U.S. Autism Scholarships for Autistic Students

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Synopsis: A list of Autism Scholarships available to students for educational purposes in the United States. Autism is considered a disability under the ADA. Some adults and children with autism can access Social Security benefits, including Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and disability benefits. The Autism Scholarship Program Act creates a scholarship program that provides students with autism the option to attend the public or private elementary or secondary school of their choice - American Legislative Exchange Council.

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Ohio Autism Scholarship Program- Ohio Department of Education (ODE)

The program allows ODE to pay a scholarship to the parents of a qualified child with autism. Through the scholarship, parents have a choice of seeking services for their child with a registered private provider, rather than the child's resident school district to receive the services outlined in the child's individualized education program (IEP). Passed as a pilot as part of the 2003 Budget bill, the program became permanent law as part of HB699, the Capital Bill, passed in late 2006. The amount of the Autism Scholarship is capped at $20,000 and to be eligible a student must be identified with autism, enrolled in their public district of residence, have a current and agreed upon IEP, and have no administrative or judicial mediations or proceedings pending regarding the IEP.
Website: www.ode.state.oh.us/GD/Templates/Pages/ODE/ODEDetail.aspxPage=3&TopicRelationID=996&Content=67377

Roger A. Dunlap III Memorial Scholarship Fund

This scholarship fund provides financial assistance to individuals pursuing careers in working with individuals with autism and other disabilities. The scholarship has been established by AON, Inc. in loving memory of Roger A. Dunlap III, son, brother and friend to many!

Autism Society of Wisconsin - Conference Scholarship

The Autism Society of the Fox Valley feels that improving knowledge about autism spectrum disorder will help individuals with autism flourish at home, at school and in the community. To further that knowledge ASFV provides three scholarships to the Autism Society of Wisconsin (ASW) Annual Conference.

This scholarship is open to persons on the autism spectrum, family members and professionals who work with people on the autism spectrum. Preference is given to individuals who are able to attend all three days of the conference. The scholarship covers conference registration for three days. Individuals will need to pay for their own lodging, travel and food costs.

Friedman Foundation - Autism Scholarship Program

Ohio students who have autism (including autism-spectrum disorders) may use a voucher to receive education services from a private provider, including tuition at a private school. After participating students receive education services, they apply to the state for reimbursement of expenses.

Gateway Academy Arizona Scholarship Fund

Gateway Academy is the first school in the State of Arizona specializing in children with Asperger's Syndrome, High Functioning Autism, and PDD-NOS. According to the Autism Society of America and the Department of Education, Autism is the fastest growing developmental disability in the United States. 1.5 million Americans have these disorders, and 15 million more are affected in some way by it. Autism is on the rise and no one knows why. Fifty more children are diagnosed with autism every day. In 2008, the Centers for Disease Control confirmed the incidences in autism are exploding and have increased 10-fold over the last decade. Autism continues to cost the U.S. economy an estimated $90 billion a year. In fact, autism may soon affect more Americans than any other disability.

Golfers Giving, Inc. - Scholarships

Golfers Giving, Inc. offers scholarships for students majoring in special education, speech pathology, social work, autism research and related fields. The applicant must be planning to obtain a Bachelor's Degree, Associate's Degree, Post Graduate Degree at an accredited college or university. The completed scholarship application package must include a certified transcript showing a B average, two letters of recommendations and a one page essay on a selected topic.

Texas Tech, Burkhart Center Autism Studies Scholarship

Scholarships will be offered to five students at the Master's level and one student at the Doctoral level to help increase the research efforts at Texas Tech University in the area of autism education.

The Autism Grant - Scholarships

The Autism Grant provides tuition scholarships to the Dominion School for Autism located in Richmond, Virginia. The Dominion School for Autism is a 501(c)(3) public charity. The Autism Grant accepts all sizes of donations to help children in need.

Schwallie Family Scholarship Program

Scholarships from the Organization for Autism Research (OAR) that assist individuals with Asperger Syndrome or autism who are pursuing post-secondary education. There are five different awards amounting to $3,000 each. The three award categories are for students attending a four-year college, students attending a two-year college, and students attending a trade, technical, or vocational school.

CVS Pharmacy Charitable Trust

The CVS Pharmacy Charitable Trust provides 5 scholarships of $1,000 each per year to allow students with autism to attend the college or trade school of their choice.

Eden Services Charles H. Hoens, Jr., Scholars Program

Multiple financial aid programs for students with autism-spectrum disorders.

Autism Society of the Fox Valley - Safety Scholarship

The Autism Society of the Fox Valley understands that having a child on the autism spectrum can bring special challenges, especially in the area of safety. ASFV offers three safety scholarships of $250.00 each to help families purchase materials and equipment to keep their child as safe as possible.

