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Disability Scholarships Publications
Title of
Updated / Revised
2024 Lime Connect Disability Scholarship ProgramsAnnouncement, Notification2024/03/30
Take a Pain Check Foundation 2023-2024 ScholarshipsAnnouncement / Notification2023/12/16
Canadian Hearing Services Yearly Scholarships2022/03/122023/04/12
Yearly Scholarships for Autistic Students of ColorAnnouncement / Notification2021/12/082023/10/01
180 Medical Disability College Yearly Scholarship2021/08/272023/04/12
eSight and CNIB Yearly Scholarship for Students with Sight Loss2020/06/032023/04/12
Lime Connect Yearly Scholarships for High School Seniors with DisabilitiesAnnouncement / Notification2020/05/172023/10/11
List of Scholarships for Minority StudentsInformative2019/01/312023/10/05
Yearly Scholarships for Students with Tourette SyndromeAnnouncement / Notification2018/12/042023/09/14
Wells Fargo Yearly Scholarship Program for People with DisabilitiesAnnouncement / Notification2018/10/232023/10/03
Varghese Summersett PLLC Annual ASD and Down Syndrome Scholarships2018/04/112023/04/12
Annual Aging Matters Scholarship2017/03/162023/04/12
Annual Rehabmart $25,000 Disability Scholarship FundInformative2017/03/092024/03/29
Jack Kent Cooke Annual Young Scholars Pre-college Scholarships2017/02/072023/04/12
Yearly AMI Canadian Scholarships for Students with Disability2017/01/272023/04/12
Pediatric Cancer Survivors Can Apply for College ScholarshipsAnnouncement / Notification2017/01/212023/10/05
$24.2M and Scholarships to Advance Inclusive Higher Education for Youth with Disabilities in Ethiopia and Africa2017/01/162023/04/16
$500,000 in WGU Scholarships for Veterans2016/11/022023/04/16
Anne Ford Annual Learning Disability and Other Scholarships2016/08/222023/04/17
Annual Allegra Ford Thomas $5,000 Scholarship2016/08/222023/04/17
Yearly Advance Prevention Lawsuit Legal Scholarship2016/08/222023/04/17
Lighthouse Guild Yearly Scholarships for Legally Blind Students2016/08/032023/04/17
Annual New Future Business Owner Student Scholarships2016/04/182023/04/17
StudySoup Annual Future Innovators ScholarshipsAnnouncement / Notification2016/03/312023/10/06
Student Caregiver ScholarshipsAnnouncement / Notification2015/03/192023/10/02
Annual College Scholarships for Students with Tourette SyndromeAnnouncement / Notification2015/02/182023/09/14
Lilly Diabetes Donates to Diabetes Camp Scholarships2015/02/032023/04/18
Therapy for Sensory Processing Disorder Financial Aid2015/01/162023/04/18
No Dancer Left Behind Scholarship Program2014/12/272023/04/18
Annual Microsoft Disability ScholarshipsAnnouncement / Notification2014/01/242023/10/08
CAMP STARS Summer Camp Scholarship for Kids With Disabilities2013/06/262023/04/19
Student Athletes Could Lose Scholarship Eligibility by Using Twitter2012/12/182023/04/19
Ohio Nurses Foundation Research Grants and ScholarshipsAnnouncement / Notification2012/12/142023/10/05
RiSE Scholarship Foundation: Students with Learning Disabilities2012/09/192021/07/21
Special Needs Scholarship Legislation Passed by Wisconsin State Assembly2012/03/162023/05/01
School Choice Ohio Special Education Scholarship Program2011/05/312023/05/01
Ohio Department of Education Annual Autism ScholarshipAnnouncement / Notification2011/04/122023/10/10
Cleveland Scholarship Programs by College Now2011/02/102023/05/02
Annual Academy of Special Dreams College ScholarshipsInformative2011/02/052023/09/14
Disability Scholarships: Free College Tuition Money for Students with Disabilities2010/08/012023/05/02
Disability Studies: Information and Courses2010/06/232023/05/02
Am I Entitled to Disability Scholarships?Informative2009/11/232024/03/19
List of Veteran and Military ScholarshipsInformative2009/10/282023/09/14
Army Scholarship Eases Student Loan Burdens for Health Care ProfessionalsInformative2009/10/132024/03/29
Free Disability Scholarships for Wheelchair UsersInformative2009/09/202023/09/27
General U.S. Disability ScholarshipsInformative2009/09/182023/09/13
List of Canadian Disability Scholarships2009/09/182023/05/03
Scholarships for Deaf and Hearing Impaired in Canada2009/09/162023/05/03
U.S. Autism Scholarships for Autistic Students2009/09/162023/05/03
U.S. Scholarships for Deaf and Hearing Impaired2009/09/142023/05/03
Canadian Blind and Low Vision Scholarships2009/09/142023/05/03
Canadian Scholarships for Students with Learning Disabilities2009/09/142023/05/03
U.S. Scholarships for the Blind2009/09/132023/05/03
U.S. Learning Disability Scholarships2009/09/132023/04/11
How to Find Student College Scholarships and Grants2009/09/132023/04/11
How to Write a Winning Scholarship Essay2009/09/132023/04/11

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