annual Shire Scholarship Program for Individuals with ADHD
2012-12-18Student Athletes Could Lose Scholarship Eligibility by Using Twitter
2012-12-14Research Grants and Scholarships - Ohio Nurses Foundation
2012-12-13Scholarship Opportunities for Students with Disabilities in Canada
2012-09-19RiSE Scholarship Foundation: Recognizing Students with Learning Disabilities
2012-07-07Canadian Disability Policy Alliance Scholarships
2012-06-25Geoff Brachvogel Memorial Scholarship for Chronic Pain, RSD and CRPS
2012-05-01Scholarship in Rehabilitation Research for People with Disabilities - TD Grant in Medical Excellence
2012-03-16Special Needs Scholarship Legislation Passed by Wisconsin State Assembly
2011-11-17UCB Family Epilepsy Scholarship Recipients
2011-06-23Marianjoy Scholarship Program - Scholarships to Date
2011-06-20Innovation@50+ Scholarships for DEMO Conference - AARP
2011-06-03SC Johnson Awards Scholarships to Racine Area Students
2011-05-31Special Education Scholarship Program
2011-05-06Sons and Daughters Scholarship Recipients - AK Steel
2011-05-03Scholarships for Students with Disabilities - BMO Capital Markets and Lime Connect
2011-04-27Special Needs Scholarship Bill - Wisconsin
2011-04-12Autism Scholarship Ohio
2011-04-11Over 100 Scholarships Awarded to Medical Laboratory Students
2011-03-21Hauora Maori Scholarships Now Available in New Zealand
2011-03-04Help For Idaho Women Struggling With Finances
2011-02-25Scotiabank Business Studies Scholarships for Students with Disabilities - Canada
2011-02-16Hamilton Relay Scholarships for Higher Education
2011-02-10Cleveland Scholarship Programs
2011-02-05Award of College Scholarship to Disabled Poet
2011-02-03Women's Scholarship Program - AARP Foundation
2011-01-31Nursing Scholarship Applications Now Available
2010-12-15USA Funds Accepts Applications for $1 Million in Scholarships
2010-12-14New RTNDF Scholarship
2010-12-02Pilot Program to Help Students with Disabilities Attend HBCUs
2010-11-232011 Medical Professionals of Tomorrow Scholarship Information
2010-11-21CTU Announces Recipients of Scholarships for Wounded Warriors and Spouses
2010-11-18Scholarship Recipients Stories Underscore Need for Parents to Include Life Insurance in Financial Plan
2010-11-05Disability Scholarship Winners Announced
2010-09-10Scholarships for 9/11 Family Members & Rescue Workers - Families of Freedom
2010-09-10Count Me In Scholarships for Western Australians Interested in Studying Disability Services Overseas
2010-09-02Scholarship Program For People With Disabilities
2010-08-21Trivani Scholarship Fund Changes Lives of Kenyan Children
2010-08-01Disability Scholarships - Free College Tuition Money for Students with Disabilities
2010-08-01Options for Online Scholarships and Disability Scholarships
2010-06-23Disability Studies - Information and Courses
2010-06-17Arthritis Foundation Awards Disability Scholarship to University of Arizona Law Student
2010-06-17Disability Scholarships for UTEP Students with Disabilities Available
2010-06-09Winners of 2010 ASCLA Achievement Innovation Awards Announced
2010-06-05Canada Study Grant for Accommodation of Students with Permanent Disabilities
2010-05-13NFB Disability Scholarship Program Winners
2010-04-28Disability Scholarships 2010 - 2011
2010-04-07ParaQuad Announces 2010 Scholarship Winners
2010-03-31Loreen Arbus & Robert David Hall to Present Loreen Arbus Focus on Disability Scholarship
2010-03-06UCB Rheumatoid Arthritis Family Scholarship Deadline
2010-03-03Google Scholarships for Students with Disabilities
2010-02-04Scholarships for Special Needs Life Quality Plans
2010-02-03Scholarships for Students Over 40
2010-02-02AARP Foundation 4th Annual Women's Scholarship Program
2010-01-03Gates Foundation Scholarships for Low-income and Minority Students
2009-12-14Deaf Student Awarded Graeme Clark Scholarship Award
2009-11-23Am I Entitled to Disability Scholarships
2009-11-04National Federation of the Blind 2010 Scholarship Program
2009-10-28List of Veteran and Military Scholarships
2009-10-13Scholarships for Broadcast Journalism Students in Canada
2009-10-13Army Scholarship Eases Student Loan Burdens for Health Care Professionals
2009-09-20Disability Scholarships for Wheelchair Users
2009-09-18Canada Company Awards Scholarships
2009-09-18General Disability Scholarships - U.S.
2009-09-18General Disability Scholarships - Canada
2009-09-1772 Jacob K. Javits Fellows
2009-09-16Scholarships for Deaf and Hearing Impaired - Canada - Disability Scholarships
2009-09-16Educational Autism Scholarships
2009-09-14Scholarships for Deaf and Hearing Impaired - U.S. - Disability Scholarships
2009-09-14Canadian Blind and Low Vision Scholarships
2009-09-14Learning Disabilities Scholarships - Canada - Disability Scholarships
2009-09-13Scholarships for the Blind - U.S. - Disability Scholarships
2009-09-13Cochlear UK Graeme Clark Scholarship Open for Applications
2009-09-13U.S. Learning Disabilities Scholarships
2009-09-13Student Loans College Scholarships and Grants
2009-09-13Nursing Student Scholarships and Organizations
2009-09-13Writing a Scholarship Essay
2008-04-21Disabled War Veterans Scholarships

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