Autism Social Skills - Camp Scholarships for Children with Autism

As a parent or guardian of an Autistic child, you already know the importance of teaching and nurturing social skill with your child. Social skills camps for Autistic children were created to help these children interact with others and enjoy new experiences that last a life time.

Shenandoah Valley Autism Partnership - SVAP Autism Scholarship Program

SVAP is pleased to announce our autism spectrum disorders scholarship program. Due to the generous community support for the first "Valley 5K Walk/Run for Autism", we will be offering monetary scholarships on a limited basis for individuals on the Autism Spectrum. These funds might be used towards services such as respite, therapies, safety or sensory equipment.

The Parker Autism Foundation

Camp Dakota Scholarships
Scholarship & Grant Forms are provided below in standard PDF format for quick & easy downloading & printing.

Autism Society of Nebraska Scholarships

1. Must be a member of ASN or be using at least part of the scholarship money towards membership.
2. Member/Family may only be granted 1 scholarship per year.
3. Maximum amount that can be requested per member/family is $250.
4. Funds must go to a person with or a caregiver for a person with ASD.
5. The ASN Scholarship Committee may approve the application for lesser amount than requested.
6. If a person on the scholarship committee applies for a scholarship, that person will not be eligible to vote on the application.
7. The scholarships may include, but are not limited to: ASN conferences, therapy, medications, dietary needs, respite care, ASN/ASA membership dues, etc.
8. Scholarship deadlines are quarterly with the exception of the state ASD network conference, where the deadline will be 2 weeks prior to the conference. Deadlines are March 19, June 30, September 30, December 31.

Kindtree Autism Camp Scholarship

KindTree Productions - "Serving and celebrating the autism community" - is a non-profit organization that provides a variety of supports and services to people with autism, and their families. One of its most significant events is a summer camp near Florence on the Oregon Coast, in August, that runs from Friday night to Sunday afternoon. Some come for the whole thing, some come only on Saturday. People with autism are encouraged to be themselves, have a good time, and celebrate being autistic! A very limited number of scholarships, or partial scholarships, are available. Applicants are encouraged to apply only for the amount truly needed, so others may be accommodated.

Campership Scholarship for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Mary Ellen Daisey Camperships and Family Support - The Camperships/scholarship are given in honor of Mary Ellen Daisey, a former President and Board Member of MCASA.

Rachel Erin Nelligan Memorial Campership - The campership is given in memory of Rechel Erin Nelligan who was a student studying Special Education at Towson University and worked in providing instructional programming for children with ASD.

Scholarship for Educators and Therapists Working with Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Dorothy Lattner Memorial Scholarship

The scholarship is given in honor of Dorothy Lattner, a past president of MCASA. It is a $1000 award to an educator including Occupational therapists, Physical therapists, and Speech and Language pathologists/therapists in Montgomery County who is continuing his/her studies in the Autism field.

Ann Arbor Autism Foundation

Scholarships to help fund the cost of educational, recreational, therapeutic and support services for individuals and family members affected by autism spectrum disorder. Selection of scholarship recipients is made by the Foundation on the basis of criteria related to the mission of the Foundation and the individual need of the applicant, and its priority in relation to other demands on Foundation funds.

Jack's Place for Autism Scholarships

Jack's Place for Autism is dedicated to providing support, education, compassion and a comprehensive array of services to help families cope with the everyday challenges of autism. Jack's Place for Autism has created "Jack's Dollars", a Scholarship Program to help families afford the support they need for a variety of programs.

Autism Society of Illinois Scholarships and Funding Opportunities

The ARC of Illinois and the Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities offer a limited number of consumer stipend funds to enable persons with developmental disabilities and their family members to attend conferences of their choice that are directly related to developmental disability issues. Please call (708)206-1930 for more information or to get an application.

FACES Scholarships

The recipients of FACES scholarships have used the funds for various things tuition at schools which focus on ABA therapy, purchasing ABA approved learning aids for centers and schools, furthering ABA training for staff members, and tuition for summer programs at ABA centers and schools.

The Kansas Center for Autism Research and Training

A limited number of scholarships for conference registration (registration fees only, not lodging or travel, etc.) are available to family members of individuals with autism spectrum disorders.

TACA Talk About Curing Autism Scholarships

The TACA Family Scholarship Program was developed to help families who are pursuing treatment for their children with autism, but are struggling to find the funding. We understand how difficult it is to stretch the family budget to include things like, DAN doctors, independent evaluations or conference registration. It is our desire to provide limited financial assistance to qualified families.

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