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Research Grants and Scholarships - Ohio Nurses Foundation

  • Synopsis: Published: 2012-12-14 - Scholarships and research grants available to Ohio nurses, nursing students and prospective nursing students. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Ohio Nurses Foundation.
Ohio Nurses Foundation
Ohio Nurses Foundation - The Ohio Nurses Foundation is the charitable arm of the Ohio Nurses Association and gives thousands of dollars annually in scholarships and grants. The Foundation's mission is to advance nursing as a learned profession through education, research and scholarships.

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The Ohio Nurses Foundation (ONF) has several research grants and scholarships available to Ohio nurses, nursing students and prospective nursing students.

Most notably, ONF is requesting proposals for a $15,000 research grant to study the cost-effectiveness of registered nurse (RN) staffing through an investigation into the connection between RN and patient ratios and their impact on the financial outcomes of a facility.

"The goal is to add to the nursing's body of knowledge regarding patient outcomes and the financial gains and losses realized by employers," explains Gingy Harshey-Meade, MSN, RN, CAE, NEA-BC, President and CEO of the Ohio Nurses Foundation. "We are also hoping to add to existing efforts to secure a separate budget for nursing services, exclusive of room and board or per diem charges. Separating nursing services allows for a more accurate look at the relationships with nursing care and other statistics. "

The Foundation also offers up to three other general research grants of $2,000 each.

Additionally, ONF has seven scholarships available for both prospective and current nursing students, we well as RNs who want to advance their education. They include:

  • The Deborah Hague Memorial Scholarship for graduate nursing students who are aspiring nurse leaders.
  • The Mary Beth Hayward Scholarship for RNs preparing to teach nursing.
  • The Traditional Nursing Student Scholarship for students who do not have breaks longer than two years in their formal education and have not yet obtained a degree.
  • The RN Majoring in Nursing Scholarship for students that are already RNs who want to advance the nursing profession in Ohio.
  • The Students Returning to Nursing for Nursing Scholarship for students who have been out of school more than two years and are not an RN.
  • The Summit and Portage District Ohio Nurses Association Scholarship for sophomore, junior or senior students or returning RNs working toward an advanced nursing degree at Hiram College, Kent State University or The University of Akron.
  • The Minority Student Scholarship for students who are pursuing their first nursing degree that leads to RN licensure, live in the state of Ohio and are of a minority race.

Application, proposal and eligibility information for all scholarships and grants can be found on the Ohio Nurses Association's website ( under the Ohio Nurses Foundation. Applications and proposals must be submitted by January 15, 2013.

Recipients are honored at the Foundation's annual Nurses Choice Awards and Scholarship Luncheon, held April 19, 2013 at The Blackwell in Columbus.

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