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Disability Scholarships - Free College Tuition Money for Students with Disabilities

  • Publish Date : 2010/08/01 - (Rev. 2013/04/18)
  • Author : Frank Joseph


Hundreds of additional grants and scholarships available for free college tuition money for students with disabilities.

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There are literally hundreds of additional grants and scholarships available for free college tuition money for students with disabilities.

College bound students and those attending a college or university are typically burdened with a college loans that will be waiting for them upon graduation. They will have a degree and hopefully secure a great job, however, who knows what the future holds.

There are many programs available to obtain free college tuition, college books and college living expenses. These primarily come in the form of Grants, Disability Scholarships and Awards. To receive these awards you must be qualified and apply for approval.

There are even more programs available to receive free college tuition money for students with disabilities. Students with disabilities face challenges within a typical college campus environment that most students do not. The least of which is accessibility and mobility. If student loans have been secured, then they too also may be burdened with the same funding issues other college students with have, but face additional obstacles in their future.

For students with disabilities, the accessibility issue was pretty much handled with the signing into law in 1975 of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). It has been determined that there are over 40 million Americans with some sort of physical or mental disability. The IDEA was amended in 2004 and has reshaped the way our educational system deals with special education needs.

Students with disabilities are advantaged when it comes to grants and scholarships. Since the IDEA made it illegal to segregate disabled students, there has been a concerted push to offer incentives for students with disabilities to pursue their educational and career goals.

Many organizations are outstanding supporters:

  • National Federation for the Blind - a variety of scholarship and grant awards for free college tuition for blind students
  • Jewish Guild for the Blind - grants available for free college tuition for undergraduate students
  • National Association of the Deaf - scholarships and grants for free college tuition for graduate students.

Colleges and Universities know their campus environments are more fulfilling academically, intellectually and socially when they provide a diverse student body. As a means to those ends, colleges have not only ramped up grants and scholarships to underrepresented populations, but they solicit and invite disabled students to join their communities. One needs only to review the many grant and awards available to students Not only are there grants for individual students, but the technological support that enables disabled students to participate matters as well.

Grants also provide many institutions with the funds to cover the cost of cutting edge captioning equipment. There are even some universities that are implementing videoconferencing capabilities or virtual classroom to engage students with disabilities. There are literally hundreds of additional grants and scholarships available for free college tuition money for students with disabilities.

